Tribute to Margaret Thatcher

    Today was the passing of Lady Margaret Thatcher former Prime Minister of England.  Lady Thatcher lived a long life (October 13, 1925 – April 8, 2013) and will be remembered as one of England’s greatest Prime Ministers for modern times.  Her fight against Communism and Socialism beside our great president Ronald Reagan has forever endeared her to many in the United States. This video, which I | Read More »

    Open Letter(To Opposer Of Prop 8)

    When the decision came down from the people on whether to ban gay marriage I was both proud of the decision to stand up for traditional values amid the growing call for progressive europeanization of America and also disturbed by the rabid behavior within the homosexual community. As an African American speaking I’m not surprised by the overwhelming support from the black community in regards | Read More »

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    Prop 8 – says minorities are conservative. The GOP isnt over yet.

    I noticed this from the prop 8 vote in california: “According to exit polls, whites opposed the amendment 53-47. But blacks supported it 70-30, and Latinos supported it 51-49. The polls have blacks at 10 percent of the electorate for this issue, with Latinos at 19 percent and whites at 63 percent. (Asians, at six percent, opposed the proposition 53-47.)” Now, i read that as | Read More »

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    Ten Obama-Ayers connections

    BARACK OBAMA’S TIES AND LIES Ten smoking guns We all know Barack Obama sat on the same Annenberg Challenge Board with Bill Ayers for six years, 1995-2000, and he has acknowledged such, however, he has had difficulty remembering any closer ties with Ayers and has denied any other associations. This list might refresh his memory. 1983-1984 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers lived one block apart | Read More »

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    Section 8 – Obama can’t wait

    A friend of mine who was a commercial real estate agent found out about this Section 8 housing project they wanted to build in his neighborhood the first day it was announced. The next day he put his house up for sale. This was 12 years ago. It has taken that long to get this project done. My friend worked all over Dallas and saw | Read More »

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