I’m in for $100. What About You?

    I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’m in for $100.00 for Nikki Haley’s campaign. Guys, this is more about us than anyone else. Are we willing to support the candidates who support us?The left will pour money into the campaigns of incumbents and new people who are pledged to fight for them. But will we? Most people don’t think we will. And in | Read More »

    Reboot and Recommit for 2014. Support @NikkiHaley.

    Reboot and Recommit for 2014.  Support @NikkiHaley.

    As many of you settle back into your office chairs this morning, understand this: the left still dominates the right in online fundraising. They are able to fund and support candidates online in a way we can only dream about. And they intend to harness the power of the online left to support candidates in states around the country. One of those states is going | Read More »

    Why Faith?

    Why Faith?

    I find myself writing more and more about matters of faith. And in writing about matters of faith, I find the hostility of the critics and opponents vastly more ferocious than when I just stick to politics. When I was in England back in November, I had breakfast with Matthew Lee Anderson. He said he noticed I had taken to writing about faith more and | Read More »

    Rep. Peter King of New York Supported a Soviet Backed Terrorist Group

    Rep. Peter King of New York Supported a Soviet Backed Terrorist Group

    Rep. Peter King lashed out at Senator Rand Paul today over Sen. Paul’s position on the National Security Agency.In a bit of hysteria, he questioned Senator Paul’s patriotism and loyalty to the United States. This is pretty rich considering Rep. Peter King, during the Cold War, supported a Soviet backed terrorist group responsible for killing many. King, ardently supported the Irish Republican Army. The intelligence | Read More »

    The Seat of Scoffers

    Bible.com and its companion YouVersion app have some great daily devotional tools and Bibles. On January 1st, I started the ESV Bible plan to read through the Bible in a year. Sign up and go through the plan with me and we can hold ourselves accountable.The readings have included Psalm 3, which contains this text: O Lord, how many are my foes!Many are rising against | Read More »

    Death, Taxes, and Obamacare

    Death, Taxes, and Obamacare

    Democrats plan to make 2014 about the minimum wage. Several news reports suggest the party plans to coordinate with unions to get ballot initiatives going around the nation to raise the minimum wage. They think this will incentivize turn out for them in 2014. It is an admission against interest they think Obamacare is hurting them. It is also foolhardy. Gay marriage initiatives drove Christian | Read More »

    New Year Opens With Big Spending Bang

    Congress plans to kick off the new legislative session the same way it ended the last one.  They will continue to spend more money. When Congress voted on the Ryan-Murray budget deal before adjourning for Christmas, members were only signing off on the topline discretionary spending figures, not the individual accounts for all the departments and agencies.  They agreed to repeal part of the sequester | Read More »

    A New Year With the Same Problems

    Having managed to work every day of my vacation, getting back into the swing of things isn’t really swinging. I hope you all had a Happy New Year. As we cross over into 2014, there is not a lot that has changed these past couple of weeks. People will not fully feel the effects of Obamacare. The economy is still “recovering.” And New York has | Read More »


    Why I #BackBuck and You Should Too

    Next year, conservatives have an opportunity to take back the Senate and expand the GOP majority in the House. The stage has been set for another cycle reminiscent of the wave election of 2010. The chance to make D.C. listen is nearly upon us. In Colorado, we have a conservative champion who is not ashamed of his principles, and is proud to stand with conservative | Read More »

    The Mundane Becoming Controversial

    I have a great ability to make the mundane controversial on twitter. Tonight I mentioned that I’m largely in agreement with Anglican theologian N.T. Wright’s view of what happens to people who run away from God. In essence, they lose their humanity. They are only brought back with love and the Gospel. This shouldn’t be controversial. It’s actually a 2000 year old theological concept. The | Read More »

    14 For ’14

    (1) AMEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION WITH A ONE-YEAR DELAY OF OBAMACARE’S INDIVIDUAL MANDATE Reading the New York Times is like planting a listening device in Hitler’s bunker. So Monday morning, assuming no conservative would notice, the Times printed the Democrats’ comprehensive strategy for the 2014 elections: Distract attention from ObamaCare by pushing unemployment extension and minimum wage increases — – issues which would be packaged | Read More »

    After Waging Campaign Of Violence & Terror, Three Union Thugs Plead Guilty To Extortion

    Stop Union Violence Now

    Members of an Operating Engineers local union represented by National Labor Relations Board chairman Mark Pearce’s former law firm have pled guilty to violating the Hobbs Act.

    The charges against the men included violence, sabotage, threats, intimidation and extortion against their victims–all of whom were non-union contractors or their employees.

    Read More »

    Support Ted Cruz

    Support Ted Cruz

    As we close out the year, we need to remember the tough fights Ted Cruz has led and fought when no one else would.They’ve almost completed the fundraising goal and every bit helps.


    #BackBuck and Boot Udall

    In December of 2009 I asked a couple of simple questions, “Do you believe that conservatives can win general elections?” And, “do you think that the GOP has the best chance since 1994 to make gains in the House and Senate this coming year?” In December of 2013 I find myself asking it once again. If the answer is yes, as I suspect it to | Read More »

    Chamber to Spend $50 Million Defending Unpopular Status Quo

    Here’s is a thought for a slow vacation week.  Congress’s approval rating has dipped into the single digits.  Anyone with any intellectual honesty – whether liberal or conservative – should agree that we need wholesale change in the ranks of leadership in both parties.  Yet the Chamber of [Government-Run] Commerce is prepared to spend $50 million in order to protect the status quo. The Wall | Read More »