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      Not Yet Made to Care

      Nine months ago, I wrote a diary that received a lot more attention than I anticipated. Erick’s response to my post has since become something of a catch-phrase here on RedState, and has since made its way into the broader conservative blogosphere. “You will be made to care.” Thanks to a photographer named Elaine Huguenin, a cake maker named Jack Phillips, and a duck-call manufacturer named Phil Robertson (do I really need a link to | Read More »

      You Will Be Made to Care

      A Christian baker in Colorado refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. A judge is now ordering him to do so or face financial penalties. Surely there are plenty of bakers who would bake a cake for David Mullins and Charlie Craig, the gay men who wanted the cake. But they went to Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, CO. When Phillips | Read More »

      You Will be Made to Care About Governmental Social Engineering

      Yesterday, the Democrat supermajority in the Senate passed the preposterous transgendered lawsuit bill with 64 votes.  The most consequential outcome of ENDA (were it to pass the House) is that sexual illnesses and subjective (“perceived”) gender preferences would now be required by the federal government to be treated as mainstream in schools and the workforce.  Moreover, they would be considered a protected class, forcing private | Read More »

      You will be made to care

      At some point, those of you on the right who have completely ceded the field to the Democrats on so-called social issues will need to confront an uncomfortable reality.  There is no floor to the licentiousness of the statist social-engineering agenda.  We will not have a liberty-driven prosperous country built upon the ruins of the civil society.  We can only go so far with government-sanctioned | Read More »

      Yes, You Will Be Made to Care

      You will be made to care about gay marriage. You may think it does not affect you or will not affect you or you can support it and leave well enough alone, but you cannot. The secular left and aggressive gay rights activists will not allow you to. You must either fully embrace it or be shunned. You may think it does not affect your | Read More »

      You Will Be Made to Care

      Much has been said about this post, including a good bit of heat toward me for putting on the front.There is much that could be said. I disagree with a lot of the theology.In particular, I disagree with this: Is Homosexuality a Sin? I. Do. Not. Care. Luke 10 tells the story of a legal expert who queried Jesus about what was required to inherit | Read More »

      Gay Rights: We will be made to not only care, but to watch

      Eric has coined the phrase regarding gay rights as, “being made to care.” That has proven to be very true. But that is not enough. In the media, all sorts of programming has homosexual relationships being acted out on our television screens. In the show “How to get away with Murder,” there is a male central character that seems to always have a scene where he | Read More »

      The End Game Becomes More Clear

      Though you don’t need a rainbow sticker on the back of your car to tell the world you are black, the gay rights movement is intent on equating the struggle for black civil rights with their own quest to redefine marriage. And it was abundantly obvious yesterday that the Supreme Court recognizes this would be a redefinition of the institution. What also became obvious was | Read More »

      LGBT Moral Equivalence: Making a Pizza = Beheading

      LGBT activists view Saudi Arabia’s beheadings as equal to the smallest microaggression by American Christians, while ruining someone’s life for their political views or their blog posts is perfectly acceptable (as long as it’s done to those who disagree).  They see moral equivalence for the smallest slight or limitation of their lifestyle versus instigating your complete financial and personal ruin. Don’t believe it?  Here’s objective | Read More »