Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Alabama

    Like Mississippi, there should be little drama in neighboring Alabama in 2012. The state is solidly red and will vote solidly Republican while the GOP nominee will capture their nine electoral votes. With no Senatorial race, no Governor’s race, general anti-Obama tendencies and redistricting efforts that bolstered all incumbents, politics should bode well for the GOP in Alabama. In the Mobile-based 1st District, Republican incumbent | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Mississippi

    This will be a quick entry as there is not much drama in Mississippi. In fact, redistricting efforts were rather smooth, all things considered. Although the new plan landed expectedly in court, that panel of judges essentially rubber stamped the plan with minimal changes that do not seriously affect the final district boundaries. As a result, they will remain basically the same for the next | Read More »

    How Dumb Do They Think We Are ?

    I’ve been called a fascist by communists and a communist by fascists.  I’ve been called a pagan by Christians and a Christian by pagans.  I’ve been called an optimist by pessimists and a pessimist by optimists.  All of us have been labeled by others.  We’ve all been called this by that and that by this, we’ve all had people try to insult us by how | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Louisiana

    So much can be written about Louisiana in any election cycle given their penchant for corruption and unique pecadilloes intrinsic to that state. Importantly, they have a Governor now who has avoided scandal and corruption. Given his handling of the BP oil spill and his incessant, commonsense attacks on the government’s bureaucracy in responding to emergencies that affected his state, his status in the state | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Arkansas

    In Arkansas, which came through redistricting rather easily for a southern state, there will be no Senatorial drama such as that seen in 2010. To recount, Democratic incumbent Blanch Lincoln faced a tough primary fight against Bill Halter and a tough general election against John Boozman. Even without the bruising primary and eventual runoff, she was probably the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent Senator in the | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Missouri

    The state of Missouri is shaping up as a very interesting state politically in 2012. Besides the Presidential election, there is a Senate race and Governor’s race, redistricting to reflect the loss of a House seat and lots of drama over those redistricting plans and the plans of incumbents. All of this occurs in a political vacuum until the courts decide the fate of the | Read More »

    Ron Paul has Never Met an Evil He hasn’t Empathized With

    As a Jew and a grandson of Holocaust survivors, I had been horrified to discover an interview in which Ron Paul had stated that if he would’ve been president during the holocaust he wouldn’t have intervened despite the tens of millions of men, women, and children the Nazis had slaughtered. Paul’s shocking remarks had not been an isolated incident complete with profuse apologies. They are | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Iowa

    Iowa is one of those smaller states that Obama needs to retain in 2012. Due to the census, they lost a House seat (and electoral vote) dropping to four seats. With approval ratings largely reflective of his national average and moving as it does, the state is considered a toss up, swing state at this point. However, given the Obama machine now in place in | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Minnesota

    Besides the Presidential sweepstakes in Minnesota, there is also a Senate race and eight Congressional seats up for grabs. Throw in some redistricting drama and the general weirdness of the Minnesota voters and the state can be potentially perilous for the GOP in 2012. So much depends on the movement of district lines here and there and the entire dynamic can change. In addition, Minnesota | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Nebraska

    The 2012 elections in Nebraska looks to be a coup for the Republican Party. From the standpoint of Presidential politics, Obama stands little chance of winning the state. Nebraska has only five electoral votes and he will expend very little political capital or money attempting to win this state. But first, the Congressional races. Redistricting was passed early in the cycle after a Democratic filibuster | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Oklahoma and Kansas

    There is little drama in Oklahoma with no statewide races on the ballot. Perhaps one of the reddest of red states, it is certain that the eventual GOP nominee will take Oklahoma’s seven electoral votes. Instead, the interest will be on the Congressional races, especially the 2nd District. In the 1st, Republican John Sullivan, who has held the district since 2002, faces his biggest challenge | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Texas, part 2

    The current Congressional delegation stands at 23-9 for the Republicans. Under the new maps drawn by the legislature, twelve of the 23 Republican districts would undergo some change with eight of those 12 undergoing a major change. Of those undergoing a major change, Joe Barton in the 6th, Kay Granger in the 12th, Ron Paul’s open seat in the 14th, Canseco’s seat in the 23rd, | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: Texas, Part 1

    Texas gains four seats in the House bringing their total to 36 (and thus 4 electoral votes raising the total to 38). With approval ratings consistently well below the national average, Obama stands little to no chance of winning their 38 electoral votes. Additionally, some of these votes come at the expense of states that Obama carried in 2008: Ohio and New York (2 apiece), | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 Days: New Mexico

    Just as Democrats see an opportunity in Arizona, especially in a vacant Senate seat, Republicans should see a greater chance in neighboring New Mexico. Most of the news revolves around the retirement of and replacement for Democratic Senator Jeff Bingaman. For President, the state has been becoming increasingly blue with each successive election and 2012 should not be any different. This state will go for | Read More »

    Around the U.S. in 50 days: Arizona

    Arizona is ground zero in the immigration debate in this country. With the fate of their “controversial” S.B. 1070 and similar laws in other states safely in the hands of the Supreme Court, this topic will inevitably play a role in the Arizona political debate. A Court ruling either way just as the campaign season is heating up will make for some interesting discourse at | Read More »