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    Scott Brown Responds to Martha Coakley’s Negative ‘Nazi’ Ad

    Martha Coakley unloaded a nasty ad last night full of dark, harsh tones, lies and subliminal images, including one distorted image of Rush Limbaugh with his hand up a ‘heil’ manner. Brown fires back with a positive ad challenging Coakley’s camp. The difference between the two ads and the two candidates couldn’t be more stark. But will it work? Brown could have ignored it. Brown | Read More »

    Pro-Life Hero: The Real Kelly Ayotte

    Good post from Swamp Yankee in favor of Kelly Ayotte. — Erick Perhaps the most important Supreme Court decision regarding abortion in recent years was Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Yes, that Ayotte, Kelly Ayotte. Another time, a more detailed diary on the legal merits of that case may be warranted, but a quick summary should suffice for now. At issue in | Read More »