No Michigan for you!

    As an avid Michigander, I was agape when I heard this news today. Yes, I’ve been following the external polls. At this juncture, I believe this to have been a mistake. This was not a bold move. I am waiting to understand why it was so necessary. I can only guess because of money. Conceding Michigan to Obama allows Obama to move resources now to | Read More »

    October Surprise?

    I’ve been extremely down the past 2 weeks, as Obama’s lead over McCain continues to grow. Yet, I have this strange feeling that Steve Schmidt and the other strategists, may be saving the most devastating attacks for later this month. Schmidt is a brilliant and aggressive strategist, so i have a hard time believing that he’s just sitting there, not willing to attack Obama. It’s | Read More »

    Would it Hurt for Sarah Palin to Acknowledge her Shortcomings in the Debate?

    Even I have to admit there were rough spots in Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. I thought she handled Charlie Gibson very well, but Couric was obviously out to put more pressure on her and play the gotcha game and put her on the spot. She served her purpose effectively. Some of you may disagree, but I believe that Palin didn’t do so great. | Read More »

    The Perils of Palin

    Sarah Palin hooked me the first time I saw her speak. Until that moment, I was dedicated to my party’s nominee, but there was little passion. I hadn’t anticipated Sen. John McCain winning the GOP nomination for president. I had foreseen Sen. Barack Obama winning his party’s nomination because I know Democratic Party strategy—a brand based on rhetoric and physical appearance coupled with policy that | Read More »

    Is it time to give up?

    The entire election has changed tones since recent events in the financialworld have gotten the public’s attention. At least, in my view it has. Untilthe last week, I have believed that regardless of the Congressional outlookthis year, the Presidential race would be close, with a slight advantage tous, the same as the last two Presidential elections. Not anymore, though. I think we have given up | Read More »

    President of the United States of Ameri(k)a–Barack Obama??

    First, I don’t care about polls. Any POTUS campaign that can have each candidate exchange 10pt leads within a couple of weeks makes me skeptical. However, what I care about is confidence. I can sense a lack of confidence in the McCain campaign. First, the VP nominee is nowhere to be found. Second, McCain is reading prepared statements at town hall meetings in Iowa. Third, | Read More »

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    Good New McCain Ad

    I don’t know how much play it will get, but hopefully a good bit.

    Open letter to Senator McCain

    Dear Senator McCain, I’m going to be honest. You were my third choice in the GOP primaries, behind the great Rudy Giuliani and the brilliant Mitt Romney. However, this presidential election is a choice between two men, two competing visions, and I have every intention of voting for you on November 4th. Although this sounds like a cliche, this election is the most important, at | Read More »

    Good Question

    “Shouldn’t somebody in the media ask Obama why he was Fannie Mae’s favorite senator?”

    John McCain, get Back to Washington!

    Here are the facts: For two weeks I was on the phone everyday with Secretary Paulson and the congressional leaders making sure that the principles that have been ultimately adopted were incorporated in the bill. Here are the facts, Senator Obama. The bill that you claimed credit for didn’t pass. Here are the facts: 94 Democrats opposed “your” bill. You can’t blame John McCain, and | Read More »

    Forty Three

    I travel for work. I work for a large P&C insurer’s catastrophe team and have been pretty busy this year. I’m currently working in the Houston area so my ability to get good news and spend any quality time finding out what’s going on has been minimal. I’ve been watching the news today as I build up the courage to tell someone they are pretty | Read More »

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    Meet Kenneth Rogoff

    He is one of John McCain’s economic advisers. And he is probably the smartest economic adviser on either side of the partisan divide. To wit.

    Some Random Thoughts On Comparisons Between Barack Obama And Jimmy Carter

    Many of Barack Obama’s political opponents presume that Obama will be another Jimmy Carter but so many of those opponents miss some of the most salient portions of that comparison. Barack Obama is ridiculously self-confident in situations that would elicit humility from others. Obama’s major professional achievement after graduation from law school was the writing of his autobiography while working as a junior associate in | Read More »

    David Broder On The Debate

    He scores it as a win for McCain: There were no knockout blows in the first presidential debate of the fall, but John McCain outpointed Barack Obama often enough to encourage his followers that he can somehow overcome the odds and deny the Democrats the victory that has seemed to be in store for them. It was a small thing, but I counted six times | Read More »

    “Bracelet Wars”

    So in the debate, when John McCain pointed to a bracelet that he wears to commemorate the life of a fallen soldier in Iraq–and to symbolize his commitment to the mother of that soldier that he would make sure that troops returning from Iraq did so with honor and victorious–Barack Obama countered that he wore a bracelet too and that his bracelet-wearing was meant to | Read More »