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    The American Idol-ization of Abortion

    Last week the smut-peddlers at introduced us all to Pete and Alisha Arnold. Alisha Arnold is apparently 17 weeks pregnant, and the Arnolds have allegedly decided to let the Internet vote on whether Alisha will carry their son to full term or abort him. I say “allegedly” because I am fairly skeptical of whether the Arnolds intend to follow through with their plan. In | Read More »

    Abortion and the 2010 Elections

    It is a sincerely regrettable fact that less than three weeks after a monumental election for the GOP we have found it necessary to repeatedly engage in fratricide with some of our whilom coalition partners. However, some of some of our libertarian brethren have been feeling their oats since the election and have taken to throwing around wild and unsupported ipse dixits about how they | Read More »

    Your Issues Are Stupid and Candidates Should Not Discuss Them

    At the outset, I should note that we are generally fans of FreedomWorks, Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe.  We have featured Kibbe’s work on the front page of RedState before.  But less than 24 hours after the most significant election for Republicans in this generation, Kibbe opened his mouth and let some uninformed and insulting commentary fall out, essentially blaming Ken Buck’s loss in Colorado | Read More »

    “We Have to Pass the Bill So You Can Find Out What’s In It”

    Like a lot of people, during the debate over Obamacare, I struggled to keep up with what was in the various different versions and forms of the bill that were being debated. Included in “a lot of people” were apparently most members of Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi, who famously quipped (apparently without a hint of irony) that “We have to pass the bill so you | Read More »

    Wednesday Open Thread

    Today from Open thread.

    Five Weeks Until Election Day Open Thread

    And now a message from Barack Obama and the Democrats to America: Five weeks. Open thread.

    Is Illinois Turning Purple? The Democrats are Sure Trying

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran a story yesterday which asked the provocative question, “Is Illinois Turning Purple?”  The article noted the following: • Obama’s job-approval rating in Illinois, according to a Chicago Tribune poll taken earlier this month, hovers just over the halfway mark, at 51 percent — still well above some of the numbers he’s seeing nationally, but more than 10 points down from | Read More »

    Why is FrumForum Featuring the Internet’s Foremost Defender of Perverts?

    At RedState, we are generally loath to involve ourselves in the various internecine wars that tend to arise among the Rightosphere. After all, there are Democrats afoot who are busy guiding the country into an epic nosedive, and that’s generally more important than picking nits about the blog posts of others.  This is doubly true of any fracas that involves David Frum.  See, Frum used | Read More »

    Lisa Murkowski: Another Cowardly and Faithless Establishment Moderate

    Conservative Patrick Hughes lost to establishment moderate Mark Kirk in the primary for the Illinois Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama.  Hughes is not running as a third-party candidate.  Conservative Chuck Devore lost to moderate establishment candidate Carly Fiorina in the California GOP Primary for Barbara Boxer’s seat; he did not then seek out a spot on the Libertarian or Constitution Party tickets.  When conservative | Read More »

    Intel CEO: Obama Doesn’t Understand Jobs or the Economy

    CEOs of large, high profile companies like Intel tend to be averse to making strong political stands, especially during election season.  They understand that their companies can quickly become targets for regulation that can end up costing shareholders millions (or billions of dollars).  Most CEOs tend to throw some money at candidates who are expected to win and keep their heads down. Which is why | Read More »

    Final Primary Day Bonanza Open Thread

    Some mood music to set the tone: Open thread.

    Two Soldiers Die of Mysterious Causes in Iraq

    According to CNN, two American soldiers apparently fell on some bullets today in Iraq. I say “fell on some bullets” because it’s not possible that the bullets which killed them were shot out of a gun at them on purpose, because that would indicate they died in combat. And as we all know, combat in Iraq is over because Obama said so. As CNN clearly indicates | Read More »

    “[F]ew observers believe the violence was due to racial hatred.”

    This post is not about crime, or violence, or racism, or even race. This is a post about the ridiculous subconscious biases that permeate the way the media covers news. Although this exact sort of absurdity has been pointed out again and again, the purveyors of the sort of obliviousness displayed below still are afforded positions of respect among too much of the voting populace. | Read More »

    Anti-Semitic Jerk Resurfaces

    Yesterday over at NewsRealBlog, Jenn Q. Public and our own Lori Ziganto posted this humorous piece, lampooning the inevitable trainwreck that is Meghan McCain’s forthcoming book.  It’s definitely worth the few minutes it will take you to read it, especially if you like a good laugh.  In response, some jackass writing at a site called felt that an appropriate response would be to call | Read More »

    Marco Rubio is Solidly Ahead in Florida.

    An untrained observer, looking at the RCP Average of polling conducted in the Florida Senate race, might conclude that Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist are in a virtual tie.  A fool might look at these numbers and conclude Charlie Crist is more likely to win.  However, a person with an even casual understanding of how polls are conducted will understand that this polling shows Marco Rubio | Read More »