How soon we have forgotten

    9/11 — We all have our stories. I was caught 2300 miles away, with 5 children. We were to fly out that morning. We had to drive from San Diego to the Midwest — in a mini van.Along our way, we saw American Flags over every overpass. People would wave to us. Folks were handing out American Flag T shirts. We got to see this | Read More »

    Cry Out

    “I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”


    My two observations on 9/11.

    First: our prayers for the dead and their families and loved ones. May the latter, especially, have the strength to get through this day, and the days the follow.Second: I’M STILL HERE, you miserable, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, hate-filled, cowardly fantasy ideologist son-of-a-bitch. I just went out to feel the wind and the sun on my face. When’s the last time you got to do that, | Read More »


    The proximity of 911 Anniversaries to Election Days: An example of Providence? [updated]

    By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight ReportIf a President won’t defend America, it won’t be defended. I think this adage is driven home at a most opportune time before we choose Commanders in Chief. Does anyone doubt that President Bush benefited from the third anniversary remembrance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against John “international test” Kerry? And | Read More »

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    A Brief Reflection on September 11, 2001

    It began as a wonderful summer morning in New York- crisp and clear, with a touch of fall and its bounty. Unsuspecting travelers boarded aircraft, perhaps looking forward to flying in such beautiful weather and the stunning views to be had with a cup of coffee by the passenger window. It ended in fire and ash and tragedy. There were countless displays of courage under | Read More »

    Echoes Of Your Love

    Screening “Obsession” in Dearborn, Michigan

    (Updated below.)Today I am flying to Dearborn, Michigan, where I will be attending a screening of a documentary titled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” – a film that I have discussed here before – which is being sent nationwide, included in newspapers and magazines as a way of reminding voters of the threat we face from Islamic terrorists, and how the result of | Read More »

    9/11 research could make fusion power breakthrough

    BBC reports that research into the building collapses on 9/11 has illuminated properties of steel at high temperatures. Fusion power researchers hope that research into the effects of magnetism on very hot steel will lead to the creation of new materials that can take the heat, which would allow the construction of better nuclear fusion chambers.

    That September day

    My friend, James Hooker, is never at a loss for emotion on 9/11. Enjoy his thoughts.Things are seared in my memory about that day like no other event in my lifetime. I was driving to work after a business breakfast. I happened to notice the sky was filled with planes seemingly in a holding pattern on approach to the commercial airport. I was stunned at | Read More »

    Where I Was On September 11

    Until September 11, 2001, I worked in the World Trade Center, halfway up Tower One. I wasn’t doing political blogging at the time, but was writing “the Baseball Crank” as a weekly baseball column for the online edition of the Providence (R.I.) Journal. Here’s my account of that day, written for ProJo two days later while it was all still fresh; we have run this | Read More »

    Today all Americans should pray.

    **Never Again.With the passing years with each memorial service I’m asked to attend on this Historic day, I have to decline.As an American I am filled with hatred and vengeance for those who wish to do us harm. As a retired firefighter each day I’ll remember those terrorists that killed so many on that September day seven years ago. It is because of the hatred | Read More »

    9/11 Seven Years On

    September 11 is a new anniversary date in American history. For days leading up, newsreels and documentaries recount the tragic events. 9/11 induces somber reflection.That day changed America and it should have. But then again 9/11 never should have happened. Despite repeated warnings from within and without, a laissez-faire attitude among certain elements in the governing classes led to death and destruction.It is enlightening to | Read More »

    Things I will never forget; September 11th

    I originally posted this last year. However, many friends and acquaintances’ ask me what it was like to be at The World Trade Center on September 11th. This, I believe aptly describes that day from the ground.I will only add this preface from Emerson;Not unless God made sharp thine earWith sorrow such as mineOut of that delicate lay couldst thouThe heavy dirge divine The unrivaled | Read More »

    Never Forget

    In Memory of f/f WDL one of 343.Words fail.All we have are the memories of the lost those left to mourn.We remember, at moments of every day.We see you in dreams and awake to sorrow at your stolen lives.Rest in Peace,know your memory lives on.Never Forget.Never Again.Ever.


    Remember And Pray

    [image via]Many crises have befallen this great Nation throughout her history. We have faced each one in turn, and dealt with them accordingly. So, too, did we come together as ONE Nation, under God, in the face of the hell that was unleashed on September 11, 2001. We moved on, but lost sight along the way of where 9/11 took us as a Nation. | Read More »