36 Days to Election Day: Nebraska

    When Ben Nelson announced that he was not running for reelection to the Senate from Nebraska, Republican eyes lit up. If ever there was a seat ripe for the taking, this was it. Nebraska is a decidedly red, conservative state. For his part, Nelson had drawn the ire of the Democratic Party on many occasions since he often sided with the GOP on many issues. | Read More »

    Don’t Surrender Without a Fight

    With the economy staggering on the edge of a cliff, our foreign policy collapsing, our empire crumbling, and our embassies under attack the big question is why isn’t Romney up by 25 points in the polls? The Republican side of the Washington-based perpetually re-elected party of power has a habit of nominating candidates whose main qualification is that “It’s my turn.”  Look at Dole, McCain,  | Read More »

    37 Days to Election Day: Illinois

    The political news out of Illinois will be in the House races and the news, quite frankly, is not good for the Republican Party. First, this is Obama’s home base and there is no doubt that he will win the state’s 20 electoral votes. As if that is not bad enough, Democrats controlled the redistricting process which was complicated by the fact that the state | Read More »

    38 Days to Election Day: Minnesota

    This writer counts Minnesota as one of a handful of strange states politically (Wisconsin and New Hampshire are two others). Often showing streaks of independence and progressivism or liberalism, they then reign it in by electing conservative replacements. One thing about them politically is that it often results in split delegations in Congress, although they often vote Democratic in presidential elections. After all, this is | Read More »

    39 Days to Election Day: Kansas

    This will be a very short entry as there is not much controversy or suspense in Kansas. As concerns the presidential race, Romney will take Kansas’ six electoral votes easily. This is a very red state and should be no problem. While liberals are touting the fact that Romney may go down to defeat of epic proportions in Massachusetts, the same can be said of | Read More »

    40 Days to Election Day: Montana

    The state of Montana has a full slate of offices up for election this year: President, governor, Senator and House member. Like many of the mountain states out west, the last time Montana went with the Democratic nominee was in 1964 with Lyndon Johnson. Let me clarify that: Montana did vote for Clinton in 1992 by a slim margin with a third party making a | Read More »

    41 Days to Election Day: North Dakota

    North Dakota has a full slate of offices to vote on and some questions. As concerns the presidential election, North Dakota has not voted for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Therefore, it is very hard to see how Obama has a chance in this states in 2012. Thus, Romney gets their three electoral votes. Jack Darymple became Governor when John Hoeven was elected | Read More »

    42 Days to Election Day: South Dakota

    With Senatorial or Gubernatorial races on the ballot, attention will be on the presidential and lone House seat race along with the ballot questions. As far as the race for President goes, this is generally a safe Republican state and should be again in 2012. Thus, we can give Romney their three electoral votes. Republican Kristi Noem, a rising star in the GOP, will face | Read More »

    43 Days To Election Day: California

    In terms of Presidential politics, the only thing California is good for as regards the Republican Party is fundraising. Simply, there is no way Romney is winning this state in 2012. The Senate race will feature well-funded Democratic incumbent Dianne Feinstein against Republican new-comer Elizabeth Emken. Feinstein has raised over $7 million compared to Emken’s $189,000 and she started with a $3 million head start. | Read More »

    44 Days to Election Day: Wyoming

    Wyoming is one of the reddest of red states and there is no way that Barack Obama will win or even come close in this state. Unfortunately, it only has three electoral votes. An interesting tidbit: Wyoming has the greatest degree of federal representation in Congress as determined by population. That is, with three in Congress (two Senators and a Representative), they have the lowest | Read More »

    45 Days to Election Day: Idaho

    There is no Senate or gubernatorial race in Idaho this year. One can safely count this state in the Romney column as he will pick up their 4 electoral votes easily. In the 1st District Congressional race, Raul Labrador is up for reelection to his second term for the Republican Party this year. He will face former NFL wide receiver Jimmy Farris on the Democratic | Read More »

    46 Days to Election Day: Utah

    Utah is perhaps one of the most Republican states in the country although Wyoming may have something to say about that. Like Washington, besides a presidential election, there is also a gubernatorial race, Senate race, and four House seats as Utah also gains a seat in the House this decade. Is there any doubt that Mitt Romney will win this state and their six electoral | Read More »

    47 Days to Election Day: Washington Races

    First and foremost, Obama will win this state by 6-7 percentage points and their 12 electoral votes. Second, there is a Governor’s race as incumbent Democrat Christine Gregoire decided not to seek another term. The decision by 1st District Representative Jay Inslee to seek the Democratic nod sent ripple effects through Washington in a redistricting year. For the Republicans, it will be state attorney general | Read More »

    48 Days to Election Day: Oregon Races

    This is a fairly consistent blue state and Obama will likely win Oregon this year. Since most of the population is east of the Cascades and that area tends towards the liberal side, he should easily carry the state. With no Senate or gubernatorial race this year, attention will be on the five House races. The current delegation is 4-1 for the Democrats. On November | Read More »

    The Recent Romney Statements

    By now, many readers are likely aware of the secretly recorded video making such a splash in the news of Mitt Romney at a fundraising event where he spoke of the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax. To his credit, he immediately answered the Democratic/liberal spin on the statements. Unfortunately, the fact he did so via a late night news conference indicates a | Read More »