University of Texas (U.T) & u.S. Supreme Court Affirmitive Action

    In the UT case of affirmative action, The U.S. Supreme court actually thinks that under certain circumstances “race” can be used as a determining factor for the purpose of admissions without it being “bias” discrimination.  (Unbelievable) The attorney presenting the case stated that the “uncorralled” or “unchecked” use of “race” for admissions is indeed “bias” discrimination that violates students right to equal protection under the | Read More »

    2012: A time to fight

    No, I’m not advocating violence. I’m just observing the existence of a conflict between 2 completely irreconcilable ideas (and the people who hold them) that’s been growing for the past 100 years in America. On one hand is the simple idea that “by the sweat of your face you will eat bread, till you return to the ground“. Or stated only a bit more pleasantly, | Read More »

    Action over Lamentation, Freedom over Ignorance

    The lamentations of a people scorned avail nothing without the collective action of individuals fighting for one unifying cause, freedom. I am tired of society dealing in the fairness of outcomes… otherwise stated as absolute and total egalitarianism. I say, please, allow me to determine for myself my own destiny, and anyone else I grant the same privilege. If you prove more successful than I, | Read More »

    Launched: AM Action’s Precinct Project

    American Majority Action has just launched its Precinct Project web portal for all things related to what I refer to as “The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy.” If you want to get involved where you live in party politics, and help make sure the maximum number of votes are cast for the candidates of your choice, the AMA’s Precinct Project site is a great place to | Read More »

    President to Speak About Japan Today!

    Hooray! We are Saved! Japan is Saved! Can we expect to hear the infamous words: “I will not sleep until this problem <insert problem here> is solved!” OR “I will not rest until this <insert problem here> is put to rest!” I just cannot wait to hear his undying, “LASAR BEAM” fucus is put to Japan’s problem.


    CALL FOR IMMIDIATE ACTION TO PREVENT VOTING FRAUD To a large degree the integrity of all polling places is critical to the legitimacy and competence of our governments. Immediate action to TRUE-THE-VOTE is possible NOW. *THE NATURE OF THE CURRENT THREAT TO OUR ELECTION’S INTEGRITY* Those who have demonstrated a traditional, concerted, habitual, even compulsive willingness to dissemble, equivocate, bear false witness against their neighbor, | Read More »

    Act on Your Own Choices Now, or Dems Will Make Your Choices Later

    Act on Your Own Choices Now, or Dems Will Make Your Choices Later We’ve seen it time and time again.  The democrats do not care what the public wants.  What they do care about is controlling more of your life and more of your money.  We have seen them take control of our health against our will with Obamacare.  We have seen them take over our country’s finance | Read More »

    Citizen Soldier Action: Write a Play

    ACTION:  Write a Play. “Citizen Soldier Handbook: 101 Ways for Every American To Fight Terrorism” by Michael Mandaville The theater is still an extraordinary forum to stir thought and get out new information under the First Amendment.  When it’s permitted, of course, by the local powers that be.   Plays resonate with the public and can cause controversy – perhaps with such incredibly radical lines | Read More »

    RED STATE ARMY and Neilson Ratings can wreak havoc

    on Wednesday, April 29 during the President’s third prime time news conference. Use you cable/antenea/sat TV system to tune in to Fox BROADCASTING. Use you computer to watch the conference. Let’s get the word out to all in our circle of influence. After all, it is a ratings sweep period! Granted that the PIG flu is a HOT TOPIC, but that doesn’t mean that | Read More »

    Fair Play: CT Working Families Party Info and Contacts

    I have been reviewing the mob-mentality being generated by the Obama administration and the Democrat-led Congress today. One of the more interesting developments is that a group leading a tour to harass fellow American citizens is (Connecticut Working Families Party) is that it is co-founded by ACORN. ACORN is a radical group, with a strong anti-capitalist agenda, that perpetrated voter fraud in the November Presidential | Read More »


    Budget Battle Report: Dems Unhappy, too. Please Pass the Tea

    I think forces are being aligned — even as I write — that ensure we WILL survive the Obama administration’s attempt to socialize our system. We may actually come out stronger on the other side. There is a wonderful article today in the Washington Post, Battle Lines Quickly Set Over Planned Policy Shifts. It seems not everybody is keen to “spread the wealth” of hard-working | Read More »


    Obama IS a DAMN FINE Community Organizer

    I have to tip my Flaming Capitalist Crown to President Obama — he IS one DAMN FINE community organizer. He is managed, in less than 100 days as POTUS, to organize average Americans, business owners, and other freedom-minded citizens in ways I would have never dreamed imaginable. I have lived through Democrat Presidents, with whom I disagreed, and it never, ever occurred to me to | Read More »



    Dear Friends: I have specific details on the San Diego Tea Party. It is slated for 9:00 am, Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 — just north of the Star of India at San Diego’s Harbor. Full information can be found at the Shrine of Flaming Capitalism, as well as some updates on other Tea Parties and directions on how to order some fabulous protest wear!

    Arizona Action Alert 2/18!

    Lord President Obama just landed in Phoenix a couple hours ago and will be speaking at a school tomorrow.  KFYI radio personalities Bruce Jacobs and (former Congressman) J.D. Hayworth have organized a mock demonstration against the stimulus porkulus package in conjunction with Obama’s appearance.  If you live in the Phoenix area, you may want to attend.  Find details here.

    A New Call to Action

    I am sure many of you who subscribe to Human Events Mailing have seen this, but I wanted to get out the link to show the RINO’s that we are not willing to let go of our party…let them try to fight us! Join Michael Reagan in this fight by signing up here