Some time around 11:30 a.m. we reached the $10,000.00 goal from around 200 donors for Ken Cuccinelli. I’m curious to see how much we can raise. Before sunset we crossed $15,000.00.Please join me in giving Ken Cuccinelli a contribution. This is the most important race across the country this year. He needs our help. Just today there is another story about Terry McAuliffe’s dealings with | Read More »

    People, We Can Do Better

    We used to be able to raise money quickly for candidates we support. Ken Cuccinelli is a candidate we support. He’s running for Governor of Virginia. Bobby Jindal and I both agree this is the most important political race in the country this year. Can you help RedState? Show the world again just how RedState readers support conservatives. Go here now. Give what you can. | Read More »

    We Must Support Ken Cuccinelli #standwithken

    We Must Support Ken Cuccinelli #standwithken

    We have not done this in a while. Perhaps, in growing up, we let go of some things of our youth we should not have let go. One of those was raising money in a coordinated effort for solid candidates. We must start doing that again. And so today I want to ask you to make a commitment. RedState endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of | Read More »

    Wendy Davis is Abortion Barbie #abortionbarbie

    Wendy Davis is Abortion Barbie #abortionbarbie

    The left is in a tizzy on twitter for my referring to pink shoes wearing Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie.” It sums her up perfectly. All the nation knows about Wendy Davis is that she is ignorant of the horrors of Kermit Gosnell, wears pink shoes, and filibustered legislation to save the innocent in Texas. She joined the long line of Democrats | Read More »

    SOURCES: NRSC and DSCC Declare Truce on Obamacare Exemption for Staffers

    SOURCES: NRSC and DSCC Declare Truce on Obamacare Exemption for Staffers

    Sources in the Senate tell me that, on orders from senior Senate leaders, the NRSC and DSCC, the two groups responsible for electing Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, have declared a truce over the Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) exemption of Capitol Hill staff from one of the provisions of Obamacare. In other words, Republican Leaders have agreed the NRSC will not use this | Read More »

    A New Electoral Paradigm

    When Republicans lost the last presidential election to a weak president amidst an unprecedentedly lethargic economic recovery, Republicans of all stripes engaged in some soul-searching about what went wrong and what needs to change within the party. The party establishment issued an “autopsy” report in which they searched everywhere for the culprit of electoral failure.  They looked under the bed; they looked under the covers.  | Read More »

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    73 Rules For Running For President As A Republican

    73 Rules For Running For President As A Republican

    We do not yet know who the Republican presidential nominee will be in 2016. We do not even know for certain who the candidates will be, although several are visibly positioning themselves to run. We all have our own ideas about who should run and what the substance of their platforms should be. But even leaving those aside, it’s possible to draw some lessons from | Read More »


    The Conservatives

    The old Buckley Rule is that we should back the most conservative candidate who can win the general election.What I find more and more is that the NRSC and others declare the person most committed to the status quo the most conservative and work to convince the rest of us that the others are too far right to get elected.What I have decided is that | Read More »


    The Bad Side To Voting For Santa Claus

    So I take my smart-alecky little boy over to our town library. He likes anything in the Diary of The Wimpy Kid series. My boy checks a couple of them out. No sooner do we get in the car and he’s back there laughing at chapter one. This entry in the diary could be entitled Why Santa Claus is a Creep. It seems that the kid protagonist has just meditated upon Santa Claus and doesn’t much like the resulting Dark Enlightenment. It seems the guy sees him when he’s sleeping (no diving under the covers Commando), knows when he’s awake, knows if he’s been bad or good, so he’d better be good for goodness sake! To quote Cipher Reagan: “What a mind-job!”

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    The Establishment vs. The People

    This year’s RedState Gathering was a wonderful event. There was, however, one interesting moment with a guy from the National Republican Senatorial Committee worth sharing.Friday afternoon as I was trying to make my way to Governor Jindal’s reception, the guy from the NRSC stopped me and very derisively asked if I was going to support anyone other than challengers to incumbents. He went so far | Read More »

    RedState Gathering Interview: Gov. Rick Perry (R, TX).

    The below does not even remotely represent the amount of video that got shot at this year’s RedState Gathering: in fact, it does not even remotely represent the amount of video that RedState shot at this year’s Gathering, or the amount of video shot of Governor Rick Perry. But the Governor had some time to talk with me on some of the issues involving Texas | Read More »

    Frederick Douglass Republicans Are Fighting To Win Hearts, Minds & The Masses

    Frederick Douglass

    K. Carl Smith may soon be one of the most influential people in America you have never heard of…until now.

    Most certainly, Mr. Smith is one of the most important people grassroots conservatives and Republican Party leaders should be listening to right now. Yet, his message is not really partisan. It is American.

    While you could call Mr. Smith a community organizer…of sorts, that would seem to be doing him an injustice. You see, K. Carl Smith is more than a mere community organizer. Mr. Smith is a messenger.

    More specifically, he is a messenger of what he calls Frederick Douglass Conservatism; and that message, as you’ll hear in a few moments, transcends the barriers brought on by race, sex, creed or national origin.

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    #dontblink #rsg13 Ted Cruz says “Don’t blink.”

    #dontblink #rsg13 Ted Cruz says "Don't blink."

    #dontblink — Moe Lane (@moelane) August 2, 2013 If you’re wondering why there’s a sudden blizzard of #dontblink tags coming from RedState Gathering folks today, it’s because of something that Ted Cruz said during his speech at the Gathering today. Basically, Senator Cruz was asked about how conservatives should hold firm on defunding Obamacare in the face of concerted effort by the media and | Read More »

    Live webcast for the #RSG13 (RedState Gathering).

    This should give you the proceedings as they happen in real-time. Live Video streaming by Ustream

    Finger Lickin’ Frauds

    John Cornyn went on radio yesterday with Chad Hasty (on twitter: @chadhastyradio) on Lubbock’s NewsTalk 790 AM KFYO. When asked why he took his name off Mike Lee’s letter about defunding Obamacare, John Cornyn said he did so because of a Congressional Research Service report on the implication of Mike Lee’s strategy.There’s just one problem. John Cornyn took his name off the letter before the | Read More »