More details about tomorrow’s Univision expose of Operation Fast & Furious.

    I’ve looked at that second paragraph three times and I don’t know which is the worst revelation. That the Obama administration enabled the murder of innocent children? That it indirectly participated in a targeted assassination of the family of a Mexican law enforcement official? That it’s going to be pointed out that the Obama administration was in full Ugly American mode when it came to the Mexican government? Or that our actions emboldened Mexican narco-terrorists to continue their destabilization campaign against our southern neighbor? Any one of those would be a scandal; taken collectively, and you have to wonder just how many more people have to die before Barack Obama and Eric Holder will take any kind of accountability for their actions.

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    Some Syrian Chemical Weapons Have Gone Missing

    As the world watches the goings-on in Syria, one of the most pressing fears is that its stock of chemical weapons might go missing and fall into the wrong hands. Today, we find that our nightmare is coming true. We heard in late August that Syrian rebels claimed to have taken over a base with chemical weapons. Now, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has admitted that some of those weapons have gone missing

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    Barack Obama takes a page from the Muslim Brotherhood.

    You may have noticed a little while back that the US Embassy in Cairo called out the Egyptian government/Muslim Brotherhood for saying one thing in English (read: Western foreign consumption) and another in Arabic (read: domestic/regional consumption). Which is all to the good… so why did the President do the same thing this week? The View: “In an interview with ABC’s “The View,” Obama — | Read More »

    Angry Libyan mobs assault… Islamist militia bases in Benghazi.

    “Witnesses say supporters of Ansar al-Sharia lined up outside its headquarters, in front of the crowd, waving black and white banners. They fired into the air to try to disperse the protesters, but fled with their weapons after the base was surrounded by waves of people shouting “no to militias”.”

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    The Falklands of Asia

    It was 1982, Leopoldo Galtieri was doing a horrendous job of running Argentina and hungry, disappointed people had begun to complain about it. Galtieri decided to initiate a war with Great Britain over the Falkland Islands to Rodeo-Clown the attention of the Argentinean public away from his own inability to govern. describes Galtieri’s motivations for adding to the sum total of human misery below.

    In early 1982 the Argentine military junta led by Lieutenant General Leopoldo Galtieri gave up on long-running negotiations with Britain and instead launched an invasion of the islands. The decision to invade was chiefly political: the junta, which was being criticized for economic mismanagement and human rights abuses, believed that the “recovery” of the islands would unite Argentines behind the government in a patriotic fervour.

    The plan, and Argentinean public opinion, both blew up in Galtieri’s face. He lost his war, was driven from power, and is remembered more for his appearance in the lyrics of an obscure Pink Floyd Song than for his impact on human history. However, that hasn’t stopped others from following in his benighted footsteps. As Redstate Front Page Contributor, Jeff Emanuel recently wrote, China and Japan are close to initiating violent unpleasantness over a bunch of Islands in the East China Sea.

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    Is Barack Obama REALLY thinking about releasing the Blind Sheik? REALLY?

    Before we get started:

    OK, wanted to get that out of the way.

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    Administration Quits In Afghanistan. Blames Internet Video For Defeat.

    Today’s press release claiming it is suspending training of Afghan forces because of the internet video sensation “Innocence of Muslims” is dishonest on its face and can only be designed to give cover to the ineptocracy the Obama administration has put into place. This is the second suspension of training of Afghan forces this month and reflects the failure of ISAF to adequately screen recruits and to run a counterintelligence program to detect potential attacks.

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    Obama’s U.N. Ambassador misleads America about Libya; earns two Pinocchios

    Susan Rice, Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations, appeared on several of the Sunday morning news shows and mislead the American people by claiming the vicious attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was unplanned and provoked only by an anti-Islam video. On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Libya’s head of state, Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf, president of Libya’s | Read More »

    Human Nature, Culture and the Arab Spring’s Fall

    2011’s Arab Spring, like its predecessor in 2005, presented a sight that always elicits natural sympathy among Americans: a popular revolt against tyrannical dictators. But beneath the immediate euphoria, harder questions lurked: who would these crowds follow? Would American interests, and the interests of our democratic allies, be better served if the dictators won? The Obama Administration has never offered any kind of coherent answer | Read More »

    Well, we cannot PROVE that Obama was fiddling as Camp Bastion burned. :pause: I GUESS.

    I’m not actually too happy to drag our domestic politics in this, because people died and everything; but I suggest that fixing this situation may be just a little more important than the President’s current plan to go to Cincinnati and yell about the Chinese about practices that the Chinese have no intention of stopping, and that the Obama administration has no intention of actually doing anything about. Even if Ohio is a swing state this year.

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    Ambassador Susan Rice’s grim, vaguely bigoted, Libyan point-defense.

    The reason why ‘spontaneous demonstration’ is so appealing an answer for the Obama administration is because that answer absolves them of having to take most of the responsibility for letting the attacks succeed. A genuinely spontaneous reaction to something that the administration didn’t actually do would be legitimately impossible to predict and hard to defend against, and people do know that. On the other hand, if the attack was premeditated, then the questions become Why didn’t the Obama administration catch this ahead of time? and Why wasn’t the Obama administration prepared for trouble? And the reasons why those questions are problematical is because they’re the same questions that Democrats asked the Bush administration, in the aftermath of 9/11. And the Democrats were notably contemptuous of the Bush administration’s answers, back then.

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    Why Barack Obama will not fire Hillary Clinton.

    Following the President’s lead blindly so far caused the Democrats to get eviscerated in 2009 and 2010: forget Congress, their loss of state legislatures across the country – just in time for redistricting! – quietly blighted many a promising career. Surely the Democrats recognize that there must be a limit to how much damage an endangered, embattled, and execrable President may be allowed to do to his own party organization.

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    While the Middle East Burns, Border Tensions Grow Between China and Japan

    The Obama administration’s Middle Eastern policies have already run into a hard reality check this week. Next, the president’s ability to deal with two Far East powers could be about to receive a life-or-death test.

    China and Japan have a longstanding territorial dispute over a small chain of islands known as Senkaku (in Japanese) and Diaoyu (in Chinese). That feud was ratcheted up several notches this week, when the Japanese government decided to purchase the islands from their (Japanese) private owner. China responded by accusing Japan of theft and sending two patrol ships toward the islands.

    On Wednesday, the Chinese government laid out “territorial baselines” that is says demonstrate that the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands lie within its territorial waters. Around 8pm EDT Thursday (Friday morning local time), six Chinese vessels disobeyed the Japanese Coast Guard’s orders and entered the waters surrounding the islands (a rollout of media reports was timed to coincide with the action). The Japanese Prime Minister responded by “ordering [his] Ministers to take appropriate actions” in response to the violation.   |  Read more >>

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    Obama vs. Obama on whether Egypt is an ally.

    Barack Obama, 2012: Egypt is neither an ally nor an enemy of the United States, President Barack Obama said Wednesday in the wake of a violent protest at the US embassy in Cairo. “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” Obama said in excerpts of an interview with Telemundo aired by MSNBC. Barack Obama, 2011: | Read More »

    Why Do They Hate Us? Because It Works Like Hell.

    People seem perplexed as to how to get what they want from our president. They claim he is aloof, out of touch and too busy fundraising with Flo-Rida and “Pimp with a limp” to properly attend to their dearest desires. Fortunately for all five or six of my constant readers, I’ve discovered the key to getting whatever you want out of Barack Obama. You beat the man into submission when he is most vulnerable. If you are nice to him instead, you will be considered weak and urinated upon accordingly.

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