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    UPDATED: EPA Issues First Waiver For New Greenhouse Gas Regulations.

    Guess who it went to? That’s right. Jeffrey Immelt. Let’s do a quick recap. As National Review points out, back in 2009, Obama awarded GE $24.9 million in stimulus funds, and “roughly $20 billion more slated for health care record modernization of the kind that GE specializes in — ‘with a direct request to do so from GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt.’” Then last month, the President | Read More »

    Illinois: Thank Goodness For Michigan… Or We’d Be Last In Everything

    Illinois Democrats (I repeat myself) have still not figured out that raising income taxes when no one has money will continue to pummel their already struggling economy. In the wee hours of the morning, the state legislature managed to force through a 67% tax increase with a vote of 30-29. Several Democrats joined a the Republicans in voting against the bill. Illinois is currently ranked | Read More »

    Live Coverage of RNC Chair Candidate Debate

    FreedomWorks National Political Director Russ Walker and VP of Public Policy Max Pappas will be moderating a debate between RNC Chair candidates Gentry Collins, Chris Healy, Saul Anuzis, and Ann Wagner will be in attendance. Maria Cino confirmed but backed out at the last minute according to Frum Forum. Tune in, leave questions in the comments, or tweet them with the hashtag #rncdebate. Look forward | Read More »

    Down With Upton

    Erick already touched on this earlier, but it is worth repeating. Fred Upton is exactly the type of Republican we should be working to unseat. He was one of only 38 House Republicans to support the Democrats’ Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 that removed millions of acres of federal lands from oil and gas leasing, thus driving up energy costs for consumers. He | Read More »

    Bob Etheridge Calling for a Recount

    The NC-2 Race, in which Renee Ellmers is poised to take down manhandling Bob “Who’re You” Etheridge, has gotten complicated. Last night, it looked like a clear victory for Ellmers and she claimed victory. The gap tightened, however, and now he wants a recount. Etheridge is a 6 term incumbent in what was considered a very safe seat for the Democrats. Unfortunately for Bob, it | Read More »

    Two days in Vegas. One Reid Sign.

    Two days before the most important race of Harry Reid’s career, we could only find one Harry Reid sign – 60 miles outside of Las Vegas in his hometown of Searchlight, Nevada. Reid has to rely on paid activists to fake a non-existent grassroots campaign. Under Harry Reid’s rein, unemployment has increased from 4% to almost 15%. Driving around the greater Las Vegas area, there | Read More »


    We are eight days away from a massive election. That is a week and a day, for the mathematically challenged. In other words, not a lot of time. Here’s the thing: Republicans are undoubtedly going to win next Tuesday. We will pick up house seats and some Senate seats. You control how many seats we will win. Getting people to turn out has never been | Read More »

    The Communist Contingent Draws A Line In The Sand

    I spent Saturday at the OneNation rally in Washington, DC. The intent was to cover the rally and see first-hand what I was certain would get significant media coverage. This, for me, was an awakening. I live in the heart of DC, and work full time in the political sphere. I am relatively new to the game, but I do not consider myself naive in | Read More »

    New Ad Anwers Rep. Etheridge’s Question…

    Bob “Who are you?” Etheridge took another hit this morning from Americans for Job Security. Sucks to be Etheridge this go round. Meanwhile, Renee Ellmers is within striking distance. The Democrats are looking at losing a seat that should never have been in play at all. Thanks for that, Bob.

    Ohio Democrat party head dropping F bombs at Tea Partiers

    Time for round 438,765 of Democrats spinning out of control. They really are in a tizzy. Monday night, the Ohio Democratic party held an event to announce a number of endorsements for Ohio Democrats. During the event, Chris Redfern, head of the Ohio Democrat Party, had a head explosion. Video via Michelle Malkin: Obviously, the Tea Party – and anyone who opposes the Democrat agenda, | Read More »

    Lefties Beg For Their Sarah Palin

    Since the moment she stepped onto the national scene, the Left has mocked Sarah Palin. The loathe her and everything she stands for. She is an offensive creature that they just can’t seem to destroy. Now, they’re begging for someone with the Palin Power they’ve mocked for so long – someone who inspires them. Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister write in the New York Times: | Read More »

    8/28 Wrap Up

    I was lucky enough to attend yesterday’s Restoring Honor rally in Washington DC this weekend. I’ll let other people play the numbers game. I just know it was visually stunning.

    The Leftist Tailspin

    Apparently in hopes of upping their game heading into November, the Left has decided that the best way to win is by, you know, offing the opposition. The movement has proven to be incredibly powerful throughout this primary season – more powerful than I think even the protesters and activists themselves even believed. As a result, the Left is in full panic mode. They have | Read More »

    The 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC: Give Us Liberty!

    Matt Kibbe and Dick Armey, President and Chairman of FreedomWorks, respectively, have penned a new book entitled Give Us Liberty! In the spirit of this year’s 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC, I want to recount a little about the awesomeness that was last year’s event. One of the great things about true grassroots gatherings is how different the culture is from a typical political event. | Read More »

    Democrats and Suffragettes

    I received an email from the Jen O’Malley Dillon, Executive Director of the DNC today. I’ll spare you the absurd text of the entire email, but here are some excerpts: For the first 144 years of this country’s existence, women were not guaranteed the right to vote — and winning that right did not come easily. Women’s suffrage took a movement. It took organizers who worked | Read More »