Is the Deficit Really Shrinking?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss a DHS reaction to Bitcoin, a CBO report on a shrinking deficit and why liberals think deficits are a good thing.

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    Immigration, Wages, and Free Markets

    All conservatives and libertarians agree that government should not set wage requirements on private enterprise.  That would violate the foundation of a free market economy.  But should industries and special interest groups get to use the power of government to tilt our immigration system in a way that will actively depress wages?  Is that free market doctrine? I’ve been looking to find someone to come | Read More »

    Meet the Partisan Union Behind The Partisan Internal Revenue Service

    NETU protest

    On Thursday, despite the escalating scandal, Barack Obama told reporters that he did not see the need for a special prosecutor, saying “probes by Congress and the Justice Department should be able to figure out who was responsible for improperly targeting tea party groups when they applied for tax-exempt status.”

    While that may appease reporters from CNN and the mainstream media for the moment, one must wonder why there shouldn’t be a special prosecutor to look into the wrongdoings of an agency with such vast powers over the American populace. Unless, of course, there is a smoking gun that people within the administration don’t want discovered.

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    Finally, A Bi-Partisan Solution on Term Limits

    Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) written with Congressman Beto O’Roarke (D-TX) Many in our country and in the districts we represent feel that Congress is out of touch and that members are more focused on re-election than on providing real solutions to our nation’s biggest challenges. We hear from constituents all the time that there is a lack of urgency and focus when it comes to | Read More »

    White House: All Americans Can Opt-Out Of ObamaCare

    Believe it or not, RedStaters, the White House has just announced that every American with private health insurance can opt-out of ObamaCare! Yes. In a response to my petition on the White House website, the administration states very clearly: “If you currently have private health insurance, you should be able to keep it, and that’s exactly what the health care law says. It’s not a | Read More »

    “Business As Usual, During Alterations.”

    If you are interested in figuring out how to handle digital rights management and just recompense for work that is easily replicable by electronic methods, then you absolutely need to read a science fiction story from 1958 called “Business As Usual, During Alterations,” and written by Ralph Williams*. I will give you the short version: Earth society is given a matter duplicator by Alien Space | Read More »

    Why You Should Support Rep. Price’s IRS Bill

    Rep. Tom Price came on my program today to discuss his “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act.” Why is this important? Because the regulating entity of Obamacare is in trouble for discriminating against, and persecuting, conservatives. Even more unbelievable: The Internal Revenue Service official in charge of the tax-exempt organizations at the time when the unit targeted tea party groups now runs the | Read More »

    Concert Review: The Killers at Madison Square Garden

    Checking off the top act remaining on my current “gotta see live” list, I went with my wife to see The Killers in concert at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. While there were a few bumps in the road, on the whole the show was a reminder of why they are possibly the best rock band still in their prime today. The Setting I’ve previously | Read More »

    The legitimacy of elections

    The worst possible outcome of the IRS scandal would see it growing large enough to call the legitimacy of the 2012 election into question. Some people reading this might think it’s already reached that point.  Others would say it could never reach that point.  There is a case to be made that the American system would resist such an outcome, in a much broader sense than merely | Read More »

    IRS targeted the Leadership Institute

    I worked at the Leadership Institute in Arlington for a little more than four years; it was my first job out of college and one of the most important times of my career. I learned a tremendous amount about the conservative movement, the nature of coalitions, and how political technology was philosophically neutral. I also learned about character and left with a hero: Morton Blackwell. | Read More »

    The Obama Scandals Aren’t About Bad Government, but Big Government

    The Obama Scandals Aren’t About Bad Government, but Big Government

    When scandal rocks any administration, its partisan opponents smell blood in the water and move in to inflict as much political damage on the president as possible. Consultants assure us it’ll “gin up the base.” It makes headlines. And it’s always easy to kick someone when he’s down. But for conservatives, especially in the case of the various scandals enveloping the Obama Administration this month, | Read More »

    Restoring The Republic VI: Destroy The America Left

    What does Eric Holder really think of his fellow Americans? It’s a rhetorical question. I can’t read his mind and smut is not my thing. What does the average American Leftist really believe about Americans with whom they disagree? If Dr. Sternberg accurately pegged The Modern Left; perhaps this clip from The Matrix provides us the answer (Start at 1:55). Take out the words “Human Beings” and substitute “Conservatism” or “Conservative” instead, and you will see what Modern Liberals truly think of Modern Conservatives as human beings.

    If you willing continue to compromise with those who believe that you are a virus, do not expect your life to substantially get any better any time soon. If you think well of those who consider you a cockroach, do you not admit to the universe that they are your masters? Within the limits of law and reason, we must oppose, defang, and destroy every functioning liberal that we can possibly get our hands on.

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    Don’t Make it About Barack Obama

    I have to agree with Ben Domenech from the Transom this morning. Republicans will lose if they try to make the IRS scandal about Barack Obama. We are not going to convince a majority of Americans who voted for him that they were wrong. We spent the last four years trying that.As Domenech noted this morning: Here’s the hard thing Republicans have to do if | Read More »

    AG Holder Not Familiar With Born Alive Infant Protection Act Enforcement

    AG Holder Not Familiar With Born Alive Infant Protection Act Enforcement

    Now that abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of murdering three infants born alive in his Philadelphia house of horrors, a new case has come to light in Houston, TX.  Abortionist Douglas Karpen is accused of, among other heinous acts, twisting the heads off living babies.  Unfortunately, infants being born alive and subsequently murdered during botched abortions has been happening in the United States for | Read More »

    Senator Mike Lee on the Power and Corruption of the IRS

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Senator Mike Lee to discuss the growing scandal at the IRS, its constitutional implications and his efforts to protect your emails from the feds. Then Ben and Brad discuss the political opportunities and traps that Republicans face with these brewing scandals.

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