An Election Night Primer on the House Races

    An Election Night Primer on the House Races

    There’s been a lot of attention focused on the race for the Senate this year.  The House races, on the other hand, have become a forgotten footnote on the 2012 election map.  The reason is quite simple: Republicans will retain control of the House, irrespective of the outcome of the presidential election. At present, Republicans control 242 seats and Democrats control 193 seats (a few | Read More »

    ‘Eco-Taxes’ Planned for a Second Obama Term?

    The issue of Climate Change has been a no-show in the 2012 election cycle; one would think that ManBearPig had been named an endangered species. But a two-year study commisioned by Barack Obama’s Treasury Department will recommend ways to “green” the tax code by using it to craft disincentives for creating carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. If you wanted to design a sure-fire recovery-killer, | Read More »

    NRCC Ad: “This is our moment: This is our America.”

    Don’t forget, folks: it’s not just the Presidency. We have House and Senate races to attend to, too. This came out a few days ago, but the NRCC‘s point has obviously not become less relevant since then. Volunteer. Vote. Speak up. And remember: you are not taking back your country: that would imply that somebody actually had the right to take it from you in | Read More »


    Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s Office Reveal War Against Conservatives

    Private Emails From Texas Speaker Joe Straus's Office Reveal War Against Conservatives

    “These e-mails from the redistricting process shed new light on just how dismissive the Straus team was of Republican Party and conservative efforts to draw more fair districts – and should serve as a warning bell to the new House that it is time for Straus to go.” RedState has uncovered never-before-seen, profanity-laden e-mails between senior staff and legislative lieutenants of Texas’ liberal GOP House | Read More »

    So, The IBEW Really Did Put Unionization Ahead of Hurricane Recovery Efforts #ObamasKatrina

    So, The IBEW Really Did Put Unionization Ahead of Hurricane Recovery Efforts #ObamasKatrina

    There’s been a lot of denials going on since last Friday when it came to light that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) may have turned away non-union crews from helping in hurricane ravaged New Jersey because they did not carry union cards. Despite a denial by the union’s international president, Ed Hill, a statement made by New Jersey’s governor Chris Chistie, it turns | Read More »

    Final Obama Campaign E-mails Berate, Blame Supporters

    Depending on who you are, if you receive e-mail updates from the Obama-Biden campaign you may have gotten a few strident notes in your inbox over the last week. In making the closing pitch to supporters and potential donors, the President’s campaign has struck a negative tone attempting to shame supporters who haven’t done enough into doing more. “You’ve waited until the last minute here,” | Read More »

    Obama’s Katrina? America’s Northeast Suffers As President Puts Re-Election Ahead Of Relief

    Obama's Katrina? America's Northeast Suffers As President Puts Re-Election Ahead Of Relief

    Powered by a gas-rationed generator on Saturday night, a quick glance at the Drudge Report shed little light on what many in the Northeast are experiencing first hand: Devastated communities left in the dark, thirsty New Yorkers ‘dumpster diving‘ for food, many faced with looting, fear of nightfall, and a President who, rather than leading at a time of crisis, continues his stump speeches and demonizing ordinary | Read More »

    Dem playbook in action, voting machines stealing Colorado

    Some of you may remember how much fun the vote count was in Florida back in 2000. It seemed destined to go on forever until the U.S. Supreme Court stepped in. More of you may remember 2004 the last time we had a brutal get out the vote fight down to the wire. The DNC’s 2004 Colorado Election Manual is a helpful reminder of what Democrats can be expected to do to try win President Obama’s reelection. Page 54 of the manual instructs:

    “If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike…”

    With the presidential contest too close to call, Obama’s Justice Department dispatching hundreds of lawyers to 23 states and Democrats having 2,500 lawyers stationed across Ohio, 600 in Cuyahoga County alone, to “monitor” elections there are bound to be more shenanigans than we can imagine. Don’t forget Obama’s Attorney General decided not to go after the New Black Panther Party members who were intimidating voters in 2008.

    So it is troubling that we are hearing numerous reports of voting machines recording votes intended for Romney as votes for Obama.

    Colorado’s KRDO NewsChannel 13 reports that the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office is investigating after more than a dozen Pueblo voters say voting machines switched their pick from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama.

    One Romney voter, told KRDO that when she hit the touchscreen for Romney, a check mark appeared next to Obama’s name. She said she asked for help to fix the problem, but still feels unsure about her vote:

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    RS Interview: Sean Bielat (R CAND, MA-04).

    This is Barney Frank’s old district, more or less… and it is an interesting choice of candidates.  On the one hand, we have Sean Bielat: businessman and Marine officer.  On the other hand, we have Joe Kennedy III: …um, Kennedy. No.  That’s pretty much it.  He’s a Kennedy.  He also thinks that Osama bin Laden was killed via drone strike, but never mind that right | Read More »

    FieldWorks, SEIU, AFL-CIO, Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable, and Colorado’s ACORN Ground Game

    A coalition of unions has coordinated with FieldWorks, a Washington-based consulting firm, to provide ground support for President Obama and liberal Colorado candidates. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), AFL-CIO and the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable have retained FieldWorks, an organization with many similarities to the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), according to documents uncovered by Media Trackers.

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    Wisconsin Early Voting Gains Solid in GOP Areas

    MILWAUKEE, WI - Preliminary and limited data samples indicate that in Wisconsin early voting has increased more in Republican leaning areas than Democratic leaning areas headed into the November 6th election. Wisconsin does not track voters with partisan voter registration and all early voting reporting is done at the municipal level, making it difficult to gather broad samples of early voting data headed into the final weekend of the campaign. What the limited data does show is that early voters in traditional GOP strongholds are turning out in higher numbers than in 2008, while Democratic strongholds are turning out a statistically smaller increase.

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    Tech at Night: Obama’s Cybersecurity is the new Global Warming

    Tech at Night

    Surprise:Obama’s cybersecurity plans don’t actually fix anything, they just expand government. And yet the administration shamelessly attempts to use the crisis of storm Sandy to try to achieve this end.

    At this point the administration’s cybersecurity efforts are as delusional and straw-grasping as its global warming efforts. Though what’s sad is that unlike global warming, there actually is a kernel of truth there that we as a nation could be acting on, but Obama is distracting us with his attempts to expand government.

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    50,000 Feet Looking Down

    50,000 Feet Looking Down

    I believe Mitt Romney will win on election day. I’m somewhat stunned to be writing that as I never really thought he could win until about the moment Clint Eastwood trotted out on stage at the Republican National Convention with that empty chair. Even now I waver by the hour, but if forced to predict, I think Romney wins Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, | Read More »

    Howie Politics refuses to release full internals on Donnelly +11 (:rolling eyes:) IN-SEN poll.

    [UPDATE] Hey, they released the results! …And, yeah: Question 26.  9% of their LVs voted in the Indiana GOP primary. :pause: Okaaaay…] You’ve probably heard by now that Howey Politics has put out a shock poll on the Indiana Senate race indicating that Democrat Joe Donnelly was up eleven points on Richard Mourdock (the guy who beat Richard Lugar out for the Republican nomination: this | Read More »

    Broward County Commissioner and Lobbyist Husband accost Media Trackers investigator

    This is cross posted from our Florida Media Trackers’ site. 2ND NOV 2012 AT 12:25 | BY TOM LAUDER In the midst of a close re-election campaign, Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter and her lobbyist husband Russ Klenet aggressively engaged a Media Trackers Florida correspondent investigating voting irregularities at an early voting location in Coral Springs, Florida. While speaking with local firefighters and sheriff’s representatives in the | Read More »