To pick up the pieces…

    Well, we lost. We lost fair and square, and no amount of voter fraud could have created the victory Obama won tonight. So be it. We have staved off a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. Thank God, small that this consolation may be. And yet. And yet while I voted for McCain, and while I hoped he would win, there was that little piece | Read More »

    Now is the begining for the true conservative’s

    What is done is done, but i do not believe that means there should not be some finger pointing. First:I believe that we did not have a chance with Mccain as our standard bearer, he was and is a blue blood republican not a conservative and because of that we did not have a chance. Second: In the last thirty years the only times the | Read More »


    The Way Forward

    The way my uneducated mind sees it, this election was lost because we failed to provide a quality leadership who could speak a clear message. When they tried we heard their results with disaster. The media forced a candidate on us that many were not happy with, nevermind I was happy to vote for him, but he was not my first choice. The media also | Read More »

    Where do we go from here?

    Two must read posts tonight, Neil Stevens’ points and Dan McLaughlin’s h/t to Rove — It begins with the base. Now for a point of my own. We must stand strong as conservatives and libertarians and not give up. In doing so, we must buck up our remaining GOP Senators. The pressure they will be under to capitulate and not filibuster, to go along to | Read More »

    The Way Forward

    that’s all. But I was told today by a somewhat gloating self-denying lefty that I “had a new boss”. In my view my boss never changes and so I told him “Obama’s not my boss, he’s just the next President”. The Constitution is my boss and the President is the person who I hope will exercise good judgment in the use of my brothers and | Read More »

    A few points on tonight

    Point one: There’s no need to start pointing fingers within the party. This election was on style, not substance. No faction’s to blame, and no policy is at fault. We know this because Obama won. He ran on no ideas at all. We all went into this together with the wrong idea. We just need to learn how to win again, rather than try to | Read More »

    Win By Loosing.

    I don’t mind when people disagree with me. I really don’t. Diversity of opinion is what makes this country great, one can learn a great deal from their ideological opponents even if it is just trying to figure out how they think. However dreary of hyperbolic their diagnosis of the ills of our country are, I can live with people who have a liberal opinion. | Read More »

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