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    Distracting Republicans with the Ridiculous and Absurd

    With the revelation that roughly as many Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim as those who believe that building a mosque at Ground Zero is a swell idea, democrats and the media (so far as they are distinguishable) have apparently cottoned to a new type of “pin the extremist on the Republican”: asking Republican candidates whether they believe Obama is a Muslim. In an interview with | Read More »

    Orange Charlie’s Bad Day.

    The traitorous Charlie Crist, who has shown himself disloyal to everything except his own election to the United States Senate, has had a difficult couple of days on the stump. In order to win the general election, Crist knows that he needs to walk a very fine line – especially given that the Democrats figure to run a real candidate in the race.  He absolutely | Read More »

    The Media Will Not Be Your Friend, Even if You Beg.

    Today Barack Obama made official what has been rumored for several days, and nominated current Solicitor General and former Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan to fill the vacancy created on the Supreme Court by the retirement of Justice Stevens.  In response to this news, and the sudden flurry news stories concerning her, it has come to the attention of many Americans today that Obama’s | Read More »

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