Matt Mackowiak is a Washington, DC and Austin, TX based political consultant and communications professional and the founder and President of Potomac Strategy Group, LLC which provides political consulting, media relations and crisis communications assistance to campaigns, companies, groups and individuals. Since he arrived in Washington, DC, he has served in high-level Senate, executive branch, campaign, and private sector environments and has developed a wide range of deep relationships with national, state and local media and political figures.


    The best chance to elect a strong conservative this year

    From the diaries… My name is Matt Mackowiak and I am the Treasurer of Fight For Kentucky, a Super PAC that is set up to help elect Matt Bevin for Governor. Since 1972, Kentucky has been led by Democratic Governors for all but four years. The Commonwealth has suffered from left wing policies in Frankfort, whether they be failing to stand up for our values, | Read More »

    The Next Front in the Battle over Obamacare

    The Next Front in the Battle over Obamacare

    **Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron** You may be seeing a concerted attempt by liberals and their media allies to convince you that Obamacare is 1) succeeding; 2) losing political impact for the midterms; and 3) being emphasized less frequently by Republicans on the campaign trail. In fact, all three of these are false. Just this week, we are seeing the latest front in the | Read More »

    Democrats Playing in GOP primary for Texas Supreme Court

    In the last few days I read, with interest, two items running on highly respected, national conservative blogs. First, Brandon Darby and Bob Price reported on on the failed lawsuit of Joe Pool, Jr., against conservative incumbent Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeff Brown (whom I have been advising). The full story has a lot of good information in it, but the lede really says | Read More »

    Don’t Let Them Detroit Virginia

    Fight for Tomorrow, a new national Super PAC based in Texas and developed by several conservatives in Virginia and in other states, is launching an advertising campaign as major effort in the Virginia Governor’s race.  Our first ad, “Don’t Let The Detroit Virginia,” is running on TV in Richmond and northern Virginia in the Washington, DC market and in the “A” section of today’s Washington Post. | Read More »