Did you know that you support the Renewable Fuel Standard?

    According to a new poll from the folks at “Fuels America*“, 75% of Americans and 60% of conservatives support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the 2005 act of Congress which mandates how many billions of gallons of ethanol are to be included in motor gasoline for each year through 2022. What do you think, RedState reader? You can register your opinion on the RFS at | Read More »

    Disability Insurance: A Hand Up, A Hand-out or A Human Warehousing Program?

    No reason to get excited.
    The Thief he kindly spoke.
    There are many here among us,
    Who feel that life is but a joke.

    – Bob Dylan, “All Along The Watchtower.”

    The old, off-color joke used to go like this: “What does the suburban American housewife do with her (expletive)-hole every morning?” “Send him to work.” Now it appears there is more money to be made in sending him to the welfare store instead. Compared to collecting disability, work in lower compensation postions is increasingly being viewed as a sucker’s game. A 2009 survey by the SSA found the following:

    Recipients of federal disability checks often admit that they are capable of working but cannot or will not find a job, that those closest to them tell them they should be working, and that working to get off the disability rolls is not among their goals. More baffling, most have never received significant medical treatment and not seen a doctor about their condition in the last year, even though medical problems are the official reason they don’t work. Those who acknowledge they’re on disability because they can’t find a job say they make little effort to find one, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of federal survey results.

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    Google as ISP lets us know they oppose Net Neutrality

    Previously in Tech at Night we heard that Google had been accused of violating the FCC’s Open Internet order, also known as Net Neutrality. The stated purpose of Net Neutrality is to prevent ISPs from discriminating between one kind of Internet traffic, and another, in order to bolster its own services.

    Google as web services provider was a strong proponent of the new regulations. However in Google’s response to the Net Neutrality complaint, Google has come out in favor of discrimination, asserting that because discrimination against “server” traffic is an industry standard, Google is within its rights to continue that discrimination in the Net Neutrality era. Google, in defending its own Net Neutrality violation, is citing the pre-Net Neutrality industry standards it repeatedly claimed were dangerous and harmful to Americans.

    Of course, they’re claiming that they’re within the law, but it’s clear they are not.

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    Jed Babbin on Manning, Snowden and Not Trusting the Obama Administration

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Jed Babbin to discuss the Bradley Manning verdict, what it may mean for Edward Snowden and why Americans cannot trust this administration.

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    Democrats obsessed with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

    Is the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) gunning for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? They are obsessed with McConnell and apparently want him very badly. They spend all day every day taking shots at McConnell. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the facts. Consider the DSCC twitter feed as well as those of the DSCC’s Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director and National Press | Read More »

    Gov. Pat McCrory (R, North Carolina) shuts down pro-abortion protest! …by giving them cookies.

    That was not a typo. Or euphemism. (Photo by Irene Godinez) Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t been willing to meet with the women (and a few men) protesting an abortion bill that opponents say restricts access to safe abortions. But he did stop by this afternoon with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. McCrory was flanked by four security guards as he came out of the | Read More »

    From Pig to Man, and From Man to Pig

    From Pig to Man, and From Man to Pig

    In 2003, then just Doctor Tom Coburn, published his book. It was titled Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders into Insiders. An eye witness account of the Republican Revolution of 1994 and following, journalist Robert Novak wrote the forward to the book. In his forward, Novak noted that Coburn, while serving in the Gingrich House of Representatives, realized “Speaker Gingrich, House Majority Leader Armey | Read More »

    Weiner Communications Director Calls Intern “Slutbag,” Other Assorted Ladybit Pejoratives

    I am not making this up. Prolific sexter Anthony Weiner’s communications director, Barbara Morgan, lost her mind during an interview with TPM. The campaign staff awoke to see their former intern, Olivia Nuzzi, on the front cover of the Daily News. Inside the paper was an article bylined by Nuzzi in which she told a rather unflattering tale of her experience working on Anthony Weiner’s mayoral bid. Now, Team | Read More »

    Why We Always Lose, and the Need for 21st Century Conservatives

    Ever since the 1930s, or perhaps the times of Woodrow Wilson and the progressives, we’ve ceased to function as a constitutional republic governed by our founding laws.  Instead we have transitioned into a pure democracy government by majority rule.  The tyrannical rule of a majority of the political class, in conjunction with the lack of courage from those who claim to represent We the People, | Read More »

    “The Tea Party Needs To…”

    Look, let me clarify that I’m not trashing the Tea Party at all here. My problem is with this dependence we have on them. Conservatives like to call in to radio shows and say “The Tea Party needs to…!” or ask “Why isn’t the Tea Party doing…?” and complaining and whining and moaning left and right about the liberals and the RINOs staying in power. | Read More »

    Vladimir’s Guide to New Orleans #RSG13

    I asked my good friend and erstwhile RedState diarist Vladimir to put together a quick list of recommendations and handy links for Gathering visitors. Vladimir and I are looking forward to seeing you at the RedState Gathering 2013. We hope you have fun and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of this wonderful, historic city.

    The Liberal Media Intel Operation That Supports The War On Women

    Once upon a time there was this Conservative Republican. He was the type of guy who never did anything without reading the NT and praying on it a bit first. He was running for mayor of a big city. Then his opponent found a letter written which described how this guy went after women like a Remora fish that hadn’t been fed for a couple of days. The salacious details follow below.

    “More than one of us transferred out of his ‘territory’ to avoid his ‘advances,’ ” the letter said. ‘Any claim he makes to holding the ‘high moral ground’ is simply ridiculous, if not self-delusional.” The letter writers added, “Because we choose to remain anonymous, this letter may just be tossed into the round file. We’ll take that risk because even though our purpose is to ‘expose’ him, we know not to trust him, his methods, or his tendency towards revenge.” According to the letter, “Many women in D.C. refer to (xxxx) as ‘Bobo,’ ‘Mr. Misogynist,’ ‘Nasty Narcissist,’ or simply ‘Filthy xxxxxx.’ “

    The politician’s career ended within six hours. Bryan Ross whinged in affected sanctimony over the false morality of the repugnant family values crowd. George Stephanopoulos reminded us in somber tones of how important this breaking news really and truly was. Except there’s just one problem with the scenario I’ve laid upon the table. A big-time politician really ran for mayor after exhibiting these behaviors and doing all the things the letter later expressed in lurid detail. It’s just that this politician, Bob Filner was a Progressive Leftist and therefore a sympathetic journalistic establishment swept all the unpleasant truths under the table. This is the Intel Ops component to the Elitist Left’s #WaronWomen.

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    Please Consider Helping Caleb Howe’s Family

    a href=”http://www.gofundme.com/3rrv74″>A fund has been set up to help Caleb Howe’s family. Most of you know Caleb. For several years he was my right hand here at RedState. He has been badly missed.Right now, Caleb is in a hospital bed with a failing liver. His children, ages 11 and 14, are getting ready to go back to school. The family needs help. It would lift | Read More »

    Congressional Black Caucus Beclowns Itself Again, Wants Sheila Jackson Lee for SecDHS

    No, this is not a joke. With Janet Napolitano leaving the office of Secretary of Homeland Security at the end of August, the search has been on for her replacement. One of the early candidates to replace her was rumored to be Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, the ranking member and former chair of the House Homeland Security Committee. As a black Democrat on the | Read More »

    For Jesus. The World Against Me.

    This Anthony Bradley column about Rachel Held Evans’ latest reminded me I’ve been meaning to say something about a particular cliche liberal Christians have started peddling. Hat tip to the Transom for bringing it to my attention.Rachel Held Evans, as most of the more liberally oriented Christians do these days, trots out the already tired trope that just raises my blood pressure. She — and | Read More »