The Lost Irony in the Tax Debate

    There is an uncanny irony that has emerged from the bowels of the tax fight – one that is lost in all the banal details of the pitched battle.  Democrats have fallen in love with the Bush tax cuts, which they fought so vociferously to block in 2001 and 2003. While the Democrats are demanding that we raise taxes on the rich, they are stridently | Read More »

    Dispatch From Lisbon

    “There appears to be an enormous divergence between what the Portuguese believe the state should deliver and the amount of taxes they are prepared to pay,” he told parliament recently.

    – Vítor Gaspar, Portuguese Minister of Finance (HT:

    It helps from time to time to get out that old set of notes from Economics 101 and give them a snappy re-read. On day 1 of the class, you get introduced to The Fundamental Problem of Economics. This cute little chestnut states that economics attempts to meet insatiable demand with limited resources. No feasible solution exists that is also optimal. The debate thus ensues over who gets fed and who gets (expletived).

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    Only in Washington

    For those of us who are not schooled in the ways of Washington, here is a glimpse into the duplicity of the “budget savings” as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. House Agriculture Chairman Frank D. Lucas has raised hopes that Congress might still be able to produce a multi-year farm bill soon, possibly as part of a package to block impending tax increases and | Read More »

    Our Lord And Savior Emperor Barack I

    In the Potemkin world of Hollywood, President Barack Obama is held in a level of esteem that good men of ages past would have deemed utterly blasphemous. Jamie Foxx describes him as “Our Lord and Savior.” His political enemies are demonized and ridiculed. “Mitches” don’t really believe anything and are basically all just racist. But to truly see how Emperor Barack I’s act plays, it helps to see how his fellow world-leaders view our own almighty Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

    We saw this in Blu-Ray as our Glorious Lightworker went east to conduct his post-election victory tour. It didn’t quite work out as well as he would have hoped. Amerika’s recently reelected Dominus et Deus, Barack H. Obama I, decided he would inaugurate a Trans-Pacific Partnership that would draw South-East Asia closer to the US and further from Communist China. It was almost like we were going back to Vietnam to win more hearts and minds.

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    The Forgotten Bailout

    When it comes to setting public policy fires, Democrats get away with serial arson.  A maladroit opposition party and a complaisant media ensure that the public will never pin the tail of blame on the donkey.  Nowhere is this more evident than with interventionist housing policy. Decade’s worth of government intervention in the housing market almost single-handedly took down the economy.  Bill Clinton’s National Homeownership | Read More »

    Susan Estrich’s barren complaints about Obama’s future tax hike plans.

    If she was a guy, I’d be calling said complaints “impotent.” [snip of all the reasons why Susan Estrich reflexively - and, alas, stereotypically - voted for Barack Obama] I did not vote for Obama because I think I am paying too little in taxes. While I think that it’s adorable that Susan Estrich thinks that Barack Obama cares about why anybody did or did | Read More »

    Backward To The Future!

    Ah, the 1950’s – a quaint decade of peace and prosperity. We compare it the 60’s, and mourn our nation’s lost hygiene, oops I mean innocence. Ok, so maybe that sort of nostalgia is overblown and a wee tad derogatory. Yet Dwight Eisenhower warned us of America turning into Amerika and we just didn’t get it. So Paul Krugman rides again to sell us his typically origami* version of economic events.

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    Rep. Paul Ryan: back in the fiscal wars.

    I think that I can taste just the faintest touch of bitterness in this article: When Mr. Ryan returned to Capitol Hill last week, he was met with a standing ovation from his Republican colleagues, a bear hug from Mr. Boehner and the hope from conservatives that he would hold the line on taxes and other spending. [snip] According to aides and others close to | Read More »

    Obama’s EPA Continues Handouts for Rich Ethanol Farmers on the Backs of Consumers

    Obama’s EPA Continues Handouts for Rich Ethanol Farmers on the Backs of Consumers

    Nothing exemplifies the failure of Republicans to communicate more than the exit polling data regarding the public’s perception of the cost of living.  A whopping 37% of voters selected ‘rising prices’ as their most important issue in the election, yet amazingly, they split their votes evenly between Romney and Obama.  Hence, the arsonist behind the high prices for food, fuel, healthcare, and every other vital | Read More »

    Deadline passes on Hostess strike ultimatum: is liquidiation likely?

    Very possibly.  Background here and here: the short version is that Hostess Foods is in horrible financial shape; it’s in the process of trying to stave off bankruptcy via drastically renegotiated emergency union contracts with the Teamsters and bakers’ unions; the Teamsters took a look at the books, blanched, swallowed hard, and took the deal; the bakers’ unions did not, and decided to go on | Read More »

    Making Them Own It

    Florida based restaurant boss John Metz, who runs approximately 40 Denny’s and owns the Hurricane Grill & Wings franchise has decided to offset that (The Cost of Obamacare) by adding a five percent surcharge to customers’ bills and will reduce his employees’ hours.

    If you still shake your head and wonder why Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley won’t set up a HIX or participate in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, John Metz offers us some insight. No matter how much free health insurance you were promised; some poor sucker always gets left holding the bag.

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    It was The State of Alabama, under Governor Wallace in the 1960’s who helped caused Federalism to fall into disrepute at the expense of the American commonweal. It is perhaps only fitting that a governor of Alabama do what is necessary to reinstate Federalism as a valuable weapon by which America resists totalism and tyranny that overcome less robust systems of national governance than our own. Governor Robert Bentleytook to the social media to plant the axiom that Alabama would not succumb to the constitutional travesty that is Obamacare. He tweeted the following:

    Alabama will not establish a Health Insurance Exchange and We will not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

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    Not What If, What Next Part III – Breaking The 4th Seal

    Demand that the House to do the following.

    1) Pass a budget that totally allows the US to go off the Fiscal Cliff. Remind President Obama that he and they made a deal that they intend to honor to the letter as a show of good faith and bipartisan agreement that all Americans should emulate in current and parlous predicament.

    2) Refuse a continuing resolution until the US Senate does likewise. Remind them that bipartisanship is always a two-way street and the US Senate does have a professional responsibility with respect to the Federal budget process.

    3) When the Senate self-righteously and arrogantly refuses, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, citing the fact that it is irresponsible to issue more debt when you have no coherent statement as to how those funds are intended to be spent.

    4) When Barack Obama rails against them, remind him firmly, yet politely that the House has passed a budget and stands more than willing to work with the US Senate anytime they choose to actually fulfill their legal and Constitutional obligations.

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    The Art of Compromise

    There is incessant talk of the need for conservatives to compromise on their principles, even though Democrats have never showed a willingness to compromise on any of their sacred tenets.  However, there is little thought offered by the wizards of smart in the Republicans Party as to the meaning of compromise and how to effectively pursue one. Let’s excogitate over the definition of compromise. Compromise | Read More »

    Obama, Marxists & Union Bosses Declare: Wolves Overrule Sheep On Deciding Dinner Menu

    “Majority rule only works if you’re also considering individual rights. Because you can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper.” — Larry Flint

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