Barack’s REAL plan. Fact from Fiction

    Want to know what Obama will do if he gets elected? Double capital gains taxes, Increase FICA taxes by 14 points making us pay more. Double tax on dividends, expand the inheritance tax, weaken the Patriot Act leaving us vonerable to terrorism. Weaken education standards. Expand health care so much that it forces us to ration medical care, hurting the elderly. Extend health insurance benifits | Read More »

    662,000 American Dreams

    H/T to Kat-MO at Ace.Barack Obama says only 2% of small businesses will be affected by his tax plan that will raise taxes on those that make over $250,000. Small businesses account for 80% of job creation in the United States each year. Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that Obama wants to raise taxes on:

    Is the Powell endorsement the democrats’ October Surprise?

    I still can’t believe no one on this board has written about Colin Powell’s appearance on Meet the Press tomorrow. He is most likely going to endorse Obama, a move that will make the news for at least 3-4 days, thereby getting everything else off the news cycle. Just as McCain is coming back, this will be a devastating blow for his campaign. Can McCain | Read More »

    We won–the debate is over

    We keep hearing about how this is a democrat year and that the Republicans face an incredibly strong (and many say insurmountable head wind) this November.I am not a pollster, and I know that it can be challenging to differentiate what I want to happen from a pure analytical analysis of what will ultimately happen or what is likely happen.All I know is this. Despite | Read More »

    Senator Obama Isn’t Serious About Social Security Reform

    Ask any economist and many of the politicians and those that pay attention on the right what they say is the single biggest problem facing this country. The answer will likely be the unfunded liabilities of the federal government’s entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Serious action needs to be taken now to keep those three programs from swallowing the entirety of the | Read More »

    George Santayana, Yogi Berra and the Election

    Remember when it appeared that Sen. John Kerry might make George W. Bush a one-term president just like his father? Can’t remember that? Let’s do a memory refresh from October 16, 2004. Leftblogger Jerome Armstrong of looked deep into a Washington Post poll and found encouragement in the internals. The WaPo survey reported that Kerry “continued to claim a large lead in key battleground | Read More »

    How Many Plumbers do You Know that Make $250,000 a Year?

    I know one: my brother-in-law. He has a small plumbing business–just like the one that Joe the Plumber aspires to have—in Massachusetts and does very well financially, and it is how he supports his wife and five children. What Biden and Barry don’t understand about j-o-b-s (the three letter word) is that my brother in law is a plumber, but also has plumbers working for | Read More »

    The Coming Backlash?

    The title of this diary is from a recent article by Pat Buchanan at TownHall. I am not one of Pat’s fans, especially when he writes as an apologist for Hitler’s third Reich, but he does have a sharp political mind. Pat makes the distinction in this article between Barack Obama and George McGovern. an excerpt –

    Things I’ve Learned From the 2008 Presidential Election

    So we’re less than three weeks away from one of the most historic elections in the history of the United States. Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned more about the direction of this great nation than I had in all my years preceding.I’ve learned that, if you’re white, your decision to not vote for a black candidate is racist. It doesn’t matter if you | Read More »

    Conservatives Join the Ranks of Liberal “Intellectuals” and Attack Sarah Palin

    Peggy Noonan has joined the “hate Sarah Palin” bandwagon driven by some media conservatives. Peggy, you can pick up your t-shirt on your way out the backdoor. It’s true that a lot of the intellectual conservatives think this election is lost, and they’re placing all the blame on Sarah Palin. She doesn’t have enough foreign policy experience, no national security experience, no definitive worldview, and | Read More »

    The Left’s Big Blunder – a good read

    A longish but good read about the downsides of over dependence on polling.

    This Election Is Bringing Out The Worst In People

    So . . . take a look at this:There are allegations of voter fraud, as a Dougherty County family claims the vote of a mentally challenged relative was stolen.They say the adult day rehab program where Jack Justice attends took him to vote, without the family’s permission. What’s worse is Justice says the person helping him wouldn’t cast the ballot for his choice for President.Jack | Read More »

    This Race Ain’t Over Yet

    See here:A Los Angeles Times-Bloomberg poll this week shows the Illinois senator leading by nine points, while a Pew Research Center survey gives him a seven-point lead. But an Investor’s Business Daily-TIPP poll shows Sen. Obama with a nearly four-point advantage. Recent polls by Rasmussen Reports and Zogby International show Sen. Obama leading by four and five points, respectively.One Gallup poll shows the Democratic nominee’s | Read More »

    It’s the End of the World as We Know It, And I Feel Fine

    Living as I do in the heart of BAMAELL (Boston-Atlanta Metro Axis Elite Limousine Liberalism), this election season has not been easy. Everywhere there are portents of doom — whether it is the spectacle of a Republican administration acting like the Chavez and nationalizing banks (while they get excoriated from the Left for being laissez-faire fatcat capitalists — how does that work exactly?), or the | Read More »

    The Trends

    I’ve been saying privately for a few days, and to a number of you on email, that my sense was a shift back toward John McCain. Today’s Gallup poll, along with a host of other polls, shows that.Here is the safe rule for this election: ignore the numbers, but watch the trends.The trend had been toward Obama. It is now toward McCain. Joe the Plumber | Read More »

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