Middle East Explained: Southern Style

    A True Southerner understands and sympathizes with the circumstances of Israeli Jews living in the Middle East. Southerners completely understand the concept of property rights and the Rule of Law. This is why most of us just do not support a “Two State Solution” as the Solution. Lemme break it down for you, Southern style: Let’s say you live next door to a couple of | Read More »

    Surrendering Israel to Alinsky

    Whenever self-anointed arbiter of border etiquette Barack Obama awkwardly interjects Scripture into a speech, his disingenuous inner core is exposed. Recently, in defense of an unaddressed porous US border, the President attempted to add weight to his argument by introducing Bible verse into the discussion. Barack misconstrued Scripture so badly he compared illegal usurpers with ancient Hebrews enslaved in a foreign land whose escape from | Read More »