Neither Tom Ridge Nor Joe Lieberman Will Be McCain’s Veep Pick

    There are a lot of people getting really upset of late worrying that Tom Ridge or, to a lesser extent, Joe Lieberman, could be John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick. That is not going to happen. People should step back from the ledge. Why do I know it won’t happen? John McCain does not get to be the Republican Presidential Nominee without (A) being a smart | Read More »

    His list of lies are legion (or 42, at least)

    Well, this is my first diary entry on redstate. I’m a longtime reader at redstate, and I just created my own account here at redstate during the recent switch to 3.0. My usual blog is at I continue to be impressed by the bloggers in this community. Due to moves I’ve had the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of voting against Mark | Read More »

    Campaign Admits Obama Lied About Abortion Vote, Media Asleep

    Question: Isn’t it big news when a leading candidate for president of the U.S. admits that since 2003 he has been lying about a vote he once made? Even more to the point, isn’t it big news when the candidate himself was on TV not long before that admission saying that everyone else is the liar? So, why is the media silent on the 180 | Read More »

    Theology, Science and Deception

    The Senator from Illinois stated at Saddleback that we can find common ground on the issue of abortion because he is asking the question, “How can we reduce abortions,” on the one hand, while he supports the Freedom Of Choice Act in the Senate, which will remove all restrictions on abortion. Hmmm. And Simon in Acts chapter 8 thought he could purchase the Holy Ghost. | Read More »

    Premature baby ‘comes back to life’

    I offer the following without comment other than to say that my thoughts are prayers are with the child and her parents A premature baby who was pronounced dead “came back to life” Sunday after five hours in Nahariya Hospital. The baby girl, who was in a cooler at the hospital, suddenly showed signs of life and was being treated in the premature baby unit. | Read More »


    And now, O Faithful, Let Us Pray and Beseech The One

    Let us begin the week with prayer in the grace-filled setting of the Obama cyberchapel! May the Obamites continue to make cracks about John McCain’s age, as an important sliver of the huge boomer demographic moves into their sixties… Lord Obama, hear our prayer! May The Iconic One continue to be seen in settings divorced from the experience of The Unworthy- Europe, Hawaii, etc… Lord | Read More »

    The Unbelievable Smarminess: The Inauthenticity of Hype

    Never badder than bad cause the brother is madder than madAt the fact thats corrupt as a senatorSoul on a roll, but you treat it like soap on a rope- Public Enemy, *Bring the Noise* Unfortunately, I missed the Rick Warren Saddleback confab last night due to family obligations, but have been having a grand old time reading all about the exchange. I’m certain more | Read More »

    When Life Begins: “Above my pay grade”

    Rick Warren: “At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?” Barack Obama: “Whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is, you know, above my pay grade.” (Image revised per our fearless leader’s request. You can view the original image and another alternative image here. Any feedback on the various | Read More »

    Kudos to Rick Warren

    Back on August 13, I posted an open letter to Rick Warren asking him not to leave the abortion issue out of his candidate forum with John McCain and Barack Obama. He didn’t leave it out. Looks like my fears were unfounded. Good on you, Pastor Warren.


    Paging Team McCain: This is the type of ad you should run in the near future. Americans need to know about Senator Obama’s extreme views on abortion. (LvDC)

    On the anniversary of a vital Christian event

    Today, August 15, is a very special date on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar: it is a holy day, the Feast of the Assumption. Today and this entire weekend is also special to the Eastern Orthodox Church; they will be celebrating the Dormition of the Theotokos (literally the falling asleep in God of Mary, the Mother of God). While the two churches view the event | Read More »

    Obama’s Infanticide

    The health care rankings that I am familiar with that like to list the United States far down on the list often use measurements such as infant mortality. I have seen some writings talking about how this measure can be misleading. I am wondering, though, if an infant born following a failed abortion (the kind Obama thinks should die), would count in our infant mortality | Read More »

    Obama’s Abortion Con Continues

    What you have to understand about Obama’s, and the Democratic Party’s, push to appear moderate on abortion is that it is part and parcel of a bait and switch by the religious left. What they want you to focus on are “social justice” issues rather than the “culture war” hot button issues like abortion, marriage, gay rights, etc. There is a two part problem to | Read More »

    “This is the strongest [proabortion] platform that the Democratic Party has ever produced”

    Apparently, the proabortion wing of the Democratic Party is thrilled (see 4:17 to 5:35) with the “compromise language” crafted by folks like Professor Kmiec.

    Stop Obama

    If you want to wait in line for cough medicine and antibiotics, then vote for Obama. If you think its ok to put a new born babie on a table an let it suffer and die because the partial birth abortion did not work, then vote for Barrak (Stalin) Obama. If you want cameras at every corner taking video of you and mailing you fines | Read More »