TN-4: Scott DesJarlais Must Go

    It’s not enough to vote conservative.  We need members of Congress to live the lives of conservatives.  At a time when every aspect of our traditional American value system is under assault, we need strong leaders who can defend those values through word and deed. What has long distinguished our party from the Democrats is that we don’t tolerate immorality among our ranks.  Adultery should | Read More »

    Staring Down the Schoolyard Bully

    What a difference a year makes when it comes to the attitude of Republicans regarding the debt ceiling. In 2011, Republican leaders spent the incipient months of the debt ceiling fight publicly stating that they would ultimately raise the debt ceiling.  They cloddishly communicated to the Democrats the reality that they would never engage in brinkmanship by declining to raise the debt ceiling after Tim | Read More »

    We Need an Activist House GOP

    In the field of politics, you either drive the narrative or become a victim of the narrative.  Unfortunately, for most of the 112th Congress, the GOP-controlled House abdicated their power and became a victim of the political narrative driven by Obama and the Democrat Senate. Over the past two years, the House has been in recess almost every other week.  Additionally, a large chunk of | Read More »

    Good Job by Freshmen on Flood Insurance Bill

    In one of the last votes of 2012, the Senate passed Obama’s bloated Sandy “relief” bill (H.R. 1) 62-32.  The $60.4 billion price tag makes this the most expensive disaster aid bill on record.  It’s full of special interest projects that have nothing to do with the emergency, as witnessed by the fact that 64% of the funds will not be spent until FY 2015.  | Read More »

    Our Task Going Forward

    With much drama and suspense, John Boehner was reelected as Speaker of the House today by the slimmest of margins.  The entire focus of the vote was centered on the brewing conservative rebellion.  Ultimately, only 12 Republicans either declined to vote or voted for someone other than Boehner (Garrett, Bachmann, and Blackburn initially declined to vote, but voted for Boehner upon the second call), just | Read More »

    Silver Linings in the Fiscal Cliff Deal

    Silver Linings in the Fiscal Cliff Deal

    I will not try to convince any conservative that the final fiscal cliff deal that passed the Senate with only a few dissenting votes and needed Democratic votes to pass the House with a divided GOP caucus is a good deal, nor that it is the best deal available under the circumstances. It is, however, important to remember that this was a deal negotiated under | Read More »

    The House Must Act Now

    Well, we really stuck it to the rich at 1:39 in the morning.  Whew, now we can breathe a sigh of relief.  The 40 Republicans who voted for Obama’s stimulus bill had to swallow hard voting for over $100 billion in new spending just in 2013, but at least those of us who are not super rich won’t see our taxes increase this year. Oh | Read More »

    Obama Has His Revenue. Time for Republicans to Step Up or Get Out.

    Obama Has His Revenue.  Time for Republicans to Step Up or Get Out.

    Most of my morning has been spent listening to the two camps on twitter and in the news. Half say we got a bad deal in the Fiscal Cliff debate. The other half say we got the best we could and should be happy with the concessions we extracted from the Democrats. From the beginning, this negotiation has been a mess. Every day we were | Read More »

    Fiscal Deal: Tax Hikes, Green Pork, Stimulus, Oh My

    Fiscal Deal: Tax Hikes, Green Pork, Stimulus, Oh My

    Surprise surprise, they have a deal to avoid the politicians’ cliff.  Who didn’t see that coming? Here’s an enigmatic riddle for you: what happens when Republicans publicly obsess about the degree of tax increases they are willing to accept without a commensurate demand for spending cuts?  You get tax hikes and no spending cuts!  In fact, we will spend even more as a result of | Read More »

    Compromise reached on… farm bill.

    If you were asking yourself Just how much of a kabuki theater is what’s going on in Congress right now? – well, wonder no more.  From USA Today: Top leaders on both the Senate and House Agriculture committees announced a deal on Sunday to extend the 2008 farm bill by a year, a deal that could avoid a surge in market prices for milk and | Read More »

    Republicans: Don’t Get Outbid On Taxes

    Republicans: Don't Get Outbid On Taxes

    Unlike some of my RedState colleagues, for reasons I explained on Tuesday, I agree with the basic theory behind John Boehner’s Plan B solution to the tax side of the fiscal cliff standoff: rather than trading Republican blessings on tax hikes for illusory “spending cuts,” let Democrats get the tax hikes they want with no pretense that Republicans support them, pass a bill making permanent | Read More »

    Are We Living in the Twilight Zone?

    At least Esau got a bowl of lentil soup for selling out his birthright.  What will Republicans get? It’s amazing how events in politics seem to repeat themselves more often than Charlie Brown and the football.  It seems like it was yesterday that we were advocating against Boehner’s trial balloon vote to raise the debt ceiling at the end of July. Back in 2011, it | Read More »

    Fiscal Cliffs and Cocoa Puffs

    In the old days, economic crises were organic events that reflected popular greed, economic instability and tangible fear. Speculative bubbles burst, bank depositors panicked and stock markets (and stockbrokers) plunged. No more. We have grown too sophisticated for all that.

    Our economy has reached a degree of complexity that its crises must be planned, packaged and marketed just like Cocoa Puffs.

    Read More »

    Boehner’s Tax Increase to Nowhere

    Boehner’s Tax Increase to Nowhere

    So Boehner plans to introduce a bill on the House floor that increases the top marginal tax rate on those earning more than $1 million per year.  Most likely, Boehner and Obama will ultimately agree on a deal that splits the difference between $400,000 and $500,000.  Many Republicans will shrug their shoulders:  “Who cares about a few rich liberals?” However, this rationale represents a shortsighted | Read More »

    The Democrats’ Tax Mendacity

    One of the biggest ironies lost in the tax debate is that the very same Democrats who worked assiduously to block the Bush tax cuts have now embraced 98% of the cuts.  In fact, they are running around the country propping up working class Americans as examples of the calamity that is set to befall the middle class if the tax cuts expire. Amazingly, if | Read More »