As a natural born citizen, I have been endowed by certain inalienable rights by my Creator. By that same natural law, I have also been given responsibility; to live by in peace with those around me whenever possible, insure that my children have a better world through wise stewardship of time, resources and wealth, and to place extreme value upon and protect those I love. That said, I also know that while I am but one of many, I will never look at another person without acknowledging that they, too, are loved by God and base my decisions on that simple truth. If I see someone in need and have the means to help, then I will. Waiting for someone else would be to shirk my duty as a person and deny my faith. 50-some years old; married; three 3 kids; some college (with additional ongoing course work in the School Of Hard Knocks­™); musician, teacher, worship leader and general all around know-it-all (don't tell my 15 year old as he's convinced that I'm dumber than a box of rocks). Enjoy reading and studying a wide array of subjects and though I don't understand all that I peruse, I know that when I stop learning, I will be ready to be boxed up and marked "Return to Sender."


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