Mitigating the Suck

    Mitigating the Suck

    I campaigned for Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk in Georgia. They both said they were opposed to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Today, the both voted for him, having previously voted against him in the Republican Conference. They both stood behind that as their justification to vote for him today, but their constituents thought otherwise. | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood: Abortion by Any Other Name, Still Raking in Huge Profits at the Taxpayer’s Expense

    Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report is a sobering reminder that it remains the unquestioned leader of the Culture of Death.

    As it has seen across the board increases in abortions, taxpayer dollars, and profits during President Obama’s time in office, Planned Parenthood continues to play the American people for fools.

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    It’s official: the Obama administration hates it when you have cheap Keystone oil.

    It's official: the Obama administration hates it when you have cheap Keystone oil.

    It only took three relentless Congressional electoral cycles to get Barack Obama to admit it, too.  Not that the administration wants to admit it, even now.  They just ran out of options: The White House on Tuesday for the first time issued a veto threat over Republican-backed legislation to approve the Keystone pipeline, setting up a likely showdown between President Obama and the GOP-controlled Congress in | Read More »


    On the Election of John Boehner as Speaker of the House

    On the Election of John Boehner as Speaker of the House

    Yes, it has always been pretty much a fait accompli that Boehner would be elected speaker. And yes, it looks like conservatives were unable to deny Boehner the victory on the first vote, although it was closer than I initially believed. That said, I think that both sides of this debate are wildly overreacting to what happened here. I think the anti-Boehner side is way | Read More »

    Whoa. Hold On Folks.

    Sure, I wanted Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% to lose. And yes, it is continually frustrating to know conservatives in their quiet place are ready to vote against him, but when they get to the floor they cave. But I am seeing some hysterically enraged tweets, direct messages, Facebook posts, emails, and text messages. Maybe it is because I’m sitting in a | Read More »

    The missing Cuban dissidents– or Barack Obama drives one hard bargain

    Color me agnostic on the Cuba embargo. I think we could have driven Clan Castro from power years ago if we had subsidized cheap airfares and flooded Havana with hipsters and libertarians. Be that as it may, that was not the deal negotiated by the nimrods in the White House. No matter what the deal was, if the US is to retain even a thread | Read More »

    Glenn Grothman Is All Talk

    The reason people are so deeply cynical about politics is because they rally around candidates who say bold things only to see those candidates immediately cave once secured in their position. Behold Glenn Grothman, a Congressman from Wisconsin. “I would have no problem looking for an alternative to Speaker Boehner,” Grothman said in a candidate debate Aug. 1. “I have no problem standing up to | Read More »

    The New York Times Libels Steve Scalise

    The New York Times Libels Steve Scalise

    The layers and layers of fact checkers and editors that the media employs are often terrible at their jobs, but seldom do you see a failure as spectacular as this. I am not a huge fan of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) 62% and would prefer that someone else be elected Majority Whip. But it now seems clear that the allegation that he | Read More »

    Was North Korea’s Attack on Sony an Act of Terrorism?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Joshua Stanton to discuss the hack attack on Sony Pictures, if North Korea’s attack should be considered terrorism and their response to new sanctions.

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    The Tea Party’s Racism

    The New York Times has a story about the challenges to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%. It again makes the point that Republican Leaders intend to push hard against conservatives once Boehner’s spot as Speaker is secure. But there is more to it. The Times brings back up the Scalise issue. It adds extra liberal hyperbole that even I, as someone who | Read More »

    Eric Cantor gives advice to the new Congress

    Eric Cantor gives advice to the new Congress

      Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader, has some interesting thoughts on the next Congress. Some are good but most indicate how we dodged the bullet when he lost his primary.

    2015 Could Be an Historical Inflection Point

    Stop The Left And You Won’t There have been certain years in US History where something finally just had to give. 1861, 1929, and 1968 all come immediately to mind. In each scenario, a major societal institution* reached a point where it provided obviously diminished marginal returns if not outright economic failure. This forced Americans to do something we have always | Read More »

    Dear Freshman Republicans

    Congratulations on your election. You all come from different backgrounds with different views and even differing ideologies and priorities. But collectively you now are called upon to decide important issues. For those of you in the House, many of you campaigned saying you would vote against Speaker Boehner. You are now trying to talk your way out of it claiming you tried behind closed doors | Read More »

    Jim Jordan on the Verge of a Horatius Moment

    Horatius stood at the Pons Sublicius as an invading army tried to conquer Rome. According to Babbington’s poem, Horatius famously asked “Who will stand on either hand and guard this bridge with me?” Horatius saved Rome. Congressman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 96% finds himself in a similar moment. The Politico reports that privately Boehner’s aides and the Republican Leadership intend to use | Read More »

    The Vine

    Image via Happy New Year! Are you ready to represent life in 2015? As a movement, we are starting out the year in a strong position: The majority of Americans do not support abortion on demand, we’ve put a pro-life majority in Congress, and more pro-life laws were put in to place in 2011 – 2013 than in the entire previous | Read More »