Good afternoon, wherever you may be. My apologies for getting today’s poll goodness out late, especially since it’s one I wanted to post yesterday anyway.

But it turns out that, per Rasmussen, the Wisconsin Senate may yet be a race after all, despite the fact that many of us probably tuned it out once Tommy Thompson declined to run.


MIZZOU: From Bad to Worse


Indeed, GOP convention endorsee Ron Johnson has very nearly tied Russ Feingold 45-46 (MoE 4.5). It irks me when people talk about a “statistical tie,” but at 55/45 lead probabilities, this poll is pretty fair to call a statistical tie.

The PPACA doesn’t seem to be helping Feingold. Unlike what we saw in California and Illinois, Wisconsin can’t even come up with a slim majority for it, and support for repeal runs 58-39. Is that a factor? It sure wouldn’t surprise me.

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