Thomas Jefferson for President!

    My friend Russell Moore has penned an op-ed at the Wall Street Journal today. I implore you to make it your must read of the day. Here is a sample: If religious liberty doesn’t apply to small or unpopular minorities, then it isn’t liberty at all but becomes another government handout to a special-interest group. We want a candidate who will argue consistently for soul | Read More »

    Brian Williams’s Fluffers

    Brian Williams's Fluffers

    We know Brian Williams will not lose his job for repeatedly telling a lie. We know because he works for Comcast, a company which allows no one out of contracts under any circumstance even when you call and beg them to cancel your account. Brian Williams has job security. We also know something else now. In the age old debate between spits or swallows, the | Read More »

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends: Vaccine Madness, Super Bowl Ads and Congressional Dysfunction

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends: Vaccine Madness, Super Bowl Ads and Congressional Dysfunction

    Welcome to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends! This week, guest host Stephen Miller of joins the regular panel of F. Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon, Jay Caruso of Pocket Full of Liberty, Neal Dewing of The Federalist, and Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute to discuss the recent vaccination madness, a depressing slate of Super Bowl ads, and the ongoing | Read More »

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    The Left Defends Brian Williams

    The Left Defends Brian Williams

    It didn’t take long. The electrons in the Stars and Stripes story about Brian Williams’s magical helicopter ride in Iraq had barely stop zinging about the internet tubes when the first defense was mounted by the left. The story is interesting and old news. Memory does change over time. This is the experiment: The day following the explosion of the Challenger, in January, 1986, Neisser, | Read More »

    Obama uses National Prayer Breakfast to compare Christianity to ISIS

    Obama uses National Prayer Breakfast to compare Christianity to ISIS

    So Barack Obama, leftwing community organizer and closet theologian, used the National Prayer Breakfast to throw a tu quoque at anyone critical of Islam while continuing to fancy himself as the Pope of Islam: “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name | Read More »

    Some necessary pushback on the reporting of Congress’s invite of Pope Francis I.

    Some necessary pushback on the reporting of Congress's invite of Pope Francis I.

    Quick background: Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% invited Pope Francis I to be the first pope ever to speak to a joint session of Congress… what’s that? “Did he ask permission of the President?”  Umm… no. You see: Democratic agitprop to the contrary, Barack Obama is not actually a king.  In fact, at the moment Obama’s actually just | Read More »

    Peter Beinart: Obama’s problem is that he isn’t enough like Jimmy Carter

    Peter Beinart: Obama's problem is that he isn't enough like Jimmy Carter

    I, as Dave Barry says, am not making this up. Peter Beinart, a low wattage intellectual and devoted leftwing hack, writes an article in the National Journal called, un-ironically, The Cost of Disowning Jimmy Carter. Beinart, for reasons that remain obscure, has been on a jihad to rehabilitate Jimmy Carter as a role model for Democrat presidents. The only reason I can come up with | Read More »

    Follow the Money: KIND Healthy Snacks

    Follow the Money: KIND Healthy Snacks

    Next time you reach for a healthy snack at your local grocery or convenience store, you might want to first ask yourself if they have been KIND to Israel. The snack company KIND, which has reported revenue of over $125 million, and is available in such outlets as Starbucks and Walmart, explains that “our focus is on making the world a little kinder, one snack | Read More »

    Army punishes hero after investigation clears him

    Army punishes hero after investigation clears him

    It appears that the effort by the Obama administration to reduce the Army to a combat ineffective social welfare organization focused on transgender rights and never giving anyone a sad is near completion. Via the Washington Post: Capt. Mathew L. Golsteyn was leading a Special Forces team in Afghanistan in 2010 when an 80-man mission he assembled to hunt insurgent snipers went awry. One of | Read More »

    Dave Weigel and the Mystery of the 8-Year-Old Transgendered Kid

    Dave Weigel and the Mystery of the 8-Year-Old Transgendered Kid

    The caper started innocently enough. Listicle site and national joke Buzzfeed posted an article purporting to display an “adorable” note written by an 8-year-old who is allegedly transgender. Dave Weigel, as a relatively normal person who’s been around 8 year olds before, asked what many might consider to be a naturally occurring question:   How much do 8-year olds know about their sexual identity? Hell, | Read More »

    What Issues Should Republicans Discuss?

    What issues are falling through the cracks? What issues need to be discussed more? Those were questions raised by RedState readers and we asked the GOP Presidential candidates what they thought. Here is what they said.

    Roger Ailes Confronts the Evil While the Also Rans Cower in Fear

    It is times like this that I am very proud of Fox News, where I am a political contributor. The national news media, right now collectively apologizing for Brian Williams, is collectively attacking Roger Ailes and Fox News for showing the ISIS video of the gruesome burning of the Jordanian pilot. It is not a coincidence that the very same networks attacking Roger Ailes and | Read More »

    Brian Williams’s magical Iraq combat experience

    Brian Williams's magical Iraq combat experience

    The spray-tanned, blow-dried face of NBC News is in the spotlight. But one he’d prefer to be out of. It seems that for a decade he’s been flogging a story that a helicopter he was commuting on in Iraq in 2003 was shot down. Williams made the claim while presenting NBC coverage of the tribute to the retired command sergeant major at the Rangers game | Read More »

    On Fox News’ decision to show the IS death cult in action.

    On Fox News' decision to show the IS death cult in action.

    Let’s just establish a few things about [] Fox News’ decision to show Islamic State’s (IS) ritual human sacrifice of downed Jordanian pilot Lt. Muath Al-Kaseasbeh. The Fox News link is here.  It does, in fact, show, a graphic ritual human sacrifice done by evil death cultists.  The professional-level quality of the video editing confirms that this was done deliberately, ritually, and as part of a larger plan. | Read More »

    Democrats may boycott Netanyahu speech… or not

    Democrats may boycott Netanyahu speech... or not

    This really isn’t news. I mean they are Democrats. And boycotting American allies is just how they roll. Politico does the stenography job for the White House in a story titled Democrats might skip Benjamin Netanyahu speech Dozens of House Democrats are privately threatening to skip the March 3 address, according to lawmakers and aides, in what’s become the lowest point of a relationship between | Read More »