The Purge of House Conservatives Continues

    Well, House leadership made sure to elevate like-minded members to leadership; they took care to co-opt the Republican Study Committee; they packed the Steering Committee, which chooses committee assignments, with a bunch of loyalists.  Now we’re seeing the effects of those decisions. Maybe it’s because he’s intent on repealing Dodd-Frank.  Maybe it’s because he wants to use his committee assignment to advocate winding down Fannie | Read More »

    A Bunch of Squishes Chosen for the Super A House Committees

    It’s not enough to merely elect conservatives to the House as rank-and-file members.  As we’ve seen the past few weeks, it’s all about getting the right people into leadership and important committee assignments.  Unfortunately, the roster of major committee chairmen is quite dismal, to say the least.  Worse yet, it appears that the top 3 ‘Super A’ domestic policy committees will once again be filled | Read More »

    The GOP Sugar-Daddy

    The General Accounting Office estimated that domestic sugar producers reaped about $1 billion in 1998 as are result of this policy. However, 42 percent of the total benefits to sugarcane and sugar beet growers went to just one percent of all producers; indeed, just seventeen sugarcane farms collected over half of all the cane growers’ benefits.

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    So let’s say someone on your Christmas List is lucky and up there in The Iniquitous 1%™. Let’s furthermore assume that She/He/IT cares about the 99%™ almost as much as Senator Warren and Ward Churchill bleed Indian Red, but not quite. What do you get the ruthless, plutocratic (expletive) that has everything for Christmas? The answer is obvious. !More Government!

    Here’s how Proud Republican Congressman Tom Rooney helps fill the stocking of Amerikan Agri-OPEC.

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    Mediocre House Committee Chairmen Selected

    Republicans in Washington are looking for ways to change the face of the party following their defeat in the presidential election.  However, one thing that will not change is the face of GOP leaders in the House. Last week, John Boehner stacked the Steering Committee, which is responsible for selecting committee assignments, with like-minded stooges.  He also gave himself 5 votes.  Not surprisingly, there aren’t | Read More »

    Boehner’s Irony

    For those of us who thought that John Boehner was weak and flaccid in the face of adversity, we might consider rethinking our estimation of him.  The Hill has a very informative article out today detailing all of Boehner’s recent power grabs and scorched-earth maneuvering in order to crush conservative opposition in the House. After locking up the top three leadership spots for himself, Cantor, | Read More »

    Election 2012: More-of-the-same on the state level, only intensified.

    Election 2012: More-of-the-same on the state level, only intensified.

    [UPDATE]: Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘unsexy races are harder to track.’ Apparently the NH House and ME Senate race results haven’t yet been fully certified yet, which is why the AP is saying one thing and Ballotpedia is saying another. Looking it over, I’d say that the maps should be changed to NH and ME being made blue on both… which does not | Read More »

    Will GOP Governors Save us From Obamacare?

    We all understand that elections have consequences and that there are certain issues which are ceded with an electoral loss.  Obamacare is not one of them. If Obamacare is allowed to survive, then our Constitution has no meaning and our Republic is finished.  It will engender a takeover of 1/6 of our economy, create permanent dependency, induce unsustainable inflationary pressure on the cost of healthcare | Read More »

    Presidential Politics Does Not Define Conservatism

    The conservative movement is a complex coalition of people and ideas that seek to impact popular culture, public policy and electoral politics based on its ideals and principles. To take something this complex and diverse and equate it with an election at the highest possible level is to both over-simplify and devalue it.

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    We Need a Choice, Not and Echo

    Some things just never change.  Back in 1976, President Ford ran for president against Jimmy Carter on a pale-pastel platform that was indistinguishable from the Democrats.  In fact, based upon the demographics of the electoral map, many conservatives voted for Jimmy Carter. During the wilderness years of the Ford administration, Reagan issued an ominous warning about the direction of the party.  “Our people look for | Read More »

    Success We Can Learn From: Pete Sessions at the NRCC

    Amongst the wreckage of last Tuesday’s elections, we do have one Republican leader who has managed to emerge with his reputation as a winner intact: Representative Pete Sessions (TX) of the Republican National Congressional Committee. Politico has an article up detailing his methods, and I think there’s something Republicans from the top down could learn from him. First of all, we should note how he | Read More »

    From November 8, 2011: See, I Told You So

    Yep, I’m going to label it that way.Only after the first debate did I start to think Romney could win (and frankly, given the way some of you people reacted when I said the polls weren’t rigged, I’d have kept my mouth shut if I thought otherwise), but for five years I have been saying roughly what is now happening would happen — Romney would | Read More »

    No, Mr. Boehner, the Constitution is the Law of the Land

    Yesterday, Diane Sawyer asked John Boehner in an interview if he planned to push for repeal of Obamacare.  He responded that “the election changes that” and “Obamacare is the law of the land.” No, Mr. Boehner, the Constitution is the law of the Republic. In April 2011, following the failure of Republicans to defund Obamacare during the first budget battle, I wrote the following at | Read More »

    21 Thoughts and Observations on the Election

    1)      Obama won by running a divisive wedge issues-based campaign in the right locations, in conjunction with a killer ground game.  He ran up huge margins with blacks in VA and OH.  He played the amnesty card with Hispanics in CO, NV, and FL.  He played the war on women card with white women in NH, WI, and IO.  But wedge issues, such as immigration | Read More »

    Not What If – What Next (Part I: Morphine)

    It was 2008, and Bill Whittle was an intelligent man deeply confounded. He wondered how in the heck people could consider voting for Junior Senator, Barack Obama as America’s next president. He finally hit on a valid analogy. He saw people in sudden, acute economic desperation and compared them to a patient in acute kidney distress. The white-hot pain gets to be intense; it shuts down your ratiocination. You fall deeply in love with the dude who promises you the shot of pain-killer which was exactly what Candidate Obama then promised. But why continue in 2012?

    Well, let’s say the pain gets to be chronic. You’re still hurting forty days later, the doctor can’t fix it and the bills are stacked to your chin so you have to go to work hurting. You’d better take a little something and maybe put a stick between your teeth and suck it up. President Obama was overjoyed to hand out the little blue happy pills. Food Stamp enrollment shot up. Welfare benefits were extended, requirements for welfare reform got waived and disability applications grew faster than job creation. Such is the pharmacological brilliance of the Obama Economy. I’m not seeing any cures out there, but he’s sure got a new pill for whatever puts a gimp in your walk and makes it clear you can only get that little, magical pill from him.

    It turned into a societal analog to what Operations Research Analysts describe as an absorbing state. Without getting too technical and boring you to sleep with a rap about Markov Chains, an absorbing state is a place where some object or system lands and then can’t get out. It’s like O’Hare Airport on an evening with mixed precipitation. You can plan whatever you like, but as Bob Dylan once sang “You ain’t goin’ nowhere.” You get there and you’d better love Big Brother. He owns you and your vote lock, stock and barrel.

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    The Most Important Election: Tom Graves for RSC Chairman

    Folks, we’ve got a problem.  There is no conservative leadership inside of Washington to serve as a firewall against Obama’s impending socialist onslaught.  We’ve spent the past two years refusing to fight Obamacare, the fiscal cliff, or the debt.  These issues were totally absent from the campaign.  Whether we like it or not, the House of Representatives must serve as our lifeline, an oasis of | Read More »