Media Whipped Republicans

    And now conservatives? The first three supposed ‘victims’ of Cain’s as yet unexplained dalliances were enough to titillate media whores into a tizzy.  For obvious reasons, supporters of other Republican primary candidates rubbed their hands and secretly wish for it to play out (and quickly) with Cain ending his campaign and fading into the Georgia sunset. How convenient that would be. But Herman had the | Read More »


    Pardon my French. I’m referring to the accusations flying from both ends of the political spectrum, and the associated denials by the targets. These to-and-fro volleys are all part of everyday political life, although they do become more vicious, and often desperate and unfounded, as elections loom large on the horizon. Sharron Angle and Harry Reid in live debate. I have been accused, on more | Read More »

    College homework. I require some redstate assistance.

    My most recent government class (Senior level under-grad class) this past Thursday we were discussing the evolution of presidential powers this past century.I won’t go in to too much detail, but once we got on the topic of Bush, as you can imagine ears perked, faces went rigid, and the smile on my teacher’s face stretched an extra three inches as she beemed with glee | Read More »