Born and raised in Mass, married and work in the SF Bay Area, how could I not be a conservative? Founding co-partner of Fusion Strategies, a campaign consulting firm state wide in CA with my beloved friends Scott, Rohit and Paul... inspired by our Goldwater/Reagan by the name of Chuck DeVore, former US Senate candidate now Texas think tanker. GOP and conservative activist at the county and state level. Previous leadership positions for Chuck DeVore for US Senate, Herman Cain, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich for Pres. A conservative for sure, but a party player, worked hard for McCain and Mitt. A professional tennis coach at the private, high school and collegiate level as I try to make this GOP consulting gig work. Love my wife of 15 years and our dogs, the Beagle Brigade, Harley D, Sara Sue, Jack Daniels. Pray to Nanu every night, my Marine grandfather who fought at the Guadalcanal. Proud to be a Lion.


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