Brian McLaren and Barack Obama

    I have read Brian McLaren’s work to the profit of my own thinking. He has many good ideas and has stimulated the church in important ways.However, I think he has a major blind spot when it comes to politics. McLaren recently came out in support of Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency.

    Domestic Debate Questions

    The economy is an important issue to be sure but this election also marks, potentially, a dramatic shift in what American values are. Barack Obama has a vastly different than what I believe most Americans think. Part of the problem is that no one has asked Barack about these things and as a result most people think that he shares the same values as everyone | Read More »

    Reasons to VOTE for John McCain!

    John McCain and Sarah PalinThe election of 2008 has been very controversial. Now which stands before us is an 72 year old John McCain, if elected he will be the oldest President, Barack Obama, which if elected he will be the first African American President, and Sarah Palin, if John McCain is elected she will be the first women Vice President. Women and African American’s | Read More »


    OK, OK let’s jut see if it’s me. Or not? ( hey , did you see the eyes in that painting move?)Ok here’s the scenario. The following is a verbatim excerpt of a question AND answer that was posted today on Yahoo!Answers Government/Politics.Here’s the 2 part question that was posted:Is it me or is Yahoo!Answers censoring any commenter who questions whether Yahoo! is censoring a | Read More »


    INTOLERANCE FOR IGNORANCEIRAN NOT IRAQ: Our younger generations today are held captive in their ignorance of American history. Imprisoned with the bars of their parents who participated in ‘the sixties’. Most citizens do NOT realize that the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) and the ‘Underground’ helped us lose the war in Vietnam! Furthermore, neither do young people today know that the United States was | Read More »

    New K of C pro-life radio ad

    The Knights of Columbus have started running a nice 30-second radio ad. The background info is below. For those of you not familiar with the Knights, the guys with the funny hats and swords at one point in the video Mr_Ed posted are “4th degree” Knights, who appear at “fall outs” at various events, such as when bishops or higher in the hierarchy are appearing | Read More »

    Obamalogic – Premies Aren’t People

    Barack Obama is committed at all costs to keeping all forms of abortion at any stage in the pregnancy, legal. One of the interesting consequences of this position is that it necessarily involves denying that a child is a person unless that child was full-term and intentionally delivered. For instance CNS News reports that Obama declared in 2002: Obama went on to question whether the | Read More »

    Obama’s record of protecting life of both the Unborn and Born

    I read this article (see link at the end of this diary) today and it made me angry, sad, worried, and frustrated to varying degrees. I cannot believe that this country has strayed so far from its values that we cannot recognize something that is truly evil. It shouldn’t matter whether you are white, black, brown, etc. It shouldn’t matter, also, if you are a | Read More »


    Stop by and read my newest blog about Joe Biden and the liberal idiocy on abortion!

    An Open Letter To Obama Supporting Christians

    Dear Brother or Sister In Christ Who Supports Barack Obama,I have been a hypocrite. I have wrongfully assumed that because I championed one moral evil I earned the right to forget about many others. I have been myopic choosing to make moral pronouncements while turning my eyes away from the poor and needy in my own community. This has alienated me from you who have | Read More »

    Has religion raised its ugly head one more time in this campaign?

    Sarah Palin was a member of the Pentecostal Church. Past tense. Was. Which many of us consider a plus, in spite of some practices that we personally don’t participate in. It kinda defines her moral positions, as well as the whole Jew/Israeli thing.Not a surprise, though, is it? The issue has been raised a few…dozen times.In case you thought religion was going away, it’s not. | Read More »

    ABORTION !!!!!!!

    I just saw a new poll that showed Obama leading the race with women voters. I want to know when Gov. Palin Is going to come out and say although she is pro life that she also believes that women should have the right to choose for themselves. I think this would make a huge difference in the election. I truly believe this could end | Read More »

    Obama can be proud of this

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    Something else Obama can be proud of

    Something else Obama can be proud ofExposed

    Stupid is as stupid does

    Yes, Obama is out there blaming the Republicans for everything. Some people believe everything Obama says.Some people believe everything the MSM says. Obama has many of these folks convinced that they were foreclosed on because George Bush was President – he is a Republican. Obama goes out and says – “Guess what – John McCain is the Republican nominee for President, he is like George | Read More »