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    The Fast and Furious Cover Up

    From the diaries by Erick . . . Eric Holder testifies before Congress today on his department’s outrageous Operation Fast and Furious scandal. Eager to provide political cover for Obama’s embattled Attorney General, House Democrats yesterday released a report attempting to exonerate Holder and his political appointees for failing to do their jobs. Of course, their report says Holder’s innocent. The facts say he’s guilty. I say he | Read More »

    Unaccountable and Unacceptable: Fast and Furious and the Incompetent Administration

    Today, Obama’s top lawyer takes the stand. But in the eyes of the American people, Attorney General Eric Holder has already been found guilty. Holder is testifying before Congress about his role in Operation Fast and Furious— the failed federal gun-trafficking sting that resulted in the death of a border patrol agent and the loss of more than 1,400 weapons to Mexican drug cartels. When he | Read More »

    Obama’s Dual Deficits

    On Monday, President Obama announced to the people of Europe that the United States stands “ready to do our part” to help Europe resolve its debt crisis. If only he were so ready to do his part to solve the U.S. debt problem. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the report from the Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Commission, the 18 member group the president tasked with finding | Read More »

    The 2012 Standard: Holding President Obama Accountable

    President Obama did voters a favor. During the 2008 campaign and early in his administration, he laid out the standards by which he should be judged. He made it perfectly clear under what conditions he would deserve re-election. And by his own standard he doesn’t deserve a second term. In February 2009, when employment was at 8.2 percent, he declared, “If I don’t get this | Read More »

    From Insult to Injury: Obama Owes Netanyahu An Apology

    Promoted from the diaries Allies are people you work with.  Garden pests and leaky faucets are things you “deal with.” President Obama doesn’t seem to know the difference. At the G20 summit last week in France, he let out his true feelings on Israel.  And a live mic was there to catch it all. Here’s the exchange between President Obama and French President Sarkozy on | Read More »

    20 Days and Counting: How Long Will Obama Keep America in the Dark on Solyndra?

    It’s been 20 days since the FBI raided the headquarters of Solyndra, the bankrupt stimulus-back solar energy company.  For twenty days the President’s advisers have decided to keep him in the dark about what led the company to squander $535 million of taxpayer money. But there was one briefing about the mismanaged loan program—in October 2010, that is.  Yes, news broke yesterday that the President’s | Read More »

    The White House’s $535 Million Photo Op

    As the Solyndra scandal continues to unfold, Americans are clamoring for the President to take responsibility.  With more suspicious details coming to light, multiple entities have launched investigations—the FBI, the Inspector General of the Energy Department, the Inspector General of the Treasury Department, and the House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee.  From what we’ve seen so far, the verdict seems pretty clear: the White House | Read More »

    Tell the White House We’re Running on Empty

    Please welcome from the diaries the Chairman of the RNC The summer of 2010 was supposed to be the Summer of Recovery. That’s what President Obama told us. It wasn’t and now nearly a year later, unemployment remains unacceptably high. With gas prices at nearly $4.00 a gallon and on the rise, the forecast for the summer of 2011 isn’t looking much better. America is | Read More »

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