McCain gets the 3am call

    When the mortgage deal was looking like it was dead in Congress, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson called the man who has a history of getting bi-partisan bills done. It wasn’t 3am on the clock, but it certainly was a critical time when a respected leader was needed to get things done. He called Senator John McCain: BOB SCHIEFFER: I am told, Maggie, that the way | Read More »

    If Biden dies, will Obama be ready?

    It’s a simple question, and I’d really like an answer. With the liberal bloggers trolling RedState and elsewhere, perhaps one of them could step up and answer my sincere question. Assuming Obama/Biden win, should VP Biden meet his Maker (consider his health implications and age, six years younger than Sen. McCain), will Obama be ready to lead on foreign policy matters? Sen. Obama did self-admit | Read More »