Reign of the man-child

    There’s a common thread running through Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting escapades, Barack Obama’s 19th pivot to the economy, and much else that’s going wrong in America today.  This is the reign of the man-child, the era of perpetual teenage indulgence.  Nothing is my fault, man.  Nobody understands me.  Everyone keeps hassling me about little stuff.  Nobody can see the superhero I really am.  Consequences are | Read More »

    Planned Parenthood Committed Medicaid Fraud

    lanned Parenthood has begun shutting down facilities in Texas. It would have you know that it would rather not comply with regulations to ensure the safety of its patients than spend money upgrading facilities. Never mind all the money Planned Parenthood has.Turns out that some of that money is due to over billing Medicaid. According to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Planned Parenthood has just | Read More »

    Dirk Diggler For President

    A few months ago, I was reading and just had to unplug and take a nice walk in the woods. It was that or the barf bag. It seems we were endorsing a somewhat defective Congressional Candidate from South Carolina. A man who generally had Conservative views when he did his thinking with the head attached to his neck. That, of course, was the Infamous Mark Sanford. We were promised up and down that he had figured out the tricky difference between Appalachian Trail and Argentinean Tail. Yep, he’s back in the saddle and it’s time to assess how that’s been working out for us. With Mark all elected, every opportunistic Dem was crowing about the hypocrisy of the “Family Values Party.”

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    For Paul Krugman, Everything’s An Exception

    The failure of Detroit is only the latest dramatic illustration of the practical failure of liberal-progressivism, standing in contrast to the great successes of free markets and conservative governance. If you are Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning New York Times columnist, this sort of thing ought to give you pause about the connection between your big-government ideas and reality. Instead, it is only the latest | Read More »

    How Alejandro Mayorkas, Anthony Rodham, Greentech, Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton, and EB-5 all cohere.

    Amazing how all of these things keep interlocking. Via Instapundit comes this report from Reuters that “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been nominated to be the deputy secretary of Homeland Security – and who could soon run the department – is under investigation by the department’s inspector general.” Why is Mayorkas being investigated? Because he allegedly broke ethics rule by | Read More »

    Matt Bevin to Primary Mitch McConnell

    Tea party groups in Kentucky have finally united behind one candidate. Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin today is declaring a primary challenge to Mitch McConnell. He’s going after McConnell’s record in the Senate. Having talked to a number of tea party groups in Kentucky, they are pretty united around this challenge for now.McConnell is wasting no time responding to Bevin with an attack ad calling him | Read More »

    Lessons from Reagan

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Don Devine to discuss his new book, his time in Washington working for Ronald Reagan and what we can learn from The Great Communicator.

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    Will Senate Republicans Surrender the Fight?

    Will Senate Republicans Surrender the Fight?

    Yesterday, when asked directly about Republicans shutting down the government over Obamacare, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell sounded less than committed to the endeavor. This is not a hypothetical question. Senator Mike Lee has issued a letter saying he will not pass a continuing resolution that funds Obamacare. He has been joined by fifteen Republican Senators. Unfortunately, I can confirm from multiple sources in the | Read More »

    Despite ‘Fairness’ Pledge, Obama’s NLRB Picks Have Blatant Conflicts of Interest

    NLRB picketing

    Never mind the obvious fact that the National Labor Relations Board, above all, is supposed to protect the rights of employees from both employers and from unions, there is something inherently wrong when a federal agency–let alone an “independent” federal agency that is assigned with applying the law in a fair and impartial matter–becomes merely a tool for one side or another.

    From Day One, this has been the paramount problem with Barack Obama’s picks for the National Labor Relations Board. The alleged “neutrality” with Obama’s NLRB has become something of a standing joke among employers dealing with union issues.

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    Remember all the Green Jobs in our New Green Economy?

    In the first four years of the Obama Administration, the Department of Labor spent $595 million training workers for the New Green Economy that President Obama promised. A recent Washington Post article (“Why it’s hard for the government to create green jobs“, July 21, 2013) says: Four years later, it’s still not clear what all the cash for green jobs achieved–and a Government Accountability Office | Read More »

    Just a Courtesy Note to

    Just a courtesy note to I saw this item today in the Washington Examiner., sponsors of the “Tea Party Legislative Forum,” secured the Strom Thurmond Room for the meeting through Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who confirmed to the group that he would attend the invite-only gathering. Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas; Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairman Roy Blunt, of Missouri; | Read More »

    The Stop Hillary PAC Comes Online

    It’s not even the mid-terms yet and Stop Hillary PAC is already online raising money to stop Hillary Clinton in 2016. Usually it is the GOP with the heir apparent. Not this time and the Republicans are taking advantage of that fact.The first major email from the group was sent under the name of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Ted Harvey, a Republican State Senator in Colorado | Read More »

    Even Democrats are giving up on ObamaCare

    Scott Clement, a survey research analyst with Capital Insight — the independent polling group of Washington Post Media, reports that a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that even Democrats, at least those who are Moderate or Conservative have turned against ObamaCare. According to Clement, only 46 percent of Moderate or Conservative Democrats now support ObamaCare. That’s down 11 percent in the past year and | Read More »

    Why Are Republicans Bent on Pushing Amnesty Now?

    I understand what you are thinking.  If you are watching the political process, you are probably thinking, as a sane person, that Republicans would completely ignore amnesty and focus on what’s important.  After all, the country is focused on other trivial news, summer vacations, and the scandals.  After August, the main fights will be over funding Obamacare, the budget, and the debt ceiling. So why | Read More »

    After Mitch McConnell Speaks, Legislators Want Mike Lee to Unsign His Letter

    Mike Lee has begun the legislative fight to defund Obamacare. He has a letter out calling on leadership to join him in the fight and others are signing his letter.At the same time the Speaker’s Office pushed out two stories — Americans are increasingly souring on Obamacare and Democrats are starting to turn on it.But earlier Mitch McConnell suggested the GOP would not tie defunding | Read More »