Where is Our Amnesty?

    Now that Obama thinks he has successfully remade the American economy and permanently transformed the relationship between the citizen and government, he is working on restructuring society itself.  He plans to move on from Obamacare to immigration deform. Conservatives must ensure that the focus remains on Obamacare.  No immigration-related legislation.  Period.  The idea that we can craft a positive bill with Obama in the White | Read More »

    Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    A lot of digital ink has already been spilled on the late September jobs report, which showed that a disappointing 144K jobs were added to payroll (versus an expected 180K). Deciphering what to make of each month’s job report has become a monthly game of political football that is designed (at least on the part of the Democrats) to confuse average voters into not knowing | Read More »

    The Republican Schism

    There is a data set within yesterday’s CNN poll that even CNN largely overlooked, but that explains so much of the current tension within the Republican Party. Long after we are dead, pundits and political reporters will still talk about the Rockefeller Republicans vs. the Conservatives and other such archaic divisions that no longer exist except in the rhetorical habits of pretentious political reporters. The | Read More »

    MS Word’s Spell Check Still Flags “Obamacare”

    Maybe that’s with good reason. The latest incriminating—well-written, too, I dare say—account I’ve read of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “Obamacare”) is at MoneyMorning. We’ve all read such accounts. They’re proliferating and coming, uh, “fast and furious,” from everywhere. I think it’s inevitable that, once the federal government corrects the glitches in its PPACA sign-up websites and people are actually able to apply for coverage, the | Read More »

    The Greek Tragedy of Obamacare

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where at some point you stop and ask yourself “how the hell did I end up here?” I have, and like a Greek tragedy, usually whatever predicament I found myself in was the result of a number of poor decisions that seemed to compound themselves until they finally reached a point where I had to stop and | Read More »

    Chuck Schumer Introduces the ‘McConnell Rule’

    Last week, I noted that Mitch McConnell’s slick debt ceiling plan would pave the road for permanently abolishing the debt limit, as long as members would get a ceremonial vote of disapproval.  Well, it didn’t take long for the idea to grow roots.  On Meet the Press, Chuck Schumer, who has enthusiastically praised McConnell for doing his bidding, announced that he would introduce legislation echoing | Read More »

    The Abortion Truce Trap

    We social conservatives are constantly told to put a sock in it when talking about abortion. This “truce” the GOP has called on using abortion in campaigns is killing us… along with about a million unborn children each year.

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    Looking Beyond Abortion

    Looking Beyond Abortion

      In the pro-life community you hear a lot about the number of babies that have been aborted. Indeed, the numbers are astounding. Over 54 million children have been murdered in abortion since Roe Vs. Wade. Over 3,000 babies will be murdered today, around 10 in the time it takes to read this post. And those numbers are just in the U.S. However, there are | Read More »

    To Each His Own

    To Each His Own

    I don’t really care if you want to stand with Mitch McConnell in his re-election. I hope you might go with Matt Bevin, but I’m not going to get worked up over it. I’m excited to support Matt Bevin.Likewise, I’m very pleased to support Chris McDaniel in Mississippi against Thad Cochran, who has been Mississippi’s Senator since I was three years old.But I’m not going | Read More »

    The State of the race in Virginia


    Normally at Unlikely Voter I’ll look at individual polls, synthesize them into the trend, and go from there. But I’ve been behind, so we’re just going to recap all the recent polling in Virginia and go from there.

    Long story short, Terry McAuliffe is ahead, and looks to be the beneficiary of trends entirely out of control of either himself or of Ken Cuccinelli.

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    McConnell Debt Plan: Press Release Conservatism

    The $2 billion Kentucky Kickback is not the only treat in McConnell’s bag of Halloween tricks.  The final deal to sell out the American people with Obamacare and perennial debt includes a hallmark of the 2011 McConnell debt ceiling plan. Section 1002 of the bill provides for McConnell’s infamous resolution of disapproval. Basically, within three weeks of the President’s official request for a debt limit | Read More »

    Tom Cotton Caves On Budget Deal

    I’ve mentioned in a previous diary about the correlation that being a super-hawk has with a disrespect for civil liberties and disregard for spending prudence. Look no further than John McCain and Lindsey Graham. It was for this reason I declined to support brand-new Rep. Tom Cotton for Senate. It turns out he didn’t wait to get to the Senate to demonstrate a lack of | Read More »

    Advancing. Ever Advancing.

    Advancing.  Ever Advancing.

    Much cynicism has been expressed over the past month about the effort, led by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, to fight Obamacare. It was about money or defeating Republicans or something other than what it was about — undermining Obamacare with a united front. It was always about undermining Obamacare, despite the claims of others. But, those of us who were in this fight against | Read More »

    Anti-UAW Workers File NLRB Charges Over VW’s Pro-Union Coercion

    Anti-UAW Workers File NLRB Charges Over VW's Pro-Union Coercion

    Four Volkwagen employees opposed to being unionized by the United Auto Workers in Tennessee have filed an unfair labor practice charge against Volkswagen management for coercing them into accepting union representation. According to a National Right to Work Foundation press release: The charge comes after senior VW management in Germany stated, according to recent media reports, that for any expanded production to be considered in | Read More »

    Ted Cruz is Doing the Right Thing

    Some conservatives are complaining that Ted Cruz will not filibuster the debt ceiling increase in the Senate.He is doing the right thing.While you and I and he and everyone else knows the debt ceiling issue will not actually throw us into default, we must remember low information voters and the media. The media will report that Ted Cruz has single handedly thrown the nation into | Read More »