Mike Pence is Ready for the Next Fight

    Rep. Mike Pence is stepping down from his leadership post as Chairman of the Republican Conference in preparation for the next phase of his bright future. Below is the letter he sent to his colleagues to announce his decision; it’s well worth a read. As a friend and former staff of Pence who has watched him closely over the years as a movement conservative, I | Read More »

    It’s Time to Make GOP Leadership Less Powerful

    “an independent Rules Committee—chaired and stocked with conservatives—would be a major check on the other power centers in the House.” As Election Day approaches, no outcome should be taken for granted, but it looks increasingly likely that Republicans will take control of the House, and perhaps even the Senate. For those who want to reform Congress, increased thought and planning needs to take place now | Read More »

    Idaho Congressman Misleads Constituents on Repeal…Again

    Idaho’s Rep. Walt Minnick, who voted against Obamacare but refuses to back its repeal, has come up with yet another excuse to confuse his constituents. A caller to his office was told yesterday that Minnick has a policy of not signing “discharge petitions.” That is fascinating news, because it was only last year, on September 23, 2009, that Minnick signed just such a discharge petition | Read More »

    Senator Bob Corker. Unacceptable.

    Senator Bob Corker (TN) is all over the place. Yesterday, he voted for the new START treaty in committee, which is heavily skewed towards Russia’s interests, limits our missile defense capabilities, and sends an unmistakable signal of weakness to the rest of the world. According to Corker’s own constituents, in a letter on behalf of the Williamson Country Republican Party: New START seriously threatens our | Read More »

    Who Dares To Be The Next Democrat Defection on Obamacare Repeal?

    The campaign to repeal Obamacare took a crucial step forward yesterday. Gene Taylor of Mississippi signed Discharge Petition #11 to force a vote on an outright repeal of Obamacare. He is the first of the 34 Democrats who voted against Obamacare to break ranks with Nancy Pelosi and support repeal. His Democrat colleagues have made a host of arguments explaining away their unwillingness to add | Read More »

    Only 31 House Democrats Willing to Offer Soft Support for Small Businesses

    Nothing quite focuses a politician’s mind like an upcoming election. 31 vulnerable House Democrats wrote to their Leadership that they want no part in raising taxes on any class of individuals—at least given the “fragility of our economy and the slow pace of recovery.” The letter also admits what every conservative has been arguing for years—many small business owners file at the top income tax rate | Read More »

    Congress Needs Reforms, but Committees Don’t Need More Power

    If Republicans win control of the House of Representatives, I have no doubt that John Boehner as Speaker will make the chamber far more transparent and fair to rank-and-file legislators of both parties. There will be more time to debate legislation, more chances to offer amendments, and more opportunity for the public to digest the implications of major legislation. But one reform idea was previewed | Read More »

    Senate Republicans Getting Played on the Russian-friendly Strategic Arms Treaty

    The conservative movement has had to battle a lot over the last few years, for the number of terrible policies, pushed aggressively and relentlessly by Barak Obama, is truly staggering. It has caused us to triage out of necessity. Unfortunately, one national security issue that has received short shrift is the treaty the President negotiated with the Russians—his new START (“Strategic Arms Treaty”)—and if we’re | Read More »

    Walt Minnick Is Not Willing to Repeal Obamacare

    Walt Minnick (D-ID) voted against Obamacare, but he doesn’t want to repeal it. In a general form letter to his constituents asking him to support repeal, Minnick writes: I understand that you support repealing the bill in its entirety. I do not believe that it will be possible to fully repeal the bill. Even if a bill to repeal the law were able to pass | Read More »

    “Historic” and “Bipartisan” Normally Means Its Bad

    Erick reported last week that a lame duck Congressional session is all but certain. Here is why he’s right, and where things seem to be headed. The Obama deficit commission is set to make its report on December 1. The commissioners have been meeting about once a month since the commission took form, but they are still reportedly “studying the problem.” Staff is obviously working, | Read More »

    Time to Go After Democrats On Repeal of Obamacare

    170 Republicans have now signed the discharge petition to repeal Obamacare. The petition was submitted by Rep. Steve King and has been pushed heavily by the Heritage Action for America (my new employer, as it happens) and other conservative organizations. There are a few stragglers but for the most part, House Republicans are now solid in their commitment to repeal the bill. Not so with | Read More »

    House Republicans Need a Bold Spending Proposal

    As Congress breaks for its August recess, House Republicans continue to work on an agenda setting forth how they would govern if given the chance.  The agenda is by no means set, but it seems well on its way, with town halls across the country set up to see how well these ideas resonate with the public. Unfortunately, so far the draft agenda lacks a | Read More »

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