Leadership… What Leadership?

    This has been sticking in my craw for a long time, but it came to the forefront yesterday evening when I was listening to Mark Levin speaking to Michele Bachmann on his syndicated radio program. Michele Bachmann has been targeted not only by the Demarxists, but by her own party. Folks, this is just sick stuff. Her opponent in this race is a typical lefty, | Read More »

    22 Days to Election Day: New Jersey

    In New Jersey, there is a senatorial race this year. Incumbent Democrat Robert Menendez seeks reelection to a second term. The last time a Republican represented New Jersey in the Senate was 1972. There are a few things about Menendez that would make one believe he is somewhat vulnerable. In 2006, when running for a full term after being appointed to complete the term of | Read More »

    23 Days to Election Day: Delaware and DC

    First, let us dispose with the obvious. Since DC was granted three electoral votes in 1964, they have never voted for a Republican candidate for President. In fact, the lowest vote for a Democrat was 75% of the vote in 1980 for Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan. The demographics of our Nation’s capital dictate this 3 electoral vote head start for the Democratic Party every | Read More »

    24 Days to Election Day: Maryland

    Maryland will safely go for Obama this year as it is a fairly consistent Democratic state. Even when it voted Republican, the margin of victory was not that great with the last major GOP victory occurring in 1956 with Eisenhower. Thus, Obama picks up 10 electoral votes. For the Senate, Democratic incumbent Ben Cardin faces reelection. Perhaps his two biggest crusades are the the environment | Read More »

    25 Days to Election Day: West Virginia

    About half way through this series of articles, we are about to leave territory friendly to Mitt Romney and the Republican Party in general as we head into the northeast and the swing states. West Virginia went for McCain in 2010 and they will go for Romney is 2012 to a greater degree. There is a palpable dislike of Obama in this state bordering on | Read More »

    26 Days to Election Day: Kentucky

    Kentucky is considered a border state. To a large extent, it is conservative and Republican. In 2008, McCain easily won Kentucky. Obama managed to win the Louisville area and some swaths of real estate along the northern border and some territory east of Frankfort. He can kiss that area good-bye this year. The key word in Kentucky, as in the next entry tomorrow, is coal! | Read More »

    27 Days to Election Day: Tennessee

    Tennessee is safely a Republican state and there will be no drama as concerns the race for President. Obama will win the usual urban areas- Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville. It is safe to give Romney the state’s 11 electoral votes. There is a Senatorial race this year as incumbent Republican Bob Corker seeks reelection. First elected in 2006, he has in six short years assumed | Read More »

    28 Days To Election Day: Georgia

    It is hard to believe that at the beginning of this presidential campaign Obama thought Georgia was in play. At its heart, outside the major metropolitan areas, this is a conservative state. Perhaps, the relatively close loss (about 6 points) in 2012 gave the Obama team a false sense of hope. In 2012, Obama won the Atlanta and Savannah areas and a swath of real | Read More »

    29 Days To Election Day: South Carolina

    South Carolina gains a seat in the House this decade. The current House delegation is 5-1 Republican. This is a very Republican state and Mitt Romney will win their 9 electoral votes. Adding insult to injury is the recent public relations debacle of the Obama Administration’s NLRB and Boeing’s proposed plant in South Carolina. In the coastal First District, Tim Scott, the Republican incumbent who | Read More »

    Bring on the Truth

    And so, not 24 hours after Barack Obama’s universally panned performance in the first debate against Mitt Romney and continuing to this day, he resorts to a well-worn theme that defines not only his candidacy, but his tenure as president. In a feeble attempt at damage control, Obama has rallied around the theme that Romney lied, was misleading, or mischaracterized his own positions. Harry Reid | Read More »

    30 Days To Election Day: Alabama

    With no Senatorial or gubernatorial races, the remaining races for President and the House seats from Alabama are rather boring affairs since Alabama will award their 9 electoral votes to Romney. The current House delegation is 6-1 in favor of Republicans and it should remain so after this election. However, there are two races that bear some watching this time out. The first involves Republican | Read More »

    31 Days to Election Day: Mississippi

    This will be a quick read. In Mississippi, Republican incumbent Senator Roger Wicker is up for reelection this year and is a heavy favorite to win this race. His opponent is Albert N. Gore (no relation to manbearpig) who is running a low key campaign. Since this is such a conservative state to start with and since Gore is not accepting PAC money, the Democratic | Read More »

    32 Days to Election Day: Arkansas

    There will be little drama coming out of Arkansas this year. Mitt Romney will capture their six electoral votes in easy fashion. There is no Governor or Senate race at the state level. There are the four House races. The current delegation is 3-1 Republican. However, the lone Democrat- Mike Ross in the 4th District- is retiring thus leaving this an open race. All Republican | Read More »

    34 Days to Election Day: Texas

    The most important event in Texas politics in 2012 is the 2010 census which awarded the state an additional four seats in the House. Making this even more important is that this traditionally conservative, Republican state is now rich in electoral votes and should be for the next decade. What California is to the Democratic Party, Texas is to the GOP. Therefore, one can safely | Read More »

    35 Days to Election Day: Oklahoma

    With no Senate or Governor’s race in Oklahoma, all attention will be on the race for President and their five representatives in the House. Regarding the Presidential sweepstakes, this is very red state and there is no doubt that Romney will carry the state by double digit margins. Thus, he picks up 7 electoral votes here. Basically, two of the five districts are of interest. | Read More »

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