This Still Bugs Me — How Obama Treats Muslims vs. Christians

    If the shooter in Oregon had been a muslim, you know damn well the President of the United States would have rushed to the television to tell us all that we cannot judge a religion by one person. If the victims had all been muslims, you know too that President Obama would have rushed to the televisions of America to tell us all that we | Read More »

    Surprise! @Salon lies about Ben Carson and about Islam

    Salon is running a nasty, moderately incoherent piece by some random Muslim attacking Dr. Ben Carson over his views on Islam. In it, the author Qasim Rashid, accuses Carson of being little different that a racial segregationist. First, about the author. Rashid is not a cleric and he is not a mainstream Muslim. In fact, if Rashid lived in Saudi Arabia or Iran he would | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton’s Painfully Unfunny SNL Appearance (VIDEO)

    Hillary Clinton's Painfully Unfunny SNL Appearance (VIDEO)

    Saturday Night Live has been busy hyping the appearance of Hillary Clinton on SNL like crazy this last week. It’s no surprise that SNL is a mostly-partisan in-kind contribution to the DNC and its candidates, although they have lampooned some Democrats to success in the past. Hillary Clinton’s appearance, however, did her absolutely no favors. She very obviously was fixating on cue cards which gave | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Rhetoric and the Rise of the Rampage Killing

    “The rate of mass murder rampages in this country has gone up with Barack Obama in office. People are, in fact, bringing guns to fights…”There has been an increase in rampages in the United States since Barack Obama took office. He wants to blame guns, blame Republicans, and blame the NRA. But those groups were on the national scene before Barack Obama took office. In | Read More »

    Keep the Stigma on Abortion

    Keep the Stigma on Abortion

    Last month, the spectacularly loathsome Lindy West created the #ShoutYourAbortion hashtag. It’s exactly as it appears to be; the vocalization – and actual celebration – of a woman’s abortion experience. Suddenly the decision to medically end a growing life, created in private, should be splashed across social media! After all, it’s 2015. Let’s end the stigma of abortion! Pardon me, but we must keep this | Read More »

    No George Stephanopoulos, Mass Shootings Are Not Increasing

    No George Stephanopoulos, Mass Shootings Are Not Increasing

    There is always a risk when hiring former political operatives to take over major network news shows. There was concern when Tim Russert, who formerly worked for Democrats, Senator Patrick Moynihan and New York Governor Mario Cuomo was given the keys to Meet The Press. Russert largely came through, being as equally tough on Democrats as he was Republicans. The same cannot be said for | Read More »

    Russia’s real game in Syria

    Russia's real game in Syria

    If you want to see why American influence is rapidly eroding in the world you need only to look at the clowns who are mismanaging our foreign policy in action. Via Politico: As Russia pounded Syria with air strikes for a second day Thursday, the Obama administration showed little appetite for directly challenging Moscow’s bold foray into the Middle Eastern conflict. Instead, the White House | Read More »

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    Why I support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

    Now that Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% is stepping down, the House of Representatives needs a principled leader who will work hard and get results. That’s why I support Congressman Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 56% for speaker of the House. I’ve known Kevin for more than a decade. From day one, we’ve worked closely to advance our conservative | Read More »

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz enters Speaker’s race.

    Link here: I’m not going to quote, because obviously Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 75% is contrasting himself to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 56% in this discussion, and I don’t have a public opinion on which person should be the next Speaker of the House. I have expectations on how the next Speaker of the House should operate, and if the | Read More »

    Progressives demand pre-crime department to prevent shootings

    Progressives demand pre-crime department to prevent shootings

    When Obama spoke about the shootings at Umpqua Community College he demanded that these shootings be stopped. He didn’t specify how. As the investigation advanced it was discovered that the shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, had purchased several weapons, thirteen in all. All of the purchases were legal and complied with all laws. None of the weapons were ‘scary’ and warranted a ban in and of themselves. | Read More »

    The Vatican scores an ‘own goal.’

    The Vatican scores an 'own goal.'

    Tomorrow opens Fourteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome. The purpose of the meeting is “the vocation and mission of the family in the Church and in the contemporary world.” Traditional, observant Catholics are waiting upon the outcome with a feeling of dread. It is well known that the German delegation, headed by Cardinal Kasper, wants the Church to become ‘more | Read More »

    Fighting the never-ending battle for the past

    Fighting the never-ending battle for the past

    “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” –George Orwell The strength of the left doesn’t lie in its ideas. Were it to rely upon its ideology for political viability it would wither away within a generation. Rather, its sole strength, other than its unbridled used of coercive force when it is in power, is its | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton privately babbles about AK-47s in the supermarkets!

    Hillary Clinton privately babbles about AK-47s in the supermarkets!

    My friend and colleague streiff at RedState generally berated these anti-gun comments by Hillary Clinton earlier today, but I want to really drill down on something – look, I know that too much belief in gun control apparently causes neurological degeneration, but this is absurd. Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during | Read More »

    Secretary of Education Arne “Common Core” Duncan cuts and runs.

    Secretary of Education Arne "Common Core" Duncan cuts and runs.

    I guess Secretary Duncan felt that he’d done enough damage to educational standards – and tossed around enough race-baiting comments* – to satisfy him, so he’ll be leaving in December. …What’s that? No, actually, my slams at Arne Duncan are likely going to pass unnoticed, in the wake of this: “President Obama has named Education Department official John King Jr. as acting secretary through the end of his term.” | Read More »

    Battle of Mogadishu. October 3-4, 1993

    Battle of Mogadishu. October 3-4, 1993

    Operation GOTHIC SERPENT. Blackhawk Down. The Battle of Mogadishu. They’re all the same. An attempt to turn around a deteriorating state of affairs, to the extent that anyone could really tell that Third World pest hole was deteriorating, in Somalia during Operation PROVIDE COMFORT, the CNN generated military operation/humanitarian relief campaign we found ourself embroiled in during the latter days of the GHW Bush administration. | Read More »