Mitch McConnell’s Riveting Immigration Speech

    It’s better late than never.  Two hours before wrapping up the immigration debate, Mitch McConnell finally gave a few-minute floor speech speaking out against the amnesty bill which he supports.  Here are some gems: FOR ME, AT LEAST, THAT THE FINAL BILL DIDN’T TURN OUT TO BE SOMETHING I CAN SUPPORT. THE REASON IS FAIRLY SIMPLE. AS I SEE IT, THIS BILL DOESN’T MEET THE THRESHOLD | Read More »

    Proposition 8 might still be the law under the California Constitution

    Yesterday, when the US Supreme Court denied the right of California citizens to stand up and appeal for Proposition 8, the state constitutional amendment they voted in place directly, it looked like the lower court’s decision against the amendment would stand.

    After all, The Supreme Court has thrown out all of those appeals in Perry v Brown, leaving only the initial trial court injunction against Proposition 8 by George H. W. Bush appointee Vaughn Walker, and a stay against that by the Appeals Court, which will likely be lifted now.

    But Big Government has noticed that the California constitution may not take the word of one judge alone as binding on the state. So as of now, Proposition 8 may be the law of the land in the Golden State.

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    Yes, You Will Be Made to Care

    You will be made to care about gay marriage. You may think it does not affect you or will not affect you or you can support it and leave well enough alone, but you cannot. The secular left and aggressive gay rights activists will not allow you to. You must either fully embrace it or be shunned. You may think it does not affect your | Read More »

    We Must Stand Witness

    Let me summarize that for you: the baby sits there, safe and warm because she has never been anything else, waiting for the next instant when she will hear her mother’s voice. She is then punctured, torn, sliced, and slashed to death, her body ripped to shreds where before all she ever felt was comfort and sleep.

    She is still waiting for her mother’s voice as her brains are ripped from her body.

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    Did the Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling Just Destroy Colorado’s TABOR Law?

    Did the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling Just Destroy Colorado's TABOR Law?

    In its decision regarding the 2008 California ballot initiative that prohibited gay marriage, the Supreme Court ruled this morning that citizens who supported the initiative have no standing to defend it in federal court. Only government officials have that right, the Supreme Court ruled. Although the case initially appeared to be confined to gay marriage laws in the state of California, namely the “Proposition 8″ | Read More »

    SCOTUS DOMA Ruling A Loss For Big Government, Democrats

    The Supreme Court’s ruling today on the Defense of Marriage Act is a loss for big government, not for marriage. Let’s revisit. The year was 1996 and I was a young college frosh, Democrat, and progressive activist. Democrats campaigned on DOMA. Clinton, the new Kennedy-of-sorts, was a fervent supporter, writing prior to the bill’s signing: I have long opposed governmental recognition of same-gender marriages and this legislation | Read More »

    Call Them Back, @GovernorPerry [update]

    UPDATE: Governor Perry has called them back effective July 1st.————–When last the Republicans filibustered anywhere, it was Rand Paul who led Mike Lee of Utah, Ted Cruz of Texas, and others to filibuster over the use of drones against Americans in the United States. The Democrats chose to filibuster legislation that would save the lives of American citizens. It is telling.Last night in Texas, white | Read More »

    Why America Hates Washington

    I sat in the first class section of the Acela Express once from New York to Washington. I was on a book tour and the publisher was whisking me from New York to DC for events. Thomas Freidman sat diagonally from me. His single seat backed up to where the First Class Stewards worked. As the train pulled into DC, the overworked steward hadn’t taken | Read More »

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    Marco Rubio Steps Closer to an Obama Hug

    Marco Rubio Steps Closer to an Obama Hug

    You may remember lessons when you were a child by your parent or Sunday School teacher that doing bad things leads to a life of ruin. That telling one little white lie often leads to other lies to cover up the first one, which can lead to worse things. Which brings me to my disappointment in Marco Rubio and how he came to support the | Read More »

    Gun Control Takes Toll On Outdoor Recreation Across Colorado

    The recent gun control measures approved in Colorado have already taken a toll on local individuals, businesses, and communities throughout the state. Those who work in the outdoor recreation industry, along with entire towns and counties that center around hunting and fishing, have been the first to experience the real economic effect of the new firearm regulations.

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    Bringing Mitch McConnell Out of the Shadows

    Mitch McConnell got another lucky break today when Obama announced his latest climate fascism that will cripple the coal industry.  He was provided with another low-hanging talking point to distract from the most immediate threat of amnesty – something he actually has the power to stop. In case you were wondering why McConnell hasn’t given any floor speeches opposing this bill, and refused to state | Read More »

    Meet The New Paula Deen: MN Rep Ryan Winkler Slurs SCOTUS Justice

    Meet The New Paula Deen: MN Rep Ryan Winkler Slurs SCOTUS Justice

    Angry over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s participation in the high court’s Voting Rights Act decision, Minnesota State Rep Ryan Winkler (D/Labor Party) called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom.” He later said that he didn’t know what the term meant that that it was “debatable” whether or not it was racist. While Clarence Thomas grew up the descendants of slaves in a part of Georgia | Read More »

    St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones

    St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones

    St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson wrote to the Federal Aviation Administration as a first step request for drones in St. Louis. Dotson wants to pay for drone use with taxpayer dollars and donations. Privacy advocates object: “This is a significant expansion of government surveillance,” complained Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of ACLU of Eastern Missouri. “Our laws have not kept up with our privacy rights. | Read More »

    The Stories They Told

    The Stories They Told

    Republicans (and red state Democrats) used to tell voters amazing things about their opposition to amnesty. Then they got elected and supported legislation that actually weakens border security and puts people on a path not just to legalization, but to citizenship, before ever securing our borders.1. Rubio: “I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the | Read More »

    Update on Senate Whip List

    I previously provided a whip list of Senators to reach out to on immigration in the Senate. With the first major test on the issue, Hoeven-Corker, over, I’ve updated the list, added a couple of names, and noted how they voted. Please note on a few there are some editorial comments on their positions. Those comments are provided by those involved directly in the fight | Read More »