The Funniest Part of the Washington Post Story on the Democrat Meltdown

    The Washington Post has a long story on what went wrong for the Democrats. Basically, as Ron Fournier notes, there are two progressive parties now, the Democrats and the Obamas. The Democrats are going on record (!!!), not background, to attack the President and his team. The funniest part of it? This: Lawyers negotiated for months over legal minutia, with Obama’s counselors insisting that the | Read More »

    Lessons From the Night

    Republicans are going to have the largest House majority they’ve seen since 1946. They have won gubernatorial races, congressional races, and Senate races in blue territory. The GOP not only held Florida, Kansas, and Maine, races they were expected to lose, but they gained Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. They picked up the State House in Minnesota. The GOP did very well in a wave. I | Read More »

    Steve Munisteri is the Big Winner From Tuesday

    You have probably never heard of Steve Munisteri, but you need to get to know him. Munisteri is the Chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He got in that position by challenging the Texas Republican establishment. He fought his way in as an outsider. After he won, panic set in among Texas Republicans. They were pretty sure they were screwed. Munisteri was an outsider after | Read More »


    And, geez, this map of mine from March? It’s not particularly wrong, is it?

    How many times must Scott Walker win Wisconsin-GOV, Democrats?

    This is, what, the third time in four years? HOW? MANY? TIMES?

    Dear Democrats

    RedState 2014 Midterm Elections Super Mega Ultra WEBcast!!

    RedState 2014 Midterm Elections Super Mega Ultra WEBcast!!

    Tonight the forces of RedState, FTR Media, the AoSHQDD and some of the best personalities representing the right online will join together to bring our collective audience an election night spectacle not to be missed. We don’t want to overstate things, but if you don’t listen you’ll probably never experience joy in your life again. While Caleb Howe, Leon Wolf, and Joe Cunningham hold down | Read More »


    A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted

    A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted

    For as much as the Democrats like to complain about the Koch brothers, most of the big time financiers of “shadowy” election groups are liberals. One of the more prominent of these financiers has been billionaire Tom Steyer, who has pumped $65 million of his personal money this cycle into campaigns opposing Republicans. Specifically, though, Steyer promised to make an issue out of “climate change” and to | Read More »’s Infantile Leftism

    Joan Robinson was a famous Keynesian economist and also a not so famous Maoist. Nonetheless she had one shrewd observation about politics. People, she said, can no more see their own ideology than they can smell their own breath. The Internet magazine Salon, a large leftwing website for which I was a much unloved columnist fifteen years ago, provides an interesting case in point. Joan | Read More »

    Voting is for adults

    An impending Democrat loss brings out all sorts of panicky complaints from the media that democracy urgently needs renovation.  Lower the voting age!  Register everyone to vote automatically when any government bureaucrat so much as looks at them!  Abolish the midterm elections, because they’re just static that obscures the pure message voters send during presidential runs, at least when the Democrat wins!  Force people to | Read More »

    3pm ET today: Q&A at Facebook

    I’ll be dropping by the RedState Facebook page at 3pm ET today for a Q&A session with RedState readers. Come on by at 3pm and I’ll get started taking questions from the crowd. Our Facebook page is

    BREAKING NEWS! @ClayforNC is still running for office! (NC-02)

    BREAKING NEWS! @ClayforNC is still running for office! (NC-02)

    Of course, he’s apparently now running on foot. According to @ClayforNC, bus broke down in Cary and they had to leave it behind. "We’ve worked it to death" #ncpol— WRAL NEWS in NC (@WRAL) November 4, 2014 Hey, remember when NC-02 was a tough race for us? …Me, neither.

    Is Greg Abbott not on the ballot in Bexar County (Obama 52%, 2012), Texas?

    I really hope that this is a glitch.

    Read More »

    Why I Voted Yes On Question 1 (NY)

    As a conservative Republican, I don’t have many hard choices come the general election. I voted for Rob Astorino for Governor, a worthy choice who deserved better than the thrashing he’s going to get at the hands of Andrew Cuomo, and for the GOP nominee for State Comptroller. There was no Republican nominee at all for Congress, State Senate or State Assembly – a particularly | Read More »

    The Colorado Midterm: Last Take Before the Count

    The Colorado Midterm: Last Take Before the Count

    “While it is true that recent elections have trended in favor of Democrats within the state, and the make up of Colorado’s government has Democrats in charge of all the levers of power, it disregards one of the fundamental laws of politics: The Pendulum Swings.” I wrote those words in May of 2013 in response to a Denver Post article that had declared Colorado to | Read More »