How the Democrats got us to a shutdown

    The press has been falling over itself to attack Republicans for the shutdown and claiming that they are the source of all the irresponsibility in the process. They have conveniently forgotten several important things about how much the Democrats have broken the budget process in the last couple of years and in this year in particular.  I wrote back in January about how the Senate | Read More »


    Hold Your Ground and Shut John Cornyn Up

    Hold Your Ground and Shut John Cornyn Up

    After three years of getting ready, yesterday the nation signed on to get Obamacare only to have websites across America crash. The ones that were not crashing were scam sites designed for identity theft. Amid all of that, if you tried to get Obamacare through an internet search engine, you probably got scammed. “[S]ome of these scam sites actually have better search-engine rankings than official | Read More »

    Barack Obama spitefully *chose* to make WWII Memorial inaccessible to veterans.

    Every time I look at the WWII Memorial story, it gets worse. It’s bad that the Obama administration closed down national monuments and museums, because it thinks that attacking DC tourism will give the Democratic party leverage over the Republican party. It’s bad that the Obama administration tried to keep WWII veterans away from the monument that honors them. It failed, of course, but they | Read More »

    ObamaCare software is incompatible with American hardware

    When you try to run software that’s incompatible with your hardware, this is what happens.  ObamaCare’s failure is spectacular, and not just the coast-to-coast sharknado of error messages, system crashes, pages not found, and unresponsive technical support.  The data processing problems will eventually be worked out; every computer problem can be solved, if you’re willing to spend enough time and money on the effort.  The | Read More »

    Let the Buying Off of Lobbyists Begin

    Talking to a member of Congress this morning, he tells me leadership staffers are sitting around dreaming up new, creative ways to lose this fight. He admits his cynicism is running high and is convinced Republican leadership staff are championing a loss as an “I told you so moment” to buttress a “should have listened to us” line.He is angry at his own side.More troublesome, | Read More »

    Surprise, The World Spins On

    As I type this — having gone to bed around 1 a.m. and back up now just after 4 — the government is still shut down. I know what you’re thinking. “How am I still alive?” Seriously. The government is shut down and the world is spinning on. You and I are still alive. In a few hours, my kids will go off to a | Read More »


    The shutdown claims its first victims: Senate Democrats’ graphics art team.

    The shutdown claims its first victims: Senate Democrats' graphics art team.

    I judge. I so totally judge.

    Reclaiming the Party

    This is just embarrassing. Those were Erick’s words earlier this afternoon, and the statement is absolutely correct. The Republican Party, as it is and as it has been, is an utter embarrassment to those who vote for them. The guys up top – Boehner, McConnell (ESPECIALLY MCCONNELL), Cantor, Cornyn and the rest – listen to money, lobbyists and, strangely, Democrats, for guidance on what to | Read More »

    House GOP: Stand Your Ground

    This is just embarrassing. The House GOP has refused to fight on Obamacare. Right now they are going through an elaborate dance routine, complete with leotards and streamers, to show everyone they are really fighting for something.They’ve gone through so many iterations, no one is really sure what it is they are fighting for, but it is for certain they are not fighting to defund | Read More »

    Sign the pledge: Tell Senate Democrats: Dismantle ObamaCare now and Don’t Shut Down The Government!

    This weekend, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives listened to the American people and passed a continuing resolution that keeps the government running, delays ObamaCare for a year, and repeals the medical device tax. Unfortunately for Americans, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats couldn’t be bothered to take up the bill this weekend. Harry Reid didn’t even bother to convene for session Monday morning. But they did | Read More »

    Here Comes Mitch McConnell! #McConnellcare

    As conservatives unify behind a solid position, you can always count on Mitch McConnell to quietly come in at the last moment and cut a deal. Most people associate John Boehner with the fiscal cliff and 2011 debt ceiling deals because he was the public figure for most of the debate.  But both of those deals were cut by Mitch McConnell with Joe Biden during | Read More »

    Congress Should Not Have Its Obamacare Paid

    Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will hold a press conference today, September 30 at 3:30 p.m. EDT at the “Senate Swamp,” on the northeast grounds of the U.S. Capitol. The press conference is to urge House Republicans to include Vitter’s “No Washington Exemption from Obamacare” (S.1497) amendment in the Continuing Resolution (CR).

    Oppose the Medical Device Tax Repeal

    Republicans are attempting two tricks to convince conservatives the GOP is still with them. The first is the Vitter Amendment, named for Senator David Vitter, which would require Congress to adhere to Obamacare like the rest of us. I consider it a shiny object and you should not be cheering the GOP is they get it. Congress will always game the system to benefit itself. | Read More »

    A Test of Your Power and Influence

    RedState Readers, there was a time when we could ask you to open your wallets for solid candidates and within hours goals would be met. We did that recently with Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia and you showed just how quickly you could raise money. But people still think you guys are not as engaged as you once were. So I have a challenge for you | Read More »

    Democrats’ New Outrageous Property Rights Power Grab

    Radical environmentalists have long used government as a weapon to stop development projects across the country.   Opponents of the Keystone Pipeline have utilized every tactic known to date to stop its implementation. But now the left has  devised a new strategy–an ultimate trump card–to stop economic development dead in its tracks and a vote on the measure could come in the House of Representatives as | Read More »