Tech at Night: Edward Snowden’s Latest Attack on America

    Tech at Night: Edward Snowden's Latest Attack on America

    There are two possibilities when it comes to the latest Edward Snowden announcement. Option one is he’s lying, and simply spreading propaganda against America to appease his Russian paymasters. Option two is he’s telling the truth, and specifically attempting to undermine American operations against a brutal Communist regime that has been attacking America for years, including a massive $100 bill counterfeiting operation (remember when we | Read More »

    The Arguments for Abortion = The Arguments for Slavery

    As we close out observances of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., we should again be reminded that the arguments used by the pro-kid killers in America mirror the arguments of slaveholders in the Confederacy. See, for example this gem. All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby | Read More »

    Obama: Let’s tax college savings plans

    In a tax code littered with carve outs, write offs, deductions, and other tomfoolery, damned little of that goes to the middle-class, which I’ll define broadly as anyone who works for a wage and does not receive food stamps, EITC, or other such means tested benefits. One of the few good things available to the middle class are the 529 plans. These are essentially tax exempt. | Read More »

    MSNBC: Bobby Jindal is ‘trying to scrub some of the brown off his skin.’

    Let me put this succinctly. Forget letting MSNBC host one of the GOP’s primary debates.

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    Obama declares war on the middle class

    In his upcoming state of the union address Barack Obama will propose approximately $320 billion in new taxes. He’s packaging this as a “Robin Hood*” effort: “By ensuring those at the top pay their fair share in taxes, the president’s plan responsibly pays for investments we need to help middle-class families,” the administration says in a summary. It faces long odds in the Republican-controlled Congress, | Read More »

    The Vine

    The Vine

    “The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sacrifice the futures of his children for immediate personal comfort and safety. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1857, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case of Dred Scott v. Sandford. Scott, an enslaved African American man, was suing for his freedom. The court decided that African Americans weren’t | Read More »

    “Hate Speech” is not “Any Speech You Hate”

    "Hate Speech" is not "Any Speech You Hate"

    Last week, Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain wrote an op-ed in the Nashville Tennessean about the Charlie Hedbo attacks. The basic thesis of Professor Swain’s article, which was published in a non-Vanderbilt sanctioned publication and written on her own time, is that present-day Islam is incompatible with Western values like free speech and religious pluralism. The most inflammatory portion of Prof. Swain’s article is doubtless | Read More »

    The Obamacare Penalty could be Bigger than Many People are Expecting

    The Obamacare Penalty could be Bigger than Many People are Expecting

    Back in December, I wrote about the upcoming deadline on February 15th to purchase insurance or face the Obamacare penalty doled out by the IRS. It should come as little surprise with all the confusion and misinformation about the ACA that many people still seem to be ignorant of just how much they might have to pay if they refuse or forget to sign up for a | Read More »

    The Future of the Password

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the Graybox, password security and the future of authentication technology.

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    Fiorina 2016: A Campaign Without a Raison D’être

    Fiorina 2016: A Campaign Without a Raison D'être

    In a year in which the GOP promises to field its strongest field of qualified and experienced candidates in a generation, and in which there promises to be a veritable buffet of viable options for establishment and movement conservatives alike, for some reason the existence of Carly Fiorina’s bizarrely pointless 2016 campaign continues to be a story worth reporting on for the political media. The usual | Read More »

    The Street Sweeper

    The Street Sweeper

    August 28, 2013, was the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It is a very good speech. But it is not my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. speech. My favorite is little known and even less remembered. It is a speech no leader in America on a stage such as he commanded would ever think to give. It is | Read More »

    Daughter to marry Dad, moves to New Jersey

    I suppose this was inevitable. Once the Supreme Court decided that the state had no right to regulate sexual behavior in Lawrence v. Texas, there was really no logical way for any permutation of orifices, persons, beasts, and instruments to be denied recognition as a legitimate expression of sexuality. Via Fox News (I’m quoting the whole article because there is nothing in here I can | Read More »


    GOP easily counters Barack Obama’s unconvincing, pro-forma rhetoric on tax hikes.

    GOP easily counters Barack Obama's unconvincing, pro-forma rhetoric on tax hikes.

    I said on Twitter the other day that Barack Obama’s new tax hike proposals weren’t designed to pass, or even embarrass the Right (they won’t): he made them in order to keep the Left off of his back.  Alas, nobody noticed or cared enough to push back; but if somebody had done so I would have noted that ‘higher taxes’ is the Democrats’ great white | Read More »

    The Daily Devotionals

    I’ve discovered that a lot of you want the devotionals I’m writing in your inbox. So I am making that possible. If you want my daily devotional to show up in your inbox, instead of having to remember to go to the website, go here now. I’ll have them emailed to you on a daily basis.

    Brokeback Selma

    Last night, I did a mashup of the Selma and Brokeback Mountain trailers. Had Oprah made that movie, not only would Brokeback Selma sweep this year’s Academy Awards, but the Academy would force all prior winners to hand over their awards. I think I win the argument.