NPR: stop hitting yourself with the truth about “white privilege”

    Instead of encouraging our poorest, most disadvantaged kids to dream and try hard to succeed, liberals like the ones running NPR are telling them their dreams are are dead, and were in fact dead when they were born. That’s shameful.

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    We have now started air strikes in Iraq.

    The next step would be where we increase the numbers of ‘advisors’ that we send to Iraq.

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    The Watercooler ~ RedState Gathering Open Thread

    I was a huge Rick Perry supporter in 2012. It would be worth it to me to go to the 2014 RedState Gathering if he were the only speaker there. I still support him and know he would make a fantastic president if he decides to jump in the 2016 race. But after watching Americans put the most ill-prepared incompetent man one could imagine into | Read More »

    The best lack all conviction

    It was depressing to watch President Obama fawn over a collection of African thugs, dictators, and thieves at his big Africa summit this week.  Sure, diplomacy means occasionally inviting bad people to share good food… but it matters what the “leader of the free world” says when he’s surrounded by people who routinely loot their $2-per-day populace to fund their art collections and hundred-room estates | Read More »

    Obama Plays Poker With His Hand Face up in Iraq

    Obama Plays Poker With His Hand Face up in Iraq

    With the news that Obama has apparently been drawn back into military conflict in Iraq, it became necessary politically for the President to say something about what our military will be doing. After hearing his remarks, it would have been preferable for him to say nothing at all. “I know that many of you are rightly concerned about any American military action in Iraq, even | Read More »

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    Need a little help on the front page

    As you know, the RedState Gathering commences today in Fort Worth, TX, and runs through Sunday. Anyone who is important is there. That leaves a gap on the front page. If you’ve always had that desire to write at RedState this is your chance to get noticed. Take your best shot. The best will get promoted to the front page. A guide for what we | Read More »

    Rick Perry on ISIS: We Are Right to Eliminate Them

    Rick Perry on ISIS: We Are Right to Eliminate Them

    The day after President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. military would begin targeted air-strikes against ISIS terrorist groups in Iraq, Texas Governor Rick Perry said we are, “right to eliminate them” and protect Kurdistan. “It is appropriate for us to protect Kurdistan. If there is one part of Iraq that is very important to us it is Kurdistan. The leadership there, big Christian population, | Read More »

    Rick Perry Forms Federal PAC Ahead of 2016 Presidential Race

    At the RedState Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced that he is forming, “RickPAC” a super PAC to influence federal races across the country this fall.

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    I Am a Scofflaw

    I am a scofflaw, and my guess is so are you. I’ve been a scofflaw all my life, it seems. I had my first beer and cigarette when I was under the legal age decades ago, and I haven’t stopped breaking the law since. I still drive in excess of the speed limit. I once built a shed without a zoning permit.  It still stands. | Read More »

    The Francis Cianfrocca Growth Agenda

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss what his growth agenda would be, if the GOP can deliver one of their own and the aging of American businesses.

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    Obama discovers his own national security policy

    Obama discovers his own national security policy

    When the Obama administration came into power it brought with it a belief in a new doctrine called Responsibility to Protect (R2P) R2P is a doctrine that subordinates the traditional authority of the state to international scrutiny and intervention if human rights violations occur… and you have a tiny and ineffectual military. R2P was henceforth summarised to incorporate 3 key pillars of responsibility: firstly, the | Read More »

    The RedState Gathering Begins

    Today in Fort Worth, TX, RedState will start its fifth RedState Gathering. Five years ago, I put up a post on the site asking if anyone wanted to get together offline in Atlanta for a beer. More than 300 people said yes. So we had to do something. Without telling our corporate masters at Eagle Publishing, Caleb Howe and I began planning an event in | Read More »


    Don’t it Make My Red State Blue?

    Connecticut is a Blue State.  I live here and I experience it everyday.  This was only a recent development.  I think that Connecticut is truly a Red State whose Blue State tendencies can be explained through a series of correctable government missteps, deep arrogance, and an attitude toward minorities that prevent it from showing its true political color. From 1916 through 2012, there have been | Read More »

    Leading From Behind: Lessons from Gaza

    First, this posting is about American policy, not an apology or condemnation of Israel. For the optimists among us, the best path would seem to be the deal nearly brokered between Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, and Ehud Barack in late 2000 -  Gaza and most of the West Bank to the Palestinians, a divided Jerusalem, and a greatly reduced “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. That was a | Read More »

    Breaking: President Barack Obama doing presser on Iraq situation.

    On now. Sounds like we’re going to do some sort of humanitarian intervention on behalf of Iraqi Yazidis. Including, apparently, airstrikes. I fully endorse this statement, by the way. Don't expect me to complain one iota about Obama authorizing airstrikes on ISIS. About damn time, IMO. He's welcome to bomb them even more. — Jeff B@AoSHQ (@EsotericCD) August 8, 2014 This will not end with | Read More »

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