Andy Stanley’s ( @AndyStanley ) Quote is Troubling

    Kirsten Powers and I will no more agree on this topic than we do on the merits of calling Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie.” That’s fine. We probably disagree on most issues, though I appreciate her finding common ground with me and so many others on the cause of life for children stitched together by God in their mothers’ wombs. But I am really disappointed in | Read More »

    SEIU Executives Issue Ultimatum to Milwaukee Employers

    Since 2005, the Service Employees International Union has lost 8,385 members in Wisconsin. With SEIU bosses making high-five figure and even six-figure salaries, and Governor Scott Walker’s reforms making it difficult for them to justify their income, they have banded together to issue a sort of ultimatum to Milwaukee County businesses.

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    In Which @BuzzFeedAndrew Demonstrates What’s Wrong With America

    In Which @BuzzFeedAndrew Demonstrates What's Wrong With America

    Now comes one of the dumbest gotcha pieces I have ever seen, courtesy of Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed. I would customarily paste some of the text here but you would do yourself a favor by actually clicking the link and seeing the huge, screaming type, complete with ridiculous subtitles. The gist of this particular piece of unmitigated nonsense is that Jeff Flake is somehow a | Read More »

    American Opportunity Alliance: Come for Social Liberalism. Stay for Wall Street Cronyism.

    Pay attention to this story. Put the American Opportunity Alliance on your radar. Conservatives need to be wary and need to follow money from this group to Republican candidates. A group of billionaires and multi-billionaires intent on pushing gay marriage and amnesty has started an effort to pump money into the Republican Party. The Politico report makes clear as well that these guys want to | Read More »

    Ken Buck Has Been Fighting the #WarOnWomen For Longer Than You Know. #KenCares

    When many people in politics talk about Ken Buck and the War On Women they speak of an imaginary image crafted around a false narrative meant to smear the 2010 Senate Candidate from Colorado. Yesterday the Buck campaigned released a video called Stephanie’s Story which showed Ken as a caring defender of women who have been the victims of violence in the real war on women.

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    Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General

    According to Senator Ted Cruz, “Ken Paxton is a tireless conservative warrior.” Paxton is running for Texas Attorney General. As all of us know, we may not live in Texas, but Texas affects us and we all probably secretly or not so secretly want to live there. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott frequently describes his workday as, “I go into the office, I sue the | Read More »

    South Carolina Is About To Get Interesting

    South Carolina Is About To Get Interesting

    Out of all the Republican primaries taking place across the country, there is only one that I have taken an active interest in seeing a particular outcome. Senator Lindsey Graham has given voters a litany of reasons to doubt his loyalty to the ideals of small government conservatism. But really it boils down to this: why should we have to have a “good enough” Senator | Read More »

    Rand Paul Bails on Bringing Change to Washington

    Rand Paul enjoys talking a big game about being a fundamental change agent in Washington. He likes to line up for publicity stunts like filing a lawsuit against the NSA which will almost certainly be dismissed (and send out handy list-building emails based on these publicity stunts), or staging an almost completely pointless filibuster on drones, but  when it comes to actual accomplishments that have | Read More »

    Democrat Memo: Republicans Oppose Obamacare Because They Support Domestic Abuse

    This is not a joke or a parody. According to Politico, that is literally the message the Democrats are planning to roll out on the campaign trail this fall. I am not at all kidding. Democrats know their biggest problem in this year’s midterm election is Obamacare. So top party operatives have settled on a strategy to try blunting the GOP’s advantage: Tell voters Republicans would make | Read More »

    National Public Radio (@NPRNews) Misrepresents Facts to Fan Racial Tension

    On February 6, 2014, NPR listeners heard this report about the voting rights act. A portion of the story involves Macon, GA, where I live. NPR did its listeners a great disservice in how it presented the story. But don’t believe partisan conservative me. An attorney for the local Democratic Party is calling foul too. As Dave Oedel, the local Democratic Party attorney (who, being | Read More »

    The Coward’s Conundrum

    Senators Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn say they put the country first. The debt ceiling needed to be raised. Ted Cruz opposed raising it. So McConnell and Cornyn voted to shut down Ted Cruz. They voted to cut off debate on raising the debt ceiling so that it could be raised. McConnell and Cornyn have both been very clear about this. John Cornyn told the | Read More »

    We Are Back

    We should be back. RedState just went through a very complicated process to put the whole site on a single user version of WordPress, after being on the WordPress MU system for the last few years. If you find a bug, please leave it in the comments. By bug, I do not mean a feature request — but something that has actually broken. And yes, | Read More »


    Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.

    Sen. Mark Pryor (D) flirts with DOOM in Arkansas Senate race.

    This is just sad. 2nd Campaign #Fail today: @PryorForSenate uses podium placard linking to Cotton’s site. #MinorOversight — David Ray (@DavidARay) February 14, 2014 You see, if you click on the “” link seen on the podium sign you get… redirected to Tom Cotton’s campaign website. His actual, real campaign website. This pretty much means that Senator Mark Pryor is giving his opponent free | Read More »

    Hold the Page

    e’re making some behind the scenes tweaks and changes here at RedState over the weekend. Beginning at 4:00 p.m. ET, the front page will be in read only mode. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re trying to improve the user experience around here. So read-only mode is necessary as we transition the back engine of the site.


    This is What Happens When You Make Us Care

    In Oregon, a baker got in trouble for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay union. In New Mexico, a photographer likewise found herself on the wrong side of the law by not wanting to take pictures of a gay wedding. In Colorado, a baker faces fines for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding. In each of those cases | Read More »