On Obama’s re-branding of 9/11

    Let’s just make this “about me” instead [UPDATE-Event deleted from site, guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all?] It was to be a day of remembrance for the victims of 9/11, and a reminder to always be vigilant; the eleventh of September was to be Patriot Day; In the United States, Patriot Day occurs on September 11 of each year, designated in memory | Read More »

    ‘Rehabbing’ 9/11

    I was reading Melissa’s and Michelle’s excellent pieces on the campaign by the Left to turn 9/11 into a Day of Service. Their posts got me to wondering why it is that liberals can’t leave 9/11 alone, and why their campaign rankles so. It was then that I realized: the Democrats want to ‘rehab’ 9/11 because for most Americans, 9/11 is all about good and | Read More »

    Fly your Flag

    Got this in an email and have seen it around for a while: On September 11th We have less than one month to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America . If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same … you get the idea. | Read More »


    On the 9/11 National Day of Service issue.

    Background here, with commentary here and here – the short version is that the administration is in the process of rebranding 9/11 as a National Day of Service.  Like one of Hot Air’s commenters, I note that 9/12 makes a good deal more thematic sense, but then everything that you really need to know about the actual intent can be seen, as usual, by some | Read More »


    Crossing Over To The Dark Side: How I Became A Conservative Republican

    Note: This three-part series originally appeared on my blog Zoominac.com on January 14-16, 2009 (Part I, Part II, Part III). I wanted to include this on my RS blog to give my readers a more personal sense of my own political journey. Part I I think the most lacking part of political discourse is that people don’t explain what principles they stand for and why. Sure, | Read More »

    Barack Obama Returns To Pre 9/11

    Throughout his campaign Barack Obama touted himself as the candidate of change. In fact ,”hope and change,” was about the only thing that we actually heard while he was seeking the office of President of The United States. Since taking office we have actually seen what that, “change,” actually meant. In the short months that he has been in office he has changed the deficit | Read More »

    Senator Gillibrand gives the 9/11 Troofers some agitprop.

    This only encourages them. On the other hand, her party does have a problem with this sort of thing, and I guess that she may need the campaign contributions for next year after all – so now would be a good time to reach out to the base. But really, madam: Infowars? Moe Lane PS: The New York Observer: “The video is already in wide | Read More »

    Condi Rice Schools a College Punk

    She nailed him to the floor. Whoever this kid was he was filled with generalities and naivete. Some highlights: “You don’t have the luxury in foreign policy of saying ‘alright I won’t deal with that country because I don’t like its human rights record.'” “Foreign policy is full of tough choices, very tough choices. The world is not a bunch of easy choices in which | Read More »

    Torture Blah Blah Blah….

    A random, purely unscientific survey of the editorial pages from around the country on Sunday clearly indicate that the infamous “torture memos” are on the minds of the pundits and newspaper talking heads.  The general theme is slowly changing from a debate about torture to how best handle the publication of memos and investigate those evil fiends in the Bush administration for writing them.  Hence, | Read More »

    In case you had a shred of respect left for McCain…

    maybe this will cure you. Arizona Sen. John McCain made the dubious claim Friday that Sept. 11 hijackers entered the United States through Canada — just days after Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona, said the same thing. Napolitano retracted her claim on Thursday after Canadian officials chided her for the remark, calling it an unfortunate misconception. Napolitano admitted Thursday that | Read More »

    It’s No Longer the “Freedom Tower”…Really.

    The Port Authority of New York announced this week they are changing the name of the “Freedom Tower” to “One World Trade Center.”  Apparently they believe the name was hurting marketing efforts to fully lease the building. http://townhall.com/blog/g/04803b1e-da10-4ce6-b61e-96e45c0574ba The terrorists have won. If the Port Authority of New York…which lost so many of its own police officers in 9/11…can’t stand up for principle and honor, | Read More »


    Obama Secretly Ends Program that Let Pilots Carry Guns

    “After the September 11 attacks, commercial airline pilots were allowed to carry guns if they completed a federal-safety program. No longer would unarmed pilots be defenseless as remorseless hijackers seized control of aircraft and rammed them into buildings. “Now President Obama is quietly ending the federal firearms program, risking public safety on airlines in the name of an anti-gun ideology.” More –> Source: Washington Times

    Greg Gutfield has exposed the 9/11 Conspiracy once and for all!

    And – of course! – it’s in the last place you’d look: Here’s how my very simple theory works: the common 9/11 truthers are – as a rule – unemployed, living at home, and nutritionally deficient due to a vigorously vegan diet. This gave them the free time, as well the depressed hostility (due to lack of animal protein) needed to plan the attacks. After | Read More »

    Greenwald’s Counter-Terrorism Illogic

    I’ve stayed away from reading the sock puppet for awhile. Too bad, too, since I missed a gem that he put out last Friday called “Counter-terrorism logic”. For a guy who is believed by the lefties to be all-knowing, Greenwald manages to set up straw man arguments as if they were dominoes lined up to be knocked down in one push. He starts out with | Read More »

    Liberals Redefining Patriotism?

    Not long after 9/11, President George W. Bush made famous his phrase “You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.” He was making those remarks towards foreign governments who were known to have had assisted Islamist terrorists, most notably Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Bush was helping to rally the country for the long fight ahead, trying to ratchet up the | Read More »