PACs 4 Palin

    Sarah Palin has some new blessings to be thankful for over the Thanksgiving holidays.Earlier this week, the America Deserves Better PAC uveiled its promised television ad saying “thank you” to Alaska’s governor. Basically, its a video thank-you note, with a number or ordinary-looking folks offering their thanks to Palin for all she’s done. Nice sentiments, but not very imaginative production techniques. It comes in both | Read More »

    Please Help Get Jeremiah Wright on the Air

    The reputable pollsters (Zogby, Gallup, Rasmussen, & IBD) all now have the race between 3-5 points. The Socialist attacks are working. Now comes the second punch: BRING BACK JEREMIAH WRIGHT McCain & the GOP will not do it with their own advertising but we can get him out there through Please go there & donate what you can.

    Where are the 527s for McCain????

    he 527s should have been out in force, hammering Obama over Wright, Ayers, Rezco, and others throughout Aug. & Sept.


    Senator John McCain a plea from an American

    I know sir that you did not want to question Barack’s 20 years in a racist church BUT I am begging you and your campaign to do so. This church and it’s members enjoyed and reveled in that WHITEY and how bad WHITEY is comments made by Rev. Wright. If you want to win this election as we want you to win you will use | Read More »

    The fall of Wachovia Bank and who helped it along.

    a href=””>Ed Lansky Over at American Thinker has a great storyabout what caused Wachovia Bank to fall and how those who made money off those sub-prime mortgages are using those funds to fund radical left-wing 527′s and media driven propaganda. What I take from the story is the huge amount of special interest leverage that will find itself influencing the White House if Obama wins | Read More »

    Where is The American Issues Project?

    I donated to this group and they still haven’t came out with there second commercial yet. What is taking so long? Obama is up in Colorado and in the electoral college and our 527s seem to be out to lunch. Also, Born Alive for Truth should come out with an ad highlighting Obama’s support and advocacy of partial birth abortion. Get on it, 527s!

    So, when it comes to the role of 527s in the Obama campaign…

    Robert Gibbs, Obama campaign spokesperson: Marc Armbinder, currently with the Atlantic (I say “currently” because, honestly, he’s too good for that magazine right now): Quietly, Obama Campaign Calls In The Cavalry There’s been a spurt of 527 activity on behalf of Sen. John McCain, but Barack Obama campaign has suddenly gone silent on the subject. That’s because, after a year of telling donors not to | Read More »

    Liberal Browshirt Group Has Surprising Inspiration

    The New York Times writes today about the newly-formed liberal ‘watchdog’ group, Accountable America: The newly formed group, Accountable America, is planning to send “warning” letters to nearly 10,000 major Republican donors next week listing the potential legal and publicity headaches they might face if they decide to finance one of these groups. The mailings will also include an announcement of a $100,000 reward for | Read More »

    Now this is how it’s done.

    I saw this commercial on MSNBC tonight as I was watching Chris Matthews. Watch then we will discuss further why it is so brilliant and effective. I have included the text of the commercial below so we can parse it for all it’s greatness. I believe that this is such a great add for a few reasons.