By Hook Or By Crook, They Will Get Their Revenue

    In what had to be one of the more epic political understatements of the last five years, President Obama announced in his grandiloquent, condescending manner that he wouldn’t balance the budget just for the sake of balance. Well that’s a relief. Maybe our President could try balancing it so that we don’t wind up allocated a significant chunk of our GDP in the out years to paying off our current year ongoing spending binge. Oh, wait, I get it! The light bulb just turned on. President Obama doesn’t even intend to TRY and balance the Federal Budget. Wow! That makes it easy.

    So if we no longer care about balancing the Federal Budget in any way, shape or form, could we all just scrap the idea of jacking everyone’s taxes through the roof. I mean Ben Bernanke will just print us out of any trouble. The dollar is the world’s de facto currency. Our government’s spending is no problem. Therefore, we can all just keep our money and live happily ever after in our Post-Modern, Disney Consumption Land. Barack Obama is far too nice a gentleman to even consider another round of tax increases. Bwank! Thanks for playin’!

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    Vulnerable Incumbent Democrats Leery of Budget. McConnell Vows “They’re Not Getting Another Tax Hike”

    Vulnerable Incumbent Democrats Leery of Budget. McConnell Vows "They're Not Getting Another Tax Hike"

    After neglecting to pass a budget for almost 1,500 days, Democrats finally started revealing tidbits about how they intend to run the nation’s finances. With huge deficits and mounting debt, questions of fiscal discipline and balanced budgets abound in DC, and this morning Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) revealed the Democrat’s “new” plan: raise taxes. Sen. Patty Murray’s new budget plan will raise tax revenues by | Read More »

    Reps. Salmon and Schweikert Call for Members to Vote Down Bad Rules

    Earlier today, Congressman Matt Salmon wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times echoing Erick’s call for conservatives to vote against the rule on bad legislation brought to the floor by leadership.  The underlying rationale is as follows: if leadership is bent on bringing legislation to the floor that needs Democrat votes to pass, the only way to fight back is by voting against the rule | Read More »

    Deciphering Man from Pig

    The behavior of the Republicans majority leadership in the House reminds me of the last paragraph in Animal Farm.  “Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike.  No questions, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was | Read More »

    Google and Democrats deny that Google is helping Democrats

    Google and Democrats deny that Google is helping Democrats

    A couple weeks ago, I warned conservatives about Google’s entanglement with the Left, and the possibility that Google could provide data intelligence to Democrats. Not the usual consumer data that everybody uses, but a level of real-time behavioral data far beyond what Republicans could ever achieve using available consumer data. That concern was dismissed as a conspiracy theory by some people. The question isn’t whether | Read More »

    Maxine Waters Wins A Fields Medal

    Sequestration isn’t as bad as I exaggerated it to be yesterday. It’s worse. Out of the 143 Million people who work, Sequestration will cause 170 Million of them to lose their jobs. It’s Obamacare on steroids and it’s growing huge.

    OK, so that’s a wee tad inaccurate. It could even be argued that Congresswoman Maxine Waters respects the truth about as much as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators respect police cars. She sincerely has no clue what Sequestration will do or will not do to U3, U6 or U235 unemployment rates. But hey, look! A microphone! Journalists!

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    Explaining Obamacare Nicely To Donna Brazile

    I’ve been told by people who know her that Donna Brazile is a dear, dear lady who is not your typical, predictable member of the Left Wing Journalistic Taliban. Given that strong personal endorsement coming from people whose opinions I respect, I’ve decided to explain something to poor Donna – nicely for a change. It could feel like turning over a new leaf. It seems some people have noticed two rather dissonant opinions that she’s offered on Obamacare via twitter that I thought I could help her reconcile.

    It seems she strongly, strongly supports Obamacare. This is not a shocking thing to hear form a former lead campaigner for Al Gore’s Presidential Team. Here’s an example of her Obamacare boosterism and Dem Team Spirit. I promised to be nice about this and after enough coffee I can even stomach Dallas Cowboy fans. Thus I’ll let her 1st tweet stand as Exhibit A and offer no further snark.

    The conundrum here is that Donna seemed colossally uninformed as to what would happen to the cost of health insurance plans as a result of the Obamacare legislation she herself cheered for. She wonders why she’s having to pay more now that #Healthcareworks.

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    Buying Access in Obama’s Washington

    A recent story in the New York Times shined a light on the kind of access that big money donors are given to the President and the White House. Organizing for Action, the tax exempt “social welfare group” that has evolved from his campaign committee, is raising funds to further President Obama’s agenda in his second term including initiatives like climate change and gun control. | Read More »

    Leslie Marshall Too Emotional To Defend Salazar

    Leslie Marshall Too Emotional To Defend Salazar

    Since Revealing Politics broke news of Democratic Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar’s opinion on why women shouldn’t carry guns to defend themselves against rape, the left and the right have been in heated battle over the topic.  Liberal radio talk show host and Fox News Contributor Leslie Marshall has spoken more than once in defense of Salazar claiming that, as a victim of attempted rape, she can | Read More »

    Van Jones and His “Friends” of The Environment.

    So in case you were bored enough to wonder, Van Jones has not assisted the carbon cycle yet by assuming room temperature. On 17 February, 2013, we had a confirmed sitting on the Capitol Mall. He was there to frolic in front of an adoring 35,000 person crowd at the “Forward on Climate” March. In case you wondered whether he was as think as you stoned he was, he offered us the following remarks about why he wanted Barack Obama to kill the Keystone Pipeline. So he may not be as prominent, but the man remains a deracinated menace to the future.

    “I think we should take the president at his word, but make him honor his word,” Jones said. “This pipeline, if it goes through—the first thing that the pipeline runs over is the credibility of the president of the United States. That’s the first thing it runs over. He said that he’s not going to let us be a generation that cooks the earth.” Jones continued: “If we lose, we lose everything. We’re fighting for the children of all species. This isn’t just a fight about Democrats versus Republicans in the United States. The children of all species forever are going to be impacted by what we do in this town for the next twelve to twenty-four months.

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    S.E. Cupp, Straw Men, and Missing the Point About Rush Limbaugh.

    S.E. Cupp, Straw Men, and Missing the Point About Rush Limbaugh.

    Over the weekend, an article in the New York Times highlighted the challenges that stand in the way of conservatives & Republicans to get the GOP straightened out.  I’ve written about our messaging crisis and the role it played in our electoral defeats as well as what I believe could help us recover and found the article to be a thorough investigation of the problem. | Read More »

    Google: The Democrats’ Private Intelligence Agency

    Google: The Democrats' Private Intelligence Agency

    Last week, Neil Stevens raised the alarm about Google selling out conservatives on policy issues. He’s right, but a number of conservatives and Republicans think there is an even bigger problem for GOP. Remember that enormous, sophisticated data operation the Obama campaign had? The one that gave them massive daily data on public opinion trends in almost every segment of potential voters. It’s almost as if Democrats | Read More »

    VIDEO: MSNBC Contributor Decries Hateful “Crackers”

    MSNBC Contributor Karen Finney used a racial slur recently while discussing immigration reform and the Latino response to the issue.  Not surprisingly, no one on the panel she was featured in even seemed to notice her language.  Said Finney: We saw in droves, you know, the Latino community moving over to the Democratic Party, largely because of the tone. And you had even Republicans in | Read More »

    Will Red State Democrats Abjure Their Principles With the Filibuster?

    It’s time for the red state Democrats in the Senate to answer the question Elijah posed to the idol-worshipers: “How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD [be] God, follow him; but if Baal, [then] follow him.” Senators like Mark Pryor (AR), Mary Landrieu (LA), Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Max Baucus (MT), Joe Manchin (WV), and Tim Johnson (SD) need to decide whether they | Read More »

    Spending at Gun Point

    Spending at Gun Point

    In the days leading up to President Obama announcing his gun control plans, and now that he has, the focus of Republicans and Conservatives has been squarely on his ever-encroaching attack on the Second Amendment.  As Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated on the President’s move, “He paid lip service to our fundamental constitutional rights, but took actions that disregard the Second Amendment and | Read More »