The Time to End Agriculture Dependency is Now

    The Time to End Agriculture Dependency is Now

    Despite the electoral failures of the past two presidential elections, we can still take solace in the fact that there are more red states than blue states; more red districts than blue districts.  Hence, there are more parts of the country where people are intuitively suspicious of a large federal government than where there are people who are overtly appreciative of the federal leviathan.  So | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: The Paradigm Shift We Need

    If a man is judged by the quality of his enemies, Ted Cruz should be a national hero.  Over the past few days, The New York Times and Politico have run stories describing Cruz’s first 6 weeks in office as combative and McCarthy-like by his enemies.  Let us use this as an opportunity to take a victory lap for helping to elect this great patriot. | Read More »

    The GOP Waterloo

    The time for equivocation over defunding Obamacare is over.  The time for recalcitrance to fulfill the budgetary is long overdue.  Now is the time for action. Over the past two years, we’ve heard a variety of excuses in defense of Republicans for failing to cut spending in any consequential way.  Well, come March 1 those excuses are obsolete.  The sequester is something that Republicans agreed | Read More »

    Douglas County’s GOP Blocks GA Black Republican Chair from being a County Delegate

    It’s not often I get to write about happenings in my old neck of the woods, but that’s a fact of life when you were born and raised in a relatively sleepy suburban county of metro Atlanta. Still, don’t let the “sleepy” bit fool you; once you peel back that layer, you find the same kinds of political gamesmanship and good ol’ boy network shenanigans | Read More »

    Why is Bipartisanship a One-Way Street?

    We really need to make Republican members of Congress sign a pledge that they will not engage in gang violence against the party.  This secretive bipartisan gang work is getting out of hand. While working on ways to stop the hemorrhaging in our party from the Schumer/Rubio amnesty gang, I discovered today that Senator Coburn is working with a Democrat gang to advance a universal | Read More »

    It’s the Messaging, Stupid. It’s the Stupid Messaging.

    It's the Messaging, Stupid. It's the Stupid Messaging.

    As many have already discussed, Karl Rove has launched an organization, the Conservative Victory Group, that purports to work on behalf of conservative candidates to shore up our numbers in Congress and bring our party into the 21st century. Like many others, I viewed this as the political equivalent of declaring war on the grassroots. The New York Times’ Jeff Zeleny set off the fireworks | Read More »

    The Snakes in the GOP Grass

    Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that the power players at American Crossroads are financing a new group to help fund candidates in the primaries who oppose conservatives. In light of their smashing success electing candidates like Tommy Thompson, Rick Berg, Denny Rehberg, George Allen, Heather Wilson, and Linda Lingle, they will expand their roadshow into the primaries during the next election cycle | Read More »

    Regarding Immigration Proposals, Beware of Your Opponents’ Motivation

    Regarding Immigration Proposals, Beware of Your Opponents’ Motivation

    The subject of immigration (and evidently, illegal immigration) has proven to be a divisive issue for conservatives.  There are divergent opinions as to which policies should be pursued vis-à-vis the 12 million illegal immigrants who reside in the country.  However, as conservatives, there are certain fundamental goals and red lines that we should all unite behind as we commence debate on this issue.  Any so-called | Read More »

    Facing the Reality of Obamacare, Entitlements, and Budgets

    It’s a done deal.  Republicans in the House will overwhelmingly support a bill (HR 325) today which will suspend the debt limit law until May 19.  The bill will also call on the Senate to pass a budget by April 15 – with the threat of cutting off pay for a dereliction of this duty, as prescribed by the 1974 Budget Act. In return for | Read More »

    A Retreat Emanating from the GOP Retreat?

    Republicans came into their annual retreat at Williamsburg, Virginia looking for a starting point in the upcoming debt and budget battles.  It appears that they have emerged from the retreat with a full blown plan. They will pass a bill this week that will suspend the debt ceiling law until May 18.  The debt limit increase will be tied to a requirement that the Senate | Read More »

    Argentina – The Deadbeat Wears Prada

    It kind of makes me sick when the deadbeat wears Prada. Such is the case with Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez. Argentina overwhelmingly voted her in as President and she immediately borrowed vast sums of money. This influx of cash jet-fueled an economic bubble which predictably popped. Then the bills came due for all the money she had borrowed during Argentina’s economic boom.

    Rather than paying the piper and facing the obdurate, double-plus unfunny task of cleaning up after her socialism party, Fernandez made like a good Marxist and socialized some of the losses from her own economic mismanagement. Anyone dumb enough to buy Argentinean bonds got stiffed like a co-star in an old Harry Reams film. Argentina defaulted on its debt payments and referred to some of the hedge funds which hold the now worthless Argentinean paper as “vulture funds” because they refused to take a haircut and attempted to make Argentina’s government answer for their behavior in court.

    Read More »

    Sandy Pork And The Lesson Of Katrina

    Sandy Pork And The Lesson Of Katrina

      Although Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Atlantic Coast more than 2 months ago, the debate over disaster relief is still raging. While more than $2 billion in aid has been spent by FEMA on the recovery from Sandy, the controversy began after the House failed to vote on a $60 billion Sandy aid bill in the last session of Congress. The bill was denied passage | Read More »

    Maybe Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson Would Like to Retire

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson embodies the ineffectiveness of the Republicans Party in promoting limited government.  He represents one of the most conservative states, yet he uses his position as one of the 12 appropriations “Cardinals” to block any effort to cut spending. Simpson is an ardent supporter of earmarks. He is also a big supporter of government-run healthcare, and refuses to cut even small programs | Read More »

    Once Again, “We’ll Fight Next Time”

    Once Again, “We’ll Fight Next Time”

    During the fight over the FY 2011 budget in 2011, conservatives were told to stand down and wait for the debt ceiling.  At that point, “we would begin to cut trillions,” promised GOP leaders.  They wound up caving on the debt ceiling in return for nothing.  Then they said we would fight for the FY 2012 budget.  Well, once we agreed to lock in the | Read More »

    TN-4: Scott DesJarlais Must Go

    It’s not enough to vote conservative.  We need members of Congress to live the lives of conservatives.  At a time when every aspect of our traditional American value system is under assault, we need strong leaders who can defend those values through word and deed. What has long distinguished our party from the Democrats is that we don’t tolerate immorality among our ranks.  Adultery should | Read More »