New Dairy Supply Management Program Must Stop

    Free markets in the Western world today are created and driven by one basic philosophy – that decisions about production and manufacturing may be made by a business, but ultimately their success or failure is determined by the marketplace. Supply and demand still rule in free markets, as they should. The United States has a long tradition of supporting free markets and open competition in | Read More »

    Artist Accuses Pentagon of Censoring Christians

    The artist whose inspirational painting was removed from an Air Force dining hall because it violated military standards is accusing the Pentagon of censoring Christian art. “On its face, this seems like nothing short of a clear anti-Christian agenda,” said Grant DiCianni, president of Tapestry Productions. His father, Ron, painted the artwork. “It appears that the Air Force and the Pentagon have undertaken a dangerous war to | Read More »

    Josh Barro Admits He’s Not a Conservative. Gives Froggie Hope.

    Jonathan Chait did a hagiography piece on Josh Barro. The title called Josh Barro “the Loneliest Republican.” The rest of the article made it clear, though, that Barro is a “conservative reformer.””The 28-year-old Bloomberg View columnist is—or, arguably, was—the most precocious of a coterie of conservative reformists,” Chait wrote. He continued, The debate had cut to the heart of what separates Barro from most of | Read More »

    Operation Over Reach Around

    The shameless shills for the Democrats. That would be the media of course. Consider just the latest example. On Friday, the Democratic National Committee released this memo claiming the Republicans had spent the month of May “overreaching” on the IRS investigation. By Monday morning, the Washington press corps rallied. Greg Sargent at the Washington Post declared, “It’s very clear that GOP scandal overreach is now | Read More »

    On Conservative Reformers

    There is a lot of back and forth chatter going on right now in the DC-NYC corridor about conservative reform. This is problematic because the people talking about reform are in Washington and New York, the two places least likely to lead any version of conservative reform. One example of why is Josh Barro. Josh Barro is a late twenty-something gay male who hates conservatives, | Read More »

    Anti-Muslim Speech and Consequences

    The threat by US Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Bill Killian, to punish “anti-Muslim” sentiments expressed on social media are not the actions of a “rogue” US Attorney anymore than 90 “rogue” IRS employees targeted conservatives. Theirs are the actions of an out of control and abusive regulatory state operating with the encouragement of the Administration

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    Why Ted Cruz is right and John McCain is wrong

    Why Ted Cruz is right and John McCain is wrong

    Senator John McCain and the mainstream media, are attacking Senator Ted Cruz (and Senators Lee, Paul, and Rubio) for objecting to going to conference on the budget resolution. Cruz’s objection is simple: he wants a public promise from the Democrats that they won’t use what is called “reconciliation” to raise the debt ceiling. Reconciliation is a special procedure that requires only 50 votes, not 60, to | Read More »

    After The Gold Rush III: The Decline and Fall of The Motown Empire

    Massive complexity cannot permanently attain equilibrium. Human beings lack the intellect and the moral character to manage it. Complexity is adopted because of the awesome societal benefits it offers both individuals and organizations. Mass production, mass communications, modern transport and modern medicine have so changed and enhanced the lives of the average American, that most of us would be dead without them. Yet, as complexity increases, its marginal unit costs increase and the marginal unit benefits decline. This interaction eventually leads to the marginal effect of further complexity becoming a negative instead of a positive. Nowhere has this become more painfully untenable than Detroit, MI. The city has become, in my humble opinion, the canary in the coal mine for urban America.

    Detroit initially gained from complexity. General Motors came to symbolize the American commonweal. It was a social safety-valve where people who wanted to escape major injustices of American Society could come and try their hand at work that was dirty and hard – yet very lucrative compared to the alternatives. Detroit rode this growing complexity and incoming diaspora until it became the 5th largest American City and was nicknamed “The Arsenal of Democracy.” Then Motown rode the complexity curve over the hump.

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    WANTED: Disruptive Candidates

    WANTED: Disruptive Candidates

    This year will be the 5th RedState Gathering. We will meet the first weekend in August in New Orleans, LA. Five years ago we introduced the nation to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Nikki Haley, Michael Williams, Ken Cuccinelli, Karen Handel, and more.In 2010, we worked hard for Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ken Buck, and others.This year I am struggling to find good, disruptive | Read More »


    The Annual Birthday Request

    Today is my 38th birthday. Every year I put up a post like this. Short of filling in behind the golden EIB microphone or getting one of those Ralph Lauren Writer’s Chairs with accompanying ottoman, there isn’t much I want. But people ask and here’s what you can do if you want to make an impact to better the country today.Give to one or more | Read More »

    White House: Will no Democrat ask us to fire this meddlesome AG?

    This is what we in the business call a hint . Over the course of four and a half years, no other member of President Obama’s cabinet has been at the center of so many polarizing episodes or the target of so much criticism. While the White House publicly backed Mr. Holder as he tried to smooth over the latest uproar amid new speculation about | Read More »

    The Victory Lap

    It has been a fun and interesting week.It started with gay rights activists enraged over me saying I wasn’t worried the scouts letting in gay scouts would make my son gay. Rather, I was worried about my son living in a world that doesn’t think homosexual practice is a sin.It ended with me making all sorts of people mad for defending the traditional family structure.From | Read More »

    Air Force Removes “Inspirational” Painting

    An inspirational painting that referenced a Bible verse has been removed from a dining hall at Mountain Home Air Force Base after an anti-religion group filed a complaint. The painting featured a medieval crusader and referenced Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” The Military Religious Freedom Foundation called the painting “repugnant” and an “overt display of Christian | Read More »

    Shale Oil Boom Rattles OPEC [Updated]

    The shale boom began in the U.S. as a ripple in North Dakota and Texas. Some thought its impact would be limited and regional, not global. Now that uptick on our domestic production curve has triggered a tsunami with geopolitical implications.

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    Mary Landrieu’s re-election now a “toss-up”

    U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is suddenly in more trouble than even the Politico may realize. More than a year until the Congressional mid-term elections, and a group of Washington “political handicappers” say Senator Mary Landrieu’s chances of reelection have dropped to “pure toss-up.” Why is Senator Landrieu seen as vulnerable by the non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report? While Mary Landrieu’s hasn’t exactly been a | Read More »