New Hampshire 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Other than the Governor’s race, there should be competitive House races and a competitive Senate race…maybe.  In the Governor’s race- which is held every two years like its neighbor Vermont- Maggie Hassan will be the Democratic candidate.  On the Republican side, there are four candidates in the primary: Daniel Greene, businessman Walt Havenstein, former Gingrich campaign manager Andrew Hemingway and pot legalization advocate Jonathan Smolin. | Read More »

    Massachusetts 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Although there are the congressional races, a Governor’s position and a Senate seat up for grabs this year, the fields have been set in all but the 9th Congressional District and the Governor’s race on the GOP side.  This is a very blue state, but there exists a real opportunity here to at least take the Governor’s mansion this year. In that race, Tea Party | Read More »

    Rhode Island 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Lincoln Chafee is stepping aside after one term as Governor of Rhode Island.  His chances of general election victory let alone a primary victory were much in doubt given his very low approval ratings.  On the GOP side, the two candidates are Cranston Mayor Alan Fung, a former Democrat, and Barrington businessman Ken Block.  This is turning into a nasty campaign with the Fung side | Read More »

    Delaware 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    The only primary race in Delaware this year involves the Senatorial race for the seat held by Chris Coons.  Some operatives believe Delaware could be put into play.  These same operatives claim that when an incumbent’s approval ratings drop below 50%, they are in trouble.  Coons stands at 47%. Additionally, many Democratic liberals are not exactly in love with Coons with some describing him as | Read More »

    Arizona 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    There is a gubernatorial and some congressional races of interest in Arizona this year.  Obviously, immigration and border security plays a large role in Arizona politics.  Before getting to the crowded gubernatorial race, there are four Republican primaries in the House races. The 1st Congressional District is one of those districts represented by a Democrat, but won by Romney in 2012 thus making it a | Read More »

    Florida 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Florida primaries.  A federal court stepped in and invalidated the state’s 2010 redistricting of congressional districts.  The legislature, which is in recess, was recently ordered back into session by the court.  So once again we have federal courts meddling in the political processes in Florida.  Since it is so close to the primary and since any | Read More »

    Vermont 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Let us make no bones about it: Vermont is a lost cause in 2014 for the Republican Party.  This is a state that has proudly moved to a single-payer health care system (socialism), that regularly elects an avowed socialist to the Senate (Bernie Sanders), whose other Senator (Pat Leahy) is not far behind and whose congressman Peter Welch is also up there on the socialist | Read More »

    Wyoming GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Gallup Polling consistently puts this state as the most conservative of the red states and this writer has no argument with that analysis.  This year, there are primaries in the gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional races.  Why there are primaries remains the big question since all three incumbent Republicans are clearly conservative and clearly popular in Wyoming and clearly on their path to reelection in November. | Read More »

    Minnesota 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    The Gopher State has a full slate on the table this year with a gubernatorial, Senate and congressional races.  Most of the GOP primary action will be at the gubernatorial and Senate level as only two of Minnesota’s 8 congressional districts will see contested Republican primaries. Whoever emerges for the Republicans in the gubernatorial primary will have a difficult time unseating Mark Dayton, the Democratic | Read More »

    Wisconsin GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    All the GOP primary action in Wisconsin will be at the congressional level.  In the First, incumbent Paul Ryan will face (Segway) Jerry Ryan.  The fact his website/Facebook page shows Jeremy Ryan on a Segway should be grounds alone for dismissing him.  Enough said…Paul Ryan it is. In the LaCrosse-Eau Claire based 3rd district, Democratic incumbent Ron Kind is somewhat vulnerable.  Wisconsin politics can be volatile | Read More »

    Connecticut Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    With no Senate race and no contested primaries at the Congressional level, the only Republican primary will take place for the Governor’s office.  To state that incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy is in trouble electorally would be an understatement.  He barely won against Tom Foley in 2010. Foley has been chomping at the bits for a rematch this year.  First, he will have to face down | Read More »

    Hawaii GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    In a strange sense, it is interesting that Hawaii is even being discussed in GOP circles, but such is the mood in politics this year.  Dynamics specific to the Aloha State make some races very noteworthy this year starting with the gubernatorial race. Democratic incumbent Neil Abercrombie is not exactly the most popular man in Hawaii politics.  He faces his own primary challenge from a serious | Read More »

    Tennessee GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    On Thursday, Tennessee will hold their primary elections.  There is a gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional elections this year in the Volunteer State. For Governor, incumbent Republican Bill Haslam will face three opponents in his primary.  Upon analysis, Haslam may not be the most conservative Republican governor in office.  But, he is the most likely Republican in Tennessee to keep the office in Republican hands.  For | Read More »

    Michigan GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    With the gubernatorial and Senate races set for 2014, all the primary action will be in the congressional districts.  The Republican Party currently holds a 9-5 edge in the congressional delegation to Washington.  Two Democrats and two Republicans are vacating their seats.  John Dingell in the 12th and Gary Peters in the 14th districts are the retiring Democrats and both of these districts are not | Read More »

    Washington GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Like other states on Tuesday, the action will be at the congressional district level in Washington.  Without further ado: In the 1st District which includes some northern counties near the Canadian border and one-third of King County, Democrat Suzan DelBene would appear vulnerable as Cook rates this district only +4 for the Democrats.  A Republican last held this district in 1999.  Still, it could be put | Read More »